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  1. I only started uploading in February this year (indeed I only started photography less than two years ago), but with 2 sales that I know will come through next month (news), my first year with Alamy should amount to minimum 14 sales and over $400.


    i am well chuffed with that, as I expected nothing in the first year from having read previous forum posts.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Russell said:

    I see you've edited your post to include the website address. However I'm not prepared to disable my browser features to view it. Contact Subscriber relations if you feel that your image has been misused.

    Yes sorry, I had forgotten the link. It’s 


    i was really wondering about the general issue of images being lifted and used with the Alamy logo and watermark etc. I don’t know whether that counts as an infringement that Alamy will chase.


    there are lots of other within the links at the bottom of the page,

    eg Christmas Time has Jochen Tack’s F871PJ

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  3. 2 hours ago, Sally said:

    There are 5 Alamy images on this page - but lifted from the website, not purchased.  Not sure what, if anything can, or should, be done about it.










    All from  The National Trust Photolibrary 

    There appears to have been another one added, or I missed it the first time.

    BX144J Rachel Wright

  4. No, the images uploaded to Live News get sent directly to editorials, whether or not they are “on sale”. However 2 days later, they go into your stock photos and will remain as “not on sale” unless you do the minimum of putting some keywords in. 


    However, you don’t get a QC message for Live News photos, so that has me confused about what you did.

    Any images on the live news feed should show up here


  5. On 12/13/2017 at 00:22, Rick Lewis said:


    I used Zenfolio for years back when I had my portrait business.  It was easy to use, easy for my clients to access and reasonably priced.  They have added a ton of features since I went into retirement from that business.  I would definitely go back to them, if I needed to.  I have no experience with the others mentioned here.



    If anyone is interested I now have a time limited offer (until Dec 28th) of 20% off a subscription for Zenfolio.  Contact me at sallya26 at gmail.com

  6. 2 hours ago, Cofiant said:

    Sun online 23rd


    KT92TH - Kelly Rann

    KT922X - Zuma Press

    KT93MD - Sally Anderson

    KT8RD2 - Ian Jones

    KT8XDP - Robert Timoney


    Woohoo. Thanks very much for spotting my photo. Only my second News photo to sell.

  7. 3 hours ago, Bryan said:


    Indeed I share your aversion Allan, and thanks for the heads up on the update!


    To be clear, existing LR6 users should use Allan's link to the update page and then scroll down the Adobe screen until they reach the 6.14 update, either for Mac or Windows.


    If you have had the misfortune to become embroiled in any way with CC, despite not having paid for or used it, it appears that you cannot update from LR6 directly, rather you are pointed at buying opportunities for products that you do not need nor want.

    I was able to update from within Lightroom 6 (perpetual license) without any difficulty.  What's the aversion to Lightroom CC?  Just the commitment to a monthly subscription, or something else? I may, at some point, need to decide whether to just stick with a version that will now never be updated, or go for CC.  it may be determined by whether I want to sync across computers

  8. 30 minutes ago, Marb said:

    I don't know what point you are making with this. I am talking about keywords, not the description which has no relevance in the search.



    That’s not my understating, but then I am a newbie. I make my captions as detailed as possible and try to use up the word limit, as long as it is relevant. When I first started I didn’t always put in the geographic location. Now I always do. Certainly with a building on farmland you would want to do so.

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  9. 3 hours ago, Bryan said:

    Great to see large scale steel fabrication back on the river Tyne,  constructing supports for offshore wind turbines on the site of what was Swan Hunter shipbuilders. A lot of people have been very sceptical about renewable energy, but here is clear evidence that it is bringing work for skilled craftspersons.




    This Sarens crane is capable of lifting over 3000 tonnes.



    Those yellow platforms keep popping up in Leith Docks, and I keep taking photos of them. Then they head out through the Firth of Forth. I am glad I know what they are now. Thought they were oil rig platforms.

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