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  1. 15 minutes ago, NYCat said:

    Ahhhh. Thank you. One day I should try it. I always cringe when I think of learning something new. What does the keywording look like in that program? I'm not fond of the white on black text in Lightroom and the Image Manager here with the little boxes drives me crazy.



    Keywording is done in Lightroom. Alamy Lightroom Bridge is a programme that simply provides a link between Alamy and Lightroom. So you can ‘fetch’ all the data from Alamy into Lightroom, and ‘set’ data from Lightroom.  I have created my own heirarchy of categories and words in Lightroom by ‘fetching’ all of my Alamy tags, but of course keep having to add to it. It is a bit complicated to get your head around, and there have had to be some tweaks by the developer, but they respond quickly. It’s a good way to see which images are missing bits of information.

  2. 1 hour ago, NYCat said:

    I had problems with my upload and did them finally in two batches with several images having an upload error. The ones that went through do show as being in QC but I don't see that I can set tags at this point. How do you do that? It seems to me I have to wait until they pass.



    You can do it if you use Alamy Lightroom Bridge. As soon as images pass QC, they are on sale. Indeed, you can set all of the other Alamy optional data apart from location, too.

  3. 9 hours ago, Cryptoprocta said:

    It's a Bank Holiday on Monday over most of west-central Scotland at least, and for as long as I can remember it's been a Friday-Monday school holiday, meaning a lot of parents take the long weekend off work.

    Edinburgh however has Victoria Day, the previous Monday to everywhere else. I remember when I was a student in Edinburgh, most of the shops were also closed that day, and it was said that Glasgow and Edinburgh had different holidays so people could shop in the other city.


    Aye, the holidays across Scotland are ridiculously complicated. When I worked in Fife, the holidays were different to Edinburgh. They are different yet again further North. You only have to look at the list in Wikipedia to see how complicated it is.


  4. On 07/05/2018 at 14:10, Dyn Llun said:

    Disappointing yes, but, I'm afraid, absolutely typical of amateurs playing at photography. Or as I prefer to regard them, 'pretend professionals'. The one thing they can't take is constructive criticism. What they do and how they work is always right. 

    A bit harsh, perhaps. I consider myself to be both an amateur playing at photography and a pretend professional, and I expect there are plenty of others here like me. I think I’m doing OK considering. Only one QC fail shortly after starting, and none in a year now with thousands of photos uploaded.

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  5. I went on my annual trip to the Isle of May and Bass Rock nature reserves. The seabirds are a bit behind with egg laying so they are all frantically mating. I saw Arctic terns, Herring Gulls, Guillemots all at it.  Just beginning to upload some of the photos.






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  6. 59 minutes ago, Matt Ashmore said:

    The blurb says (here: https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/guidelines-for-submitting-images/?section=3):


    Use a DSLR camera (or equivalent)
    Cameras that don’t meet this specification won’t produce images good enough to pass our QC checks.



    I believe what it really comes down to is the sensor, and more to the point, how big the sensor is.

    Apparently the Canon M3 has a APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm) CMOS sensor managing 24 megapixels. I would think that this would be good enough.... but don't quote me on this! ;-)


    That’s way bigger than my Panasonic LUMIX G7 sensor (4/3 (17.3mm x 13.0mm) 16MP which I have used for all of my photos.

  7. It seems to take about 5 days before the Google search engine finds photo uses.  So I spotted one of mine plus some other Alamy Live News images from May 18th in The Scottish Sun here



    I can't find any of the others; it may be that they haven't gone into stock now.


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  8. 12 minutes ago, John Richmond said:

    The best I can do is to say it's probably an old hardy hybrid variety. Hundreds of different ones were bred in the 19th and early 20th Century and it's very difficult to ID most of them without the original labels.

    I thought that might be the case. I searched for a label to no avail. Thanks anyway.

  9. 3 hours ago, Michael_Jacobs said:

    A few months is not exceptional!


    if you think about it, a client downloads an image and uses it... confirms usage 3 months later, the distributor confirms the sale to Alamy another 3 months later and they get (sometimes) months to pay the bill... At least 3 to 6 months, in my experience sometimes up to 7-8 months after usage???


    Still don’t understand why Alamy doesn’t allow downloading watermarked images and only fuml size image w/o watermark on sale???

    These were Live News images used by The Sun, not normal stock images.

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