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  1. I have to confess to knowing almost nothing about cars.  I have worked out that this is a Ferrari (parked illegally on a double yellow line BTW) but what model is it?


  2. On 5/14/2018 at 13:05, Matt Ashmore said:


    I get the impression that this is something that they are tinkering with. I had also noticed recently that old news images (i.e. the news images once they are older than 2 days old) no longer seem to go on sale automatically if you haven't provided keywords in the IPTC data.

    I noticed that recently too.  It's much better.

  3. On 5/14/2018 at 18:04, Steve Valentia said:


    Forget "here comes the sun..." snow's the way to go! As mentioned, my first ever weather news submission (of snow), about a month ago, nabbed 15 sales (with a range of fees from $120 to $10) and I'm hopeful of more from them. Unless I'm frozen out of the running.

    I sold a snow photo of a road in Scotland to the Irish Sun :) . The article didn't say where it was, naturally.

  4. 8 hours ago, Cryptoprocta said:

    Indeed, other than a tin of royal wedding biscuits in M&S.

    Can we photograph a negative?


    On the same vein, at Maj's last jubilee, it was very noticeable that almost immediately across the border there was bunting everywhere, and I hadn't seen any here at all; though I did hear a rumour of a street party a couple of towns away.

    Yes, I was wondering how we might photograph the complete lack of royal wedding fever. That might be newsworthy :)

  5. 51 minutes ago, Joseph Clemson said:


    I think Alamy tweaked the search slightly at the end of last month - I have a notion that someone posted a thread to that effect which didn't run for very long. I have just experienced a golden period of several months where I was getting a CTR of around 1.0, but this month it has dropped to less than the Alamy average, and I think it is something Alamy has changed rather than just a statistical blip.

    That is helpful to know. Every month this year I’ve had a sale in the first week of the month. Nothing so far, and searches and zooms are way down. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, LawrensonPhoto said:

    Again note that down in your spreadsheet, The Sun usually report and pay after 12 weeks (6 week split), if they haven't after the 12 weeks let alamy know.

    I copy and paste the info from the sales report in AIM so they know exactly what image you are talking about, they will then look into it and probably include it in the next pay run.

    Ok, thanks, I will do that.

  7. 7 minutes ago, James Lupson said:

    Sorry, but I must disagree, I am not inactive, astrophotography takes a long time to plan out and is dependant on location, time of year, and weather, and living in London doesn't cut it. I might not have uploaded lots of photos in a year, but I have most certainly not been inactive. Is there any way I am able to see how many people are seeing my images, so I know if it is a matter of people seeing my images or wanting to buy my photos?

    I think you have misinterpreted the word inactive, which clearly and simply meant inactivity uploading photos. If you go to your dashboard and click on Alamy Measures/Your Images you will find a wealth of information about searches and zooms. T took me a while to realise that this was there, so I’m not surprised you haven’t seen it.

    See the other thread about how big portfolios were when first sales occurred. And, if you have a very specific niche of astrophotography, then a relative lack of diversity many mean few sales even with a large portfolio.

  8. 7 hours ago, losdemas said:

    I was doing a search on a certain subject and came upon this image.  I clicked on it just because of the doubtful caption and discovered even more doubtful tags...:rolleyes:...but that's not my point here.  Before I clicked away, I noticed the pricing for PU: £21.66.  At first, I presumed that Alamy had had a change of heart regarding the multiple and continuing obvious abuse of this licensing option and seen fit to raise the standard calculator fee - but apparently not.  Most images are still set at the standard lower rate (currently £9.99 in the UK).


    The agency that supplied this image seemingly has this higher price set for all it's images when licensed as PU.  Where's the opt-in button so that I may join this exclusive club? :huh::rolleyes::angry:

    With a caption like that, will it ever sell? 

  9. This chap is 96 years old and was stationed at RAF Drem during World War II. He unveiled a new information board today and it was quite an emotional experience for him. Drem played an important part in the war, inventing the Drem lighting system to allow spitfires to land safely at night, which was adopted by all RAF airfields, and also had the first ‘kill’ of a German Junker plane in the first air raid by German bombers.


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