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  1. I have not borrowed someone else's keywords! I resent the accusation in fact as I spend enormous amounts of time keywording. The name of the sculptor of the gate is Alan Dawson. However there is also a photographer called Alan Dawson which is why I was misled about the attribution.
  2. I have already contacted Alamy about the photo appearing in another commercial website, and they are currently pursuing it. This one appears (though very little information about it) to be a personal blog which they cannot pursue. However, clearly the owner did not wish to pay and would rather remove it
  3. When I did a Google search for one of my photos, it turned up a website www.photovide.com in which the photo was credited to me but not to Alamy. My photo had been bought by The Guardian appearing in its weekly wildlife section almost two moths ago, and was taken from that. I emailed the website to enquire about it, and got a fairly rapid response saying that it had been removed, which it has. i am posting this because there were other Alamy photos in The Guardian piece so there may be others and I imagine the website contains yet other Alamy photos, in case anyone else is concerned about this.
  4. Doing a Google search for one of my photos which sold recently I came across this, in which it is incorrectly attributed to someone else. Any idea why Google is doing that? https://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://l7.alamy.com/zooms/f29fb7dd130f4de6921bc3572c6dac7c/detail-of-the-east-gate-steel-rhododendron-flowers-at-the-royal-botanic-hypeh9.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo/alan-dawson.html&h=447&w=640&tbnid=yCdxdQjQNPCEcM&tbnh=188&tbnw=269&usg=__g-vtiby5yoQEg2b10tFrgEvAaiE=&docid=rFuk-9GwGtrCyM
  5. Am I missing something? Surely if you can download all the information put in AIM to Lightroom using Alamy Bridge plugin, then it will still be there should one choose to use another stock website.
  6. It seems that definitive advice doesn't exist from what further research I've been able to do. The travel agent we use advised that they knew of only one of their customers who was asked to put their camera in the hold. It appears that is down to the vagaries of whoever you have to deal with when at the airport. Anyone else had any recent experience?
  7. Third sale just popped in from a zoom a while ago. Only a few dollars to go and I might actually get paid for the first time next month;)
  8. What I meant is why cant they be uploaded in the same way as usual, or like Live News?
  9. Hmmm. Ok. Not sure why they need to be hosted somewhere. That's annoying.
  10. No, it's greyed out. They aren't on a webpage, so presumably I will have to send them an example.
  11. Ah, Ok. I presume I don't have archival privileges, since I haven't requested them. How do I go about this?
  12. I have a box full of old photos taken by my great-grandfather who was a keen amateur photographer in the late 19th century. I have taken photos of them to upload to the archive stock. Some of the photos are are in great condition, while others are not. I can use spot removal to get rid of some obvious distracting imperfections, but some of the photos have more wear and tear than is fixable. Just wondering whether this matters greatly for QC for this category of stock photos
  13. Joined in February 2017, and have gradually been increasing my portfolio, so not sure how many I had when I made my first sale at the beginning of May, 3 months later. And the second one came later that month. Nothing since then, but very pleased since a perusal of these forums had led me to believe that I might have to wait up to a year. Very little income for them, not even enough to get paid yet, but I will persevere.
  14. So, the question then is, why do Alamy allow them?
  15. I had one which appeared on May 26 and sale recorded June 30.
  16. Helpful information, thanks. So you didn't have to get permission from whichever Bank the notes were from, as long as the photos complied with their rules?
  17. Yes there are similar rules in those links I provided, but the point is that they both say that an application has to be made in order to ensure you are complying with the rules. Clearly people haven't done that, so I am wondering whether there is other advice rather than just hoping it's OK.
  18. There are hundreds of photos of banknotes on Alamy and I had an idea for something within this category. However, I then read the Bank of England's terms for reproductions of banknotes, as well as those for Royal Bank of Scotland, which are similar but even more stringent. It's hard to believe that everyone who has a photo on Alamy has made the appropriate application. The RBS one only lasts for six months and has to be renewed. Or am I missing something? Relevant information below Bank of England http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/banknotes/Pages/reproappform.aspx RBS http://heritagearchives.rbs.com/content/dam/rbs/Documents/History/reproducing-banknotes-guidelines.pdf
  19. There is an image identification thread in the Forum 'Let's Talk about Pictures'.
  20. Interested in trying to do this since I've got better at processing photos as time has gone on. is it done with 'Fetch' or 'Set' or does one 'Upload' again? I cant' see anything in the manual about it.
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