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  1. On 10/07/2017 at 16:43, arterra said:

    You mean, do we prefer to caption and tag on beforehand...... before uploading?


    In that case: Yes!

    Photographers who upload to several agencies do the captioning and tagging work ...... ONCE (in my case in Bridge). 

    Those who caption and tag straight in AIM will have an unpleasant surprise when their archive reaches an important size and they decide to put their eggs in different baskets. They can do the work all over again :mellow:




    Photography Prints
     Fine Art Collection Arterra



    Am I missing something? Surely if you can download all the information put in AIM to Lightroom using Alamy Bridge plugin, then it will still be there should one choose to use another stock website.

  2. On 01/06/2017 at 10:28, Stokie said:


    Kumar, that's my fear that I take equipment thinking I can put it in hand luggage, as advised, only to find some jobsworth saying you can't take those on board they will have to go in the hold.


    As Sally says it would be good to get some definitive advice.



    It seems that definitive advice doesn't exist from what further research I've been able to do. The travel agent we use advised that they knew of only one of their customers who was asked to put their camera in the hold. It appears that is down to the vagaries of whoever you have to deal with when at the airport. 

    Anyone else had any recent experience? 

  3. On 08/07/2017 at 18:20, Sally said:

    Joined in February 2017, and have gradually been increasing my portfolio, so not sure how many I had when I made my first sale at the beginning of May, 3 months later. And the second one came later that month. Nothing since then, but very pleased since a perusal of these forums had led me to believe that I might have to wait up to a year. Very little income for them, not even enough to get paid yet, but I will persevere.

    Third sale just popped in from a zoom a while ago.  Only a few dollars to go and I might actually get paid for the first time next month;)

  4. 1 minute ago, spacecadet said:

    I can't remember if they're now given as a matter of course, but if you go to the web uploader, if there's a box for "archive" you have your answer.

    Otherwise send Alamy the link to the hosting web page and they'll decide if they qualify. The bar isn't too high.



    No, it's greyed out.  They aren't on a webpage, so presumably I will have to send them an example.

  5. I have a box full of old photos taken by my great-grandfather who was a keen amateur photographer in the late 19th century.  I have taken photos of them to upload to the archive stock.  Some of the photos are are in great condition, while others are not.  I can use spot removal to get rid of some obvious distracting imperfections, but some of the photos have more wear and tear than is fixable.  Just wondering whether this matters greatly for QC for this category of stock photos

  6. Joined in February 2017, and have gradually been increasing my portfolio, so not sure how many I had when I made my first sale at the beginning of May, 3 months later. And the second one came later that month. Nothing since then, but very pleased since a perusal of these forums had led me to believe that I might have to wait up to a year. Very little income for them, not even enough to get paid yet, but I will persevere.

  7. 9 hours ago, Kneon Light said:



    Fairly new here so wanted to ask a question - how long is there usually between usage of a photo and it being recorded as a sale?

    I had a zoom on Friday and then found my photo had been used by the Guardian online - however there is nothing to indicate a sale. Is this usual?


    Many Thanks

    I had one which appeared on May 26 and sale recorded June 30.

  8. 13 minutes ago, Stockfotoart said:



    I don't know for the UK but as far as I know for Germany (Euros) only 1/3 of a bank note may be visible on a photo.

    Yes there are similar rules in those links I provided, but the point is that they both say that an application has to be made in order to ensure you are complying with the rules. Clearly people haven't done that, so I am wondering whether there is other advice rather than just hoping it's OK.

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  9. There are hundreds of photos of banknotes on Alamy and I had an idea for something within this category. However, I then read the Bank of England's terms for reproductions of banknotes, as well as those for Royal Bank of Scotland, which are similar but even more stringent. It's hard to believe that everyone who has a photo on Alamy has made the appropriate application. The RBS one only lasts for six months and has to be renewed. Or am I missing something? 


    Relevant information below

    Bank of England





  10. 1 hour ago, Joe said:

    Anyone recognize this flower? From a roadside tree here on Gran Canaria. I cycle

    or run past the tree most mornings and any car parked under the tree is covered in them.

    The flowers are yellow as they open on the tree.


    The image seems to have disappeared. I copied and pasted from AIM. Is there another/correct way to upload an image to the forum?








    There is an image identification thread in the Forum 'Let's Talk about Pictures'.

  11. On 4/26/2017 at 3:48 PM, Gilwen said:

    4. You can use various functions to Set the Metadata or Fetch the Metadata from Alamy.  This makes it easy to update your images data should you need to.( I think there may still be some errors with these until Jim gets the working properly with the new AIM).



    Interested in trying to do this since I've got better at processing photos as time has gone on.  is it done with 'Fetch' or 'Set' or does one 'Upload' again? I cant' see anything in the manual about it.

  12. 3 hours ago, Craig Joiner said:

    If the only difference is a fixed suffix or prefix that is missing at one end then you might be able to account for this in the plugin using the options in the matching section.

    If that doesn't work I believe you can change filenames in Lightroom to match Alamy, run the plugin to match images and then change the filename back and the Alamy reference sticks. Bit of a fiddle but as a one off exercise it should work. Best test it on a couple of images first though!

    Alternatively Alamy used to provide a spreadsheet of all your metadata and it was possible to manually update all your filenames in the spreadsheet to match Lightroom then send it back to Alamy who would apply the changes to their system. It's how I matched all my images just before the new image manager went live but last I heard Alamy had yet to update their spreadsheet system since the changes. Probably worth an email to Alamy to see if it is now possible to make bulk changes by spreadsheet.


    That's helpful, thanks.  A few ideas i will try.

  13. This has been another really helpful thread on the forum. I would not have know about the Bridge download otherwise. I've downloaded it and read the manual, and used it successfully to upload some photos. What I am wondering is whether/how it might be possible to match all of the previous photos I have uploaded. Unfortunately when exporting as jpegs, I changed the names, so the photos on Alamy don't match with the ones in Lightroom. Even trying to manually enter the Alamy reference into the appropriate box in Lightroom does not trigger a match (and I don't really fancy doing this for every image anyway). I may have to accept that the hundreds of photos already on Alamy won't be matched, but is there a clever way to do this? Tried the support pages and can't see anything that would help.


    This thread has been useful as I previously didn't know how to see my images that have appeared in searches or that I could right click and choose 'search Google for this image'. One image that recently appeared in the Guardian also appears in two twitter feeds and on one Arabic website, without the credit that appeared in The Guardian. I presume therefore that anyone can copy and use the image once it's published?

    A few days later I noticed the image had appeared on another website with the appropriate credit. Does this mean it has sold again, or has it simply been pinched from the Guardian?

    This is only my second sale so I am still new to all of this!

    Photo is J78MRB



    It looks like your lovely Puffin image has been copied rather a lot. I get 6 pages of hits from a Google reverse image search. I suspect it was published in the Guardian first and then copied from there by the others. You should get paid for the Guardian usage but you'll probably have to wait 1-3 months before you'll see it appear in your Alamy sales report. I wouldn't expect payment via Alamy for most of the other uses as they appear to be a combination of tweets and retweets and news scraper sites. It might be possible to get payments for copyright infringement where the website republishing the image is clearly a commercial venture, but it's not easy. You could try alerting Alamy, or uploading your image to Pixsy to see what they make of it.


    Others here may be able to give you better advice. I've had this happen several times (image published on-line by a newspaper is then copied by others). But have, so far, been unsuccessful in getting compensation as the re-publications were deemed (by Pixsy) to be either non-commercial or outside the territories where they have legal representation and so not worth pursuing.

    Many thanks for that information. I didn't know about Pixsy. May try Alamy first.

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