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  1. I’m not sure about the ‘place holding’ thing. I’ve had to cope with some very slow upload speeds recently, which means that the first few photos start showing on the Live News system before the upload is finished. Once it has finished, the whole lot moves to the time of the last one uploaded. So, uploading one and then adding others won’t keep you in the same place. I suppose an early image might be sent out by the News team, but then presumably they have to send the rest separately if others come in later.
  2. Cheers. I have another photo with the number plate clearly visible which I didnt upload so I might try the pixelation idea, if I can work out how to do it.
  3. Actually, though you can’t see the yellow lines in that photo, what is the position about uploading a photo that shows a parking offence, or indeed any other kind of offence?
  4. There's a nice one on the Home page today.
  5. It was certainly attracting a lot of interest from people passing by. No one could do so without either having a good look inside, taking a photo (including me) or a selfie.
  6. Thanks you two. A snip at £182,809! I guess the owner can afford a parking ticket or two.
  7. I have to confess to knowing almost nothing about cars. I have worked out that this is a Ferrari (parked illegally on a double yellow line BTW) but what model is it?
  8. Blimey, have you seen the number of Alamy Live News submissions just for "wedding preparations"? It's going to be madness on Saturday. Wondering if I can come up with something completely different on the day.......
  9. I noticed that recently too. It's much better.
  10. I sold a snow photo of a road in Scotland to the Irish Sun . The article didn't say where it was, naturally.
  11. Yes, use plurals as well as singular, and synonyms. If you have a phrase, you don't need to repeat the individual words. Also use US spellings and variations on words. Think about words as a computer would. It is going to search for horse, not horses, if that is what the customer puts in, as an example.
  12. I went up and down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh today in search of Royal Wedding tat. Nothing to be found except the usual Tartan tat. If you cant find it in Scotland's capital city's main tourist spot, then I don't think it is to be found.
  13. Yes, I was wondering how we might photograph the complete lack of royal wedding fever. That might be newsworthy
  14. That is helpful to know. Every month this year I’ve had a sale in the first week of the month. Nothing so far, and searches and zooms are way down.
  15. Good grief. I have not seen a single public expression related to the forthcoming wedding North of the Border.
  16. I think you have misinterpreted the word inactive, which clearly and simply meant inactivity uploading photos. If you go to your dashboard and click on Alamy Measures/Your Images you will find a wealth of information about searches and zooms. T took me a while to realise that this was there, so I’m not surprised you haven’t seen it. See the other thread about how big portfolios were when first sales occurred. And, if you have a very specific niche of astrophotography, then a relative lack of diversity many mean few sales even with a large portfolio.
  17. Yes, if I had been a contributor then. So many places around the world I have been to in the last ten years that I regret not having photos of taken with a proper camera.
  18. News images aren’t downloaded. They are sent to news desks. Then the newspapers decide if they want to use any as far as I understand the process.
  19. This chap is 96 years old and was stationed at RAF Drem during World War II. He unveiled a new information board today and it was quite an emotional experience for him. Drem played an important part in the war, inventing the Drem lighting system to allow spitfires to land safely at night, which was adopted by all RAF airfields, and also had the first ‘kill’ of a German Junker plane in the first air raid by German bombers.
  20. I have an outstanding news image payment from The Sun still waiting to clear from December 22nd 2017, nearly five months ago. Is this normal?
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