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  1. Having to visit a local hospital with my husband for some investigative tests, I was turfed out for half an hour. So what better to do than try and find the Coronavirus testing unit. Not an easy task in a maze of buildings and corridors. But worth it in the end as these images help to illustrate what is going on. And got used in the Scottish Sun.





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  2. 8 minutes ago, losdemas said:

    RESULT #1


    Good?/Not good?  You decide:


    Right. Of the five initial images I chose to chase, two were slightly outside of the remit in that that they were abuses of PU/Presentation licenses issued by Alamy (I opted out of PU as soon as I was able).  One, which was originally licensed as a PU has now been re-licensed by Alamy with a correct licence as a direct result of contact between me and the infringer.  Took about 11 hours total - of which only about 2 were 'office' hours!  The original licence was in 2017 and Alamy failed to contact the infringer despite 'multiple attempts'.  Unfortunately for me, Alamy, in their wisdom, are happy to ignore the infringement and accept that the new licence issued today covers the use of the image all the way back to 2017.  Fees are lower now  than they were even then + I am now on a 40% cut, rather than 50%.  Upshot is I (will eventually) get ~£11.25 net in addition to the original £4.50 I got two and a half years ago for all the chasing and hassle; Google-image searching; screen-shotting; record-keeping; multiple emails; etc. etc. etc.  An efficient and determined effort by Alamy to contact the infringer and ensure the correct licence was issued a long way back would have saved us both a lot of time and grief. A refusal by them to accept that the new licence covered the preceding years would also have resulted in a far bigger net gain to me.


    Compare and contrast this with the ~£125 I successfully gained for a 4-month use of one of my images on Twitter not so long ago.


    I think you might be able to guess how I feel about this one!  Apologies for the rant; just had to get this one out of my system.  I know that many will be thinking that I'm fighting the wrong battles.  I'll move on from it pretty soon, but this is all so unnecessary. <sigh>



    I understand your pain. I’d probably have done the same, for the principle if nothing else. I think that, in general, the more that creative artists pursue such claims, the better to counteract the “if it’s on the internet it’s free” myth.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Russell said:

    My turn for a dumb question. What is it that you upload to these agencies? Is it the Alamy thumbnail, or the Alamy large view, or a link to  the image on your own website, or something else.


    Any enlightenment would be much appreciated.




    A low res image from my own catalogue.There is a copytrack plugin for Lightroom but I haven't managed to get it to work yet.

  4. I’ve been using Copytrack from a year or so. I upload all my sold images, news images and zoomed images. So far just one layout fof around £30, with others in the pipeline. The process for them to pursue a claim can take a long time. They won’t pursue anything on social media platforms eg Twitter. 

    However their searches have turned up uses by UK newspapers that weren’t invoiced by Alamy so I have been able to alert Alamy to them. More importantly they have turned up some uses In the U.K. that I have been able to successfully pursue myself without any difficulty. Whether the time involved is worth it is debatable.

  5. On 06/03/2020 at 19:19, Sally said:

    I had an sort of whack but don’t expect it will net me $$$. The name of a well known Scottish figure - three images only in Alamy which I find surprising and all mine.

    Another sort of whack over the weekend of the name of a hotel I stayed in. Only 3 images on Alamy and all mine and two zoomed. I'm still waiting for either of these to turn up in sales though....

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  6. 40 minutes ago, Cryptoprocta said:

    But here in the Old Country my local shop had its normal quota of loo roll on the shelves this afternoon, though I heard of shortages in Oz. The only shortage I've personally seen so far was hand wash in M&S at Glasgow Central Station, where it's normally on sale near the checkout - that was a blank shelf on Monday and Wednesday; they may have refilled by now. Have to admit, I made a huge batch of soup to freeze in case I have to self-isolate, but I don't think I can cram it into my freezer!

    No hand gel in Boots today in Glasgow Central. I checked. Nada in Edinburgh Waverley as well. I’m digging around the house to find the half empty bottles I have from travel.

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