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  1. On 23/04/2018 at 19:53, Sally said:

    Found only one of the many photos I took yesterday online (unfortunately all the rest are from G****)

    At least it’s the first one...


    What a nice team the Alamy News people are. I got an email with a clipping of another photo from this event that appeared in print in The Times yesterday. First time that has happened (an email like that and an appearance in The Times).

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  2. I’m looking for some help with specifics of a few farm animals. Thanks for any help.


    Beyond ‘white goose’ I’m not sure what type this is as there seem to be several very similar kinds



    These are black-faced sheep and lambs, and may be Swarfedale, but I’d appreciate further information 






  3. 11 hours ago, losdemas said:


    I have a friend who has done this for a living for many years now - he's really quite good!

    Those are amazing. It was quite a surreal experience. People were very quiet on the beach so as not to disturb the artists. Every now and then, there was a little rumble of stones falling down :) As soon as the artist took a photo of their work, it was usually knocked down. Must be difficult to adjust to the fact that the work is only of a very temporary nature.

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  4. 44 minutes ago, Matt Ashmore said:

    So , how do you create that?

  5. On 17/04/2018 at 12:05, MDM said:


    That is what I assumed but it's not in the dictionary (Oxford English at any rate). It's a great word. My mother spent some of her childhood in Belfast and she used to say something like "stop foostering" meaning pretty much the same - stop messing about. 


    I'm familiar with Norn Irn. I had a short trip there last year in fact - a day in the Mournes and another day driving up the Antrim coast. Still haven't processed all the pics from the trip. As well as the scenery my favourite thing about Norn Irn is Van Morrison. I'm a Dubliner myself although I live in England these days. 

    To fouter...is also Scots

    ”To bungle, botch; to work in a fiddling, careless or unskilled manner, to potter, to trifle. fouterin, bungling, fiddling, clumsy, trifling.”


    Sorry, way off topic now.

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