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  1. On 16/04/2021 at 16:06, PAL Media said:


    No thanks


    A free service for looking up image theft has been useful to me for over a year and now it appears to have gone, oh well, roll on the next one (pixsy atm)

    Possibly giving up too hastily. Copytrack seems to be back on track finding my images. I still have a 20,000 image limit. Not paying any fee. They did reply to a message I sent ages ago today. 

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  2. I am covering the East Lothian count for the Scottish Parliament. I haven’t been given any instructions as yet, though one candidate did tell me that they have been told they need to stand in one marked spot. He wondered if he could take binoculars to see what was going on. There were certainly fewer places available for the media since they have to put larger spaces between the staff. At least it is at a more civilised time of 9am on Friday.

  3. I wonder if part of the problem is that Presentation Use isn’t very well defined and I can see an organisation that is t familiar with stock buying that license thinking it’s ok for web use. I have at least two such sales that I have subsequently found on an organisation’s website. In one case Alamy gave up chasing the customer and the other is still ongoing for months. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Bryan said:

    Times online 24th


    The Week in Pictures Scotland


    SALLY ANDERSON sunrise Dunbar - can't find it


    Thanks Bryan. It’s got lost in between Live News and stock (I thought images were searchable on stock immediately after passing over from live news but it seems not).

    2F9X0W2 Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom, 21st April 2021. UK Weather: sunrise over Barns Ness lighthouse. The sun rises in a clear sky on the horizon over the coast on John Muir Day, Scottish born environmentalist who helped to found America's first national parks but who was born in Dunbar. Credit: Sally Anderson/Alamy Live News


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  5. 19 hours ago, Vincent Lowe said:


    Just to clarify - the proposals apply to England and Wales only.  There is no law of trespass in Scotland and, as far as I'm aware, there are no plans to change that.



    Yes, luckily there is a very different view here. I was recently told by a farmer that I was free to roam his fields with sheep in them as long as I closed the gates.

  6. 1 hour ago, PAL Media said:

    3 days, no domain hits, I have images that should have been flagged up by now

    I agree, something strange going on. I have been able to continue uploading images but I am also beginning to wonder whether the monitoring has ceased without upgrading to a plan. If that is the case I don’t understand why those of use who have been using the system for some time wouldn’t have been informed. I see this notice on my dashboard “Please upgrade to one of our paid plans if you would like to upload and monitor more than 500 images. 

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  7. 9 minutes ago, geogphotos said:

    Is Copytrack still functioning? Are any of you getting responses or signs of activity from staff?

    Last communication I had with them was about a week ago when they contacted me to register one of my images with the US copyright office.


    I have noticed that the image detection hasn’t been updating recently. Maybe undergoing some software changes such as happens here from time to time.

  8. 6 hours ago, PAL Media said:

    In the comments section

    In the comments section:


    What a way of making a living in the middle of a pandemic crisis from this disgusting company. Their email ethiquette suggest you're dealing with low life people. So capitalistic so Nazi that even my grandma had goosbumps.
    Apparently Sally Anderson contacted Copytrack GmbH Germany about an image infringement that we had taken from stock images 3 years ago (it has been removed since) is requesting us to pay £638 for a single image. 2nd email rather has a threatening tone from Copytrack GmbH Germany. Don't pay them and file a report for extortion after their 2nd or 3rd email just like we do.

    That's not our Sally Anderson (Scotland) is it?

    Who knows if that is me. I do use Copytrack and am happy with it. That review is IMHO a pile of pants. Apparently I am “cooperating with these criminals by uploading her photos to Alamy photo sharing website.” 


    The poor reviews are -it seems - all from people who have infringed copyright and didn’t like the consequences. 

    in another thread I reported that I have had 5 payouts this year. It also helps me to find live news uses that don’t get reported so I can get Alamy to chase them up. 

    If a photographer cannot pursue copyright infringement without being abused online then it is a sad world.

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  9. 1 hour ago, alwac said:

    Hello, I am new to Alamy. I only made a few sales, I don't quite understand the count of these sales:
    Balance carried forward: $ 5.54
    Total sales: $ 34.08
    Commission / fees: - $ 21.38
    Total payments to you: 0.00 USD
    Balance carried forward: $ 18.24
    Cleared balance: $ 17.20
    Next payment date: Not due

    in the end what do i earn above

    because when I go to the main page of my account it marks me:
    Current cleared balance: $ 17

    when I am told that I have sold 5 photos for $ 45

    that worries me.
    Thank you for your answers

    What you earn and what your cleared balance is are two separate things. Cleared balance is simply what’s available once the client has paid up. Not the same as what has been invoiced.

  10. 22 hours ago, Gina Kelly said:


    Hi geogphotos - I'm wondering if you can answer a question about Copytrack? I've checked their website and can't find the answer, and have emailed them but not heard back yet. My question is: do you have to allow copytrack to chase every infringement (since that is how they earn their money) or are you given the opportunity to decline their help? There are some cases where I would rather handle it myself (for example I once had an image stolen and used for a preschool website. I didn't want to go in heavy handed or threatening because I suspected they genuinely didn't understand that what they had done was wrong. I sent an email myself and they removed the image immediately. 

    I've used Copytrack for a few years. It takes time for infringements to work their way through their system. In the first year I had one payout, this last year I have had 5. There are many more still pending. It is totally up to you to submit a claim for anything found. It is very useful to keep track of the usages that need to be reported through Alamy, which can often be missed. It very much depends on the country that the infringer operates from how likely Copytrack will pursue something following their initial approach. If it's a misuse in the UK or USA or some European countries, then they have legal representatives that they work with. I had one misuse by a website in the Netherlands, who chose to pay damages for it rather than for a license for its use, but then continued to use the photo, so they ended up paying damages again before they got their act together to remove the photo! I am awaiting the outcome of a misuse in the USA - Copytrack are registering the copyright with the copyright office with the intention to pursue further legal action. I put the claim in 2 years ago, so it is a long drawn out process. But, like Alamy, they won't chase the 'scraper' news sites that come and go or personal websites or blogs. Hope that is helpful.


    I upload all my news images, and images that have been sold or zoomed. They will raise your upload limit if needed.  

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  11. On 18/03/2021 at 17:35, Bionic said:


    This dropped in this afternoon, is it unusual to get quite so many details as to where the image has licenced? I’ve only ever had rough details of usage and country or region. Low $$




    2021   W06PBC     RM Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ;  Media: Website, app and social media ;  Start: 18-March-2021 ; End: 18-March-2026 ; 
      Additional Details: For Editorial use on vogue.co.uk, glamourmagazine.co.uk, gq-magazine.co.uk, cntraveller.com, wired.co.uk, houseandgarden.co.uk, tatler.co.uk (ex. Advertising)

    I wondered about that too, since I got one of those.

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