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  1. I’m afraid the lower prices may well be live news rates. I think Alamy will be getting a few emails querying them!
  2. A few sales in today. Two I knew about already, but not this one. Editorial one time use. $24 Edit: 16 sales showed up today.
  3. No I don’t think it is. Better to go and do something else that actually pays what it should.
  4. Did you select Date of Invoice rather than Date Paid?
  5. Flying Scotsman on the iconic Forth Rail Bridge.
  6. As I understand it, Alamy changed things so that different pseudonyms from the same contributor are lumped together in search results, therefore giving no advantage having different pseudonyms. But someone can correct me if I am wrong.
  7. Excellent. Saves a whole lot of time on the day, and much easier to do all this when you aren't stressed about getting the images up quickly. Reduces errors, too.
  8. I think, technically, this is called code replacement. There are some good you tube videos about how to do it. You need to create a text based document using plain format, eg Text Wrangler is a good bet, with a simple list of abbreviations followed by TAB, then what you want to automatically be typed in when you use that abbreviation. So for example, it might look like this: PM Teresa May, Prime Minister JC Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party Leader etc you can make them as long as you want and have different text docs for different types of events. Then go to Photo Mechanic and add this document using Edit>Settings>Set Code Replacements. In your pre-prepared caption you can then simply type in \PM\ and it will replace that with what you have defined it by. Variables are the various parts of a caption that you can define eg event name, location, date, etc
  9. It was not meant to cause offence. Given you are an Alamy contributor, asking a question on an Alamy forum, I think it was reasonable for me to assume your pass was to take photographs. An art exhibition which only takes place once a year is still a news event. These were, potentially, news images, and you wanted them up quickly in order to sell as news, not later as stock, otherwise you wouldn’t have been concerned about a 24/48 hour delay. There are ways to quicken up captioning.
  10. Nothing to stop you uploading images after the first day and then more after the second day, if you have Live News access. If I go to an event and need to use burst mode I can end up with many hundreds of images. If you don’t have the wherewithal to select, process and caption (which can be done in advance) quickly, then Live News isn’t for you and you will have to settle for the usual delay uploading stock. Contributions on the other sites were presumably via their live news equivalent. I really don’t see that you can complain. I wonder, too, how you managed to get a press pass without the facility to upload news images, although it could be you didn’t realise you no longer had access to it.
  11. Ok, I’m going to refer to an image by Kay Roxby I saw reported as used today in the Guardian. You take a photo of the bowel cancer screening letter you receive. 😎
  12. Thanks Alan! PS Just found another one of mine in today’s (May 15) online version (Eye Cave cove paddle boarding) so no need to report it 😄
  13. Have a look at Alamy Lightroom Bridge, which enables communication between LR and Alamy and significantly cuts down the work. https://www.lightroom-plugins.com/AlamyIndex.php
  14. No image there, but there is a cryptic crossword! My husband was disappointed I didn't buy it so he could do it.
  15. No problem, I'll go and have a look. You must be just like my husband...a crossword fanatic - and they need to be harder and harder to satisfy him
  16. Glad to hear you’ve had so many sales these last few months. It’s not the number of uncleared sales that is relevant, since that simply depends on how many sales you’ve had. It depends on who the sales were to. The newspaper sales take much longer to clear than others, I have some going back to 30th January, and plenty uncleared for later months. I even have one uncleared sale from last August. A newspaper that I won’t name used two of my images for the same article. They did pay up for one of them a couples of months ago, but unbelievably they didn’t pay up for the other. The Sun, Times etc tend to clear their sales in a bunch around every 5/6 months in my experience.
  17. You tell your OH to carry on walking so you can have a model on the path.
  18. Another sale, good news. US boook, inside, $50. Might have to buy him an ice cream to celebrate.
  19. Congratulations Dougie! Gonna take me a while to get to that stage but it prompted me to look at my dashboard and found I am just past the 200 mark.
  20. Second sale of the month, and so far May is looking much better than April with a lot of zooms too. Second $$ sale.
  21. I certainly haven’t seen that before, and since I am a regular live news contributor, I wouldn’t be looking for it. The limit of 20 images is news to me. It’s much tighter guidance than I have seen anywhere before.
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