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  1. Some fantastic images here so far.  My three attempts.  All in Edinburgh.


    Camera  Obscura and The Hub (EIF headquarters) at the top of the Royal Mile



    St Giles cathedral and a lot of roofs!



    Bank of Scotland now Lloyds Banking Group, Scottish headquarters at Xmas time


  2. 3 hours ago, spiegel said:

    Thank you for your time and help.
    So, more pictures and above all more interesting pictures, with people. 
    I will try, thanks again, is an unusually nice forum here. 



    Such photos, without MR,  will be quite seldom after May 25, I think.

    At least from german contributers.  




    GDPR will apply in U.K. too even after B*****.

    How exactly it applies to stock photos, I don’t think anyone is sure yet.

  3. 27 minutes ago, Richard Gray said:

    I've been wondering this for a while, but just checking the Live News photos now, aren't some contributors playing the system a bit by submitting single photos from the same event in independent submissions, knowing that each photo will get its own feature on Live News? This obviously clutters up the feed so other sets of photos perhaps get overlooked.

    I suspect it’s more a case of errors not making the headline exactly the same for each photo - easily done. What I have seen is that the news team group them together.

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  4. 2 hours ago, spacecadet said:

    Your problem is that there's a requirement to register for NI within three months of starting. You could do it now, and have your year end on February 4th. and still be within the time limit. You could then declare pre-trading expenditure for the previous 7 years. Of course if you have other taxed income you can show a loss and get a refund. If not, you can carry forward losses to reduce future taxable profits.

    Sounds as if you can forget the £1000 hobby exemption.

    Year end doesn't have to be the same as the tax year end. Mine is Dec 31st.

    That’s helpful, thanks. I’ll have to give it some serious thought...quickly. But my understanding is that you can’t  offset expenses against a different source of income. Each ‘business’ remains separate. I have been self employed in a completely different capacity, and was told by HMRC that I couldn’t do this.

  5. 2 hours ago, spacecadet said:

    There is a new £1000 exemption.

    However if he is starting a business he can deduct pre-trading expenditure and offset any losses against tax on his other income and get a refund. I'd call it financially incompetent not to show a loss for the first couple of years of trading.

    You can't do both, though- it's either the £1000 exemption and keep records of the income, or declare it and fill in a SA return.

    The difficulty is knowing whether you will, eventually earn any decent income.  If you have several years of earning less than £1,000, then it might be difficult to maintain that you are starting a business. But I see that it is advantageous to do so in the initial years when the expenses are probably greater due to buying equipment.  I earned almost nothing 2017/2018 but had a lot of expenses, but if I project for the new tax year based on the first three months of 2018, I'd be over the £1,000 cut off. I don't know if it's too late to declare myself as a business for 2017/2108.

  6. 2 hours ago, funkyworm said:



    This is why it is important to cover your backside and hedge your bets as much as possible. ('scuse the pun.) Then if the news doesn;t sell, well maybe a few GV's may as stock, or images concerning vetenarians, or some abstracts of this on a POD, or, or, or... The more possibilities the less risk. And sometimes staying at home and doing other work is the best choice.

    BTW it may help your chances of sales of sports subjects if you have the names of the riders and horses in the caption.

    Yes, I know it would be better to have riders and horses names; I wasn’t able to get a programme since I didn’t go into the stadium itself. The beauty of Musselburgh racecourse is that it is on council land so you can just walk across it, even during races. Next time I might have to try and beg a programme from one of the grounds people.


    scrub that, have just found you can get all the information you need from betting websites. Thanks for the tip.

  7. 3 hours ago, RedSnapper said:

    When doing news stuff, it's always good to have in mind some reason for the papers to want to run it...

    • first
    • only
    • biggest
    • smallest (book / house / cinema / car....)
    • hottest (day / chili / sauna...)
    • wettest (day )
    • coldest
    • oldest (man / tree / woman / book / )
    • strangest
    • last (mission / journey / day )
    • longest
    • shortest
    • windiest
    • etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.

