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  1. Ha! Been there done that and recently uploaded a photo of myself on S******o. There was a rainbow then, too. Maybe there always is.
  2. A good but tricky topic. My three (PS I searched for ‘juxtaposition’ instead of irony): Probably needs no explanation Parking garage, Petra style A bridge in Boston
  3. Yes, the fetch options in the plugin take a bit of figuring out. What I have learned to do regularly is first to Fetch using ‘merge’ which merges with any existing keywords, then Fetch again using ‘replace’ which removes the unnecessary repeated keywords. Then of course it's easy to do a purge of keywords not used by any images.
  4. A rare weekend sale, for presentation use. My 4th sale this month so not too bad.
  5. Ok I think I see what you mean. I don’t find the scrolling difficult, but then I have my keywords in a complicated hierarchy so not necessarily everything is showing. The alternative is to search for those keywords you want to delete in the bar then you will only have them showing in your list so less scrolling involved.
  6. No, just highlight the individual keywords holding control and then click the minus button.
  7. The only reason I'd do this is I wanted to delete an image on Alamy and resubmit a newly processed one so I can have different Alamy references.
  8. Using the two in conjunction works best for me. If I have a lot of images to import or need to do it fast for a news thing (and can have pre-written my captions and other metadata) I use Photomechanic first, but the search functions and keywording are I think better done in LR.
  9. Not entirely sure what you mean by this but you can delete more than one keyword - in fact you can delete all if you want. Highlight the ones to delete then click the minus symbol in the top bar.
  10. Lightroom does a great job as a catalogue as well as processing images.
  11. Indeed, that is the case. I was also advised by a colleague not to go at the weekend as it is so much more busy. Plus the Monday and Tuesday are geared more towards professionals with relevant masterclasses available. I signed up for one.
  12. OK, so there is 1 definite and two other possibles apart from me. Just to get this back on track......
  13. This will be the first time I am visiting the show. Free entry, so why not? I’ll be there on Monday 16th. Anyone else likely to be around for a meet up?
  14. Wonderful images. I might try to have a go at one of those.
  15. One has a registration number so you can try looking it up on DVLA. Edit: just tried it myself and it’s not there. Sorry.
  16. 2018: 123 sales for $5,488 (gross) 2019: 223 for $7,046 (gross) So nearly twice as many sales but less than 50% more revenue
  17. I can’t comment on the key kernel of this as I am relatively new to stock, but it seems to me that Alamy has been doing much better of late get invoices cleared.
  18. Totally agree. I don’t bother with the weather shots as much as I used to unless I happen to be somewhere for another reason.
  19. Ditto plus a couple of decent print sales. This one is getting to be one of my best sellers.
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