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  1. I have a similar problem with Scottish versus English words. I have to put both if it’s something in Scotland, but it’s unlikley those words would be known/used by anyone else. eg kirkyard churchyard doocot dovecot I draw the line at using messages for shopping.
  2. Sorry, my maths failed me. It was 500. I am hoping that’s due to having spent many many hours over the last week editing old images. If so, then the time will have been well spent.
  3. Well, having started this thread, I am not sure that I am any the wiser. However, my CTR just shot up over the weekend. Whether that is due to an change in the algorithm ( see other thread) or the fact that I had about 800 views and 8 zooms - the most ever over a weekend, I'm not sure.
  4. A couple of Alamy Live News photos here, but I can’t trace their owners. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/2060429/scotland-weather-chaos-25-road-crashes/
  5. You just need to write yourself a note, then remember to look at the reminder and where you left it
  6. It depends on events, which can often be unpredictable. Keeping an eye on the local or national news is probably your best bet. Or spend your efforts on older images and make sure your captions and keywords are up to scratch. I’ve been working my way through a years worth of uploads. I’m currently on July 2017, so still some way to go, as it’s very time consuming. But it’s a good way to spend cold wet days in Scotland in Winter.
  7. Typical sign of stress, or older age. Not too much to worry about I suspect, but annoying.
  8. Yes I’ve seen all that, but it doesn’t tell me what CTR actually does, apart from contribute to my overall rank (algorithm unknown). I suppose my question really is why CTR is important, given that the vast majority of sales take place without zooms.
  9. What, actually, is the point of CTR (click through rate)? Mine is pretty low. But only 5 of my 14 sales to date were ever zoomed (and not necessarily by whoever bought the image) making it around 40%. So why does Alamy bother with this calculation, and what impact does it have?
  10. Hmm, interesting topic. I haven’t ever downsized, so far, even for images taken with pretty high ISO. I take care to deal with noise in Lightroom, and so far, fingers crossed, all images have passed QC. But I will remember to experiment with downsizing for those kinds of photos in the future.
  11. Ha! Or people walking dogs on a beach. Brits love their dogs. Two out of the three recent News images I’ve sold were of such.
  12. Thought I would start the monthly thread, since our regular thread poster must be on holiday! Two sales popped up today. One, I think, constitutes an Alamywhack, since the only photos for the search are mine. All I will say is that it is a place in Scotland. My second sale was the first from my archive photos. Only $11 (presentation) but the two sales early on in the month makes a good start for 2018.
  13. With around 3,500 photos in less than a year, act on what I’ve learned from these forums, cull those images that are unlikely to sell, go back over older images and edit captions and keywords, finish getting keywords sorted in Lightroom, use Alamy Bridge to sync everything and clear up the mess that I’ve made. Be more selective in what I upload.
  14. I only started uploading in February this year (indeed I only started photography less than two years ago), but with 2 sales that I know will come through next month (news), my first year with Alamy should amount to minimum 14 sales and over $400. i am well chuffed with that, as I expected nothing in the first year from having read previous forum posts.
  15. Yes sorry, I had forgotten the link. It’s http://www.tobyandkc.com/victorian-christmas-traditions.html i was really wondering about the general issue of images being lifted and used with the Alamy logo and watermark etc. I don’t know whether that counts as an infringement that Alamy will chase. there are lots of other within the links at the bottom of the page, eg Christmas Time has Jochen Tack’s F871PJ
  16. There appears to have been another one added, or I missed it the first time. BX144J Rachel Wright
  17. There are 5 Alamy images on this page - but lifted from the website, not purchased. Not sure what, if anything can, or should, be done about it. http://www.tobyandkc.com/victorian-christmas-traditions.html Mine KPATE7 FDJPNN FDJPNW FDJR50 FDJR51 All from The National Trust Photolibrary
  18. Found another one of my weather pics in The Scottish Sun for December 18th https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/1987556/scotland-warmer-corfu-greece-christmas-travel-chaos-storm-dylan-met-office-warning/
  19. No, the images uploaded to Live News get sent directly to editorials, whether or not they are “on sale”. However 2 days later, they go into your stock photos and will remain as “not on sale” unless you do the minimum of putting some keywords in. However, you don’t get a QC message for Live News photos, so that has me confused about what you did. Any images on the live news feed should show up here http://www.alamy.com/news/
  20. If anyone is interested I now have a time limited offer (until Dec 28th) of 20% off a subscription for Zenfolio. Contact me at sallya26 at gmail.com
  21. Woohoo. Thanks very much for spotting my photo. Only my second News photo to sell.
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