    And do your research *before* shooting




    It must also depend on the variety of news on any particular day.  Ive just been uploading some photos of flat horse racing. But there is so much news today, I doubt it will be of any interest.  The Badminton horse trials, tennis championships, election results fallout, bank holiday weekend, cricket championship, table tennis competition, Tour de Yorkshire, sunny UK weather etc etc

    There is a lot of stuff happening out there....

  8. Two months really isn’t very long, as far as I can tell from others’ experiences here. I had my first sale around two months after uploading, but I think I had more than 600 images by then. It depends on so many different factors, eg what clients are looking for, how diverse your portfolio is, your ranking, how well you tag and caption, as well of course whether it’s a good image. But let us know on the other thread when you do get your first sale.

    You will also probably find that sales are relatively few and far between for the first year or so.There is a cumulative effect, since the process of clients finding and deciding and using images can take months. And, if it’s a new image, it can take up to four months to be reported, too.  Then it can take months for funds to clear, and then you only get paid if your cleared balance is over $50, as you probably know. I started uploading in February last year, but didn’t get my first payment until October, and the second in March of this year, the third in May, so you can see how it needs time for things to build. 


    You have to have oodles of determination and perseverance to be in this business ;) 

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  9. 3 hours ago, NYCat said:

    Yes, your keywords are going to make it unlikely you will do well here. You should only be putting what is actually in the photo.




    Take a look at MEXN80 for example. It’s a photo of peaches,  but you have tags carrots, banana, corn, green, Latin, vegetables, spicy, street photography, pepper, plantain etc. 

    This may be a case of not deselecting an image when you add keywords, and is easily done. I’d take the advice of going through all your images now before your collection grows and editing severely. I waited to do this after I had several thousand images, and it’s a lot of work!

  10. 55 minutes ago, Stephen Lloyd said:

    Has anyone heard of Pinsdaddy? I found one of my images on here - link below. I'd be surprised if that's an partner, so have mailed this to Alamy to ask.





    I hate that website.  Pinsta is another one.  And celebritypix has been mentioned in another thread recently.  There are loads more. These website abound.  It seems that shortly after a zoom, I find my images on these websites.  I just wonder if there is some way that Alamy can prevent copies being taken.


    Unless the website is in the countries that Alamy list as beng able to pursue, they wont be able to do anything.

  11. 1 hour ago, geogphotos said:



    * some exciting new initiatives


    * some rewards/incentives for loyal, successful contributors ( I did not offer definitions)

    Just a bit tongue in cheek, I had thought it might be fun to have our own bronze, silver, gold, even platinum 'badges' for having ticked off a number of achievements, for example:


    Bronze - fufill all of the following:

    Sold 5 images

    Made a $20+ sale

    Had 15 zooms


    Silver - fufill all of the following:

    Sold 20 images

    Made a $50+ sale

    Had 30 zooms


    Gold - fufill all of the following:

    Sold 50+ images

    Made a $100+ sale

    Had 60 zooms

    Featured in Alamy Content or News twitter


    Platinum - fufill all of the following:

    Sold 100 images

    Made a $200+ sale

    Had 150 zooms

    Featured in Alamy Content or News Twitter 3+ times

    Featured in Alamy POTW


    You get the idea - no idea what the range of these things is, however, in order to set appropriate criteria.  There are probably other things I haven't thought about that could be added. Might provide some motivation.

  12. 3 hours ago, hdh said:

    most zoos seem to give away that jewellery to their penguins. 

    Would love to know if it has a function ... maybe designed to go after photographers? 


    dunno, maybe

     - giving you a special pose for your picture

     - chit chatting the latest rumors 

     - fighting over the new lady penguin that arrived a day ago



    Love all the suggestions; should have made it into a caption competition!  These guys did this repeatedly, so it must serve some social function.


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