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  1. Media: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: Media, design & publishing My first News sale https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4965389/uk-braced-for-a-months-rain-in-just-hours-as-severe-weather-warnings-issued-amid-fears-of-floods/ Missed in the ‘Have you found.....November’ thread
  2. I disagree. What if a magazine or whatever wants a picture of farmland in the US but not in the UK, or vice versa. How are they supposed to know if your photo features what they are looking for?
  3. That’s not my understating, but then I am a newbie. I make my captions as detailed as possible and try to use up the word limit, as long as it is relevant. When I first started I didn’t always put in the geographic location. Now I always do. Certainly with a building on farmland you would want to do so.
  4. Not much above freezeing this morning on the East of Scotland coast, but it warmed up a bit during the day before the temperature fell again.
  5. With a 2 day offer of 40% off plus a referral code, I took the plunge. Need to find others I can refer now!
  6. A definite drop. Only 5 zooms so far this month (though we are only halfway through the month) compared to 13 and 21 in the last two months. No sales either. I don’t expect anything this month.
  7. Those yellow platforms keep popping up in Leith Docks, and I keep taking photos of them. Then they head out through the Firth of Forth. I am glad I know what they are now. Thought they were oil rig platforms.
  8. I wish I had thought about all of this sooner. I probably should have placed more emphasis on setting up keywords before uploading to Alamy, but the urge to get photos on the system got me carried away. Having put off the task of organising keywords, it’s going to take a very very long time. So, if you’re newer than me to Alamy, take the advice about keyword hierarchies now I have already spent hours on it and the list doesn’t seem a lot shorter!
  9. This thread has been very useful, as I have been thinking about setting up a website and Zenfolio seems to tick all my boxes. Can you post the referral code at all?
  10. I didn't think I had much in the way of food in my collection until I did a search. Photographing my husband's wonderful cooking has added quite a few! Spanish stew My husband, the chef Lebanese salad
  11. Congratulations. It certainly got my vote.
  12. Ah, that’s interesting. I have been wondering how it might be possible to replace images without losing all the associated information. How is that done?
  13. Ok, thank you. I have several locations... but will certainly make it easier. But my sales will be few and far between, if any, so the incentive is a bit lower
  14. You could spend as much time searching online newspapers as taking and processing photos, it seems...
  15. I admire your tenacity looking for these. I have been uploading a lot of weather photos to Live News in recent months, but it would be extremely time consuming to Google search them to find unreported uses. Unless you could do a batch search. Maybe I will ask my son if there’s a way to do this, or to set up a macro or something (he is previous Google engineer).
  16. Yes, I understand that they would need to be able to do that, but Alamy’s system must have some way of knowing who has downloaded a photo and when a photo has been downloaded. If they can’t do this, then I think they need to get a system in place that shows them automatically which downloaded photos don’t match their sales records. I’m no IT expert but that surely must be possible.
  17. Forgive my naivety (as a newbie), but surely this just shouldn’t happen. How can a national newspaper purchase images from Alamy without the sale being recorded within a reasonable time period? If this can happen, then there is something seriously wrong with the system. It shouldn’t be up to contributors to spot these uses.
  18. General Register House lit up at night for a Giant advent calendar animation, Edinburgh
  19. ....in the context of issues to do with running Lightroom. But yes, I could have been even more specific.
  20. Quite right, That isn’t what I meant. Lightroom has a facility to detect people and puts little boxes around their faces. Once I removed these from the photos, they uploaded fine.
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