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  2. The removal of a name has happened to me a few times too. It seems, as far as I can work out, that they only want one location name, not two. If I put Edinburgh, Scotland, they are likely to change to just to Edinburgh. If I put in Aberlady, East Lothian, they are likely to change it to just East Lothian. I guess they know what their customers are likely to pay attention to.
  3. National Geographic, At Risk: 25 Endangered World Monuments (found via Apple News) Post-Independence architecture of Delhi, India photographer Joanna Kruse, Alamy Matobo Hills Curltural Landscape, Zimbabwe Photograph by Image Broker, Alamy Jewish Quarter of Essaouira, Morocco Photograph by Peter Forsberg, Alamy
  4. I wonder if it's more to do with the regularity of uploads. I shot up from 1 to 3 stars very quickly, but upload several times a week, sometimes daily, but usually not a large number of photos. Only 1 QC fail near the beginning of my Alamy career, but it didn't seem to impact.
  5. Ditto with Scottish Place names, even Leith and Edinburgh. Also, it doesn't by default include Scotland, unless you type it in, which considering it is an actual country seems a bit remiss.
  6. I was pleased that a few watery abstracts passed QC
  7. I was there a few weeks ago. It's not as busy as it used to given recent events in the Middle East, but still much busier than that photo shows! Must have been very early in the morning.
  8. Oh, thanks for choosing mine in your shortlist. Not an easy theme this month.
  9. I was at the Valley of the Kings at Luxor a few weeks ago. There are signs everywhere stating that absolutely no photos are allowed, and that fines will be imposed or the camera confiscated. So I left my camera in our minibus. Only to get really annoyed by many of the other tourists blatantly taking photos with their phones, or small cameras, even using selfie sticks. There were police armed with guns, but they ignored the behaviour.
  10. 3 sales for $77.52 making it my best month since starting earlier this year. One of them was a one day license, not seen that before.
  11. My experience of Bridge so far is that the authors are constantly having to update it to keep up with Alamy changes, so it's worth checking you have the absolute latest version. It's also worth contacting the help on th Bridge website. I have found them quick to respond.
  12. I have already submitted a number of archive photos, which are photos of old photos. But I also want to submit current photos of old things, eg rare old books (19th century, early 20th century), antique items. Should they be archive photos, or stock?
  13. Presentation/newsletter. First one of my step grandson sold. Might have to give him a cut
  14. Yes, first sale was in May with only a few hundred photos. Nine sales altogether, three of them this month, so as my collection grows it seems the sales are increasing, but it's really too early to tell. I do spend a LOT of time keywording. Was delighted to receive my first payment from Alamy last month. It will never keep me in my retirement, but it's great fun. And I'm learning all the time.
  15. Dogged determination.... that's me. Nearly 3,000 since February, not giving up any time soon.
  16. Thanks. I agree about the discount (obviously) but is there any pressure that can be put on Adobe to do so? I suspect not. I think I will leave it for a wee while and see what happens.
  17. Small sample size at over 23,000 images??? Is there any information about the distribution of portfolio sizes amongst Alamy contributors?
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