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  1. Cheers. I’ve emailed both Police Scotland and SNH, and put the photos into QC. Thanks everyone.
  2. yes, poisoning was my thought, and I did wonder about alerting someone - just didnt know who! Thanks for the advice.
  3. Ok, thanks. Might as well, I suppose. They are a little gruesome, but not too bad since their bodies are intact.
  4. On a walk the other day I came across two dead deer, lying about 15 feet apart from each other in a field. No apparent injuries or signs of attack, but their eyes had been pecked out. A mystery how they died, and apparently together. Little deterioration on their bodies. I took some photos, but am not sure whether to upload them. I cant quite see what they might be used for. But there are some photos of dead animals on Alamy, though more typically in relation to road kill. Any thoughts about whether to bother uploading or not?
  5. I dint think the quantity matters, as long as you are happy with your processing skills. After one fail early on, I think I know what not to upload. I uploaded mixed photos to being with, but I found it a messy way to view photos on AIM (though I know you can use search to find photos), so now I tend to upload a group of photos that are coherent, eg taken in the same place or for Live News, regardless of how many there are, or if it’s very large, I will split it into two groups.
  6. Definitely not soda or pop. Probably soft drink, or fizzy drink. Unless it is Irn Bru of course, in which case, it’s “made from girders” i realise that most people won’t have a clue what I am talking about. So here’s a video.
  7. Just tried the Prolost dehaze on a few seaside photos taken today (in Alamy Live News) and it certainly works well. Not as good as a slider, as you have to click on different options to adjust the mount of the dehaze, but it's a lot better than having to change my Adobe License. So thanks again to Justin Case for pointing it out.
  8. Another sale for me this month, which makes it my best month ever so far in my 12th month with Alamy. There was at least one advantage of having seats up in the highest row of Centre Court last year!
  9. Great, thanks. I’ve downloaded Prolost dehaze and will give it a try since I don’t have the CC version of Lightroom. Certainly, a dehaze tool looks very worthwhile.
  10. Good topic. My three: Colin Steel, Scottish Jazz musician Tommy Smith, saxophonist, and Brian Kellock, pianist, both Scottish jazz musicians
  11. On a flight to the US, I was being dripped on by water from the overhead locker. Someone had put something in with ice, which of course melted after a while. Neither the very disinterested Virgin stewardesses (who were more interested in having a good natter with each other than attending to customers), nor the owner, were concerned.
  12. A nice sale today. Third so far this month, the most I’ve had in a week ever.
  13. I’m about halfway through editing my images uploaded over the last year, based on what I’ve learned in this forum, and other reading, about keywords and tagging. However, there is still a lot that is simply guesswork. I feel strongly that we shouldn’t have to guess what works best, or even have to do experiments to find out. I do wish Alamy would give some examples of photos and their suggestions of how best to keyword, though I appreciate that there is not one ‘correct’ answer. For example, how am I supposed to know whether I should use ‘Edinburgh skyline’ or ‘Edinburgh’ and ‘skyline’, or whether it doesn’t matter? What I end up basing it on is the best way to organise my keywords in my Lightroom keyword hierarchy.
  14. I have a similar problem with Scottish versus English words. I have to put both if it’s something in Scotland, but it’s unlikley those words would be known/used by anyone else. eg kirkyard churchyard doocot dovecot I draw the line at using messages for shopping.
  15. Sorry, my maths failed me. It was 500. I am hoping that’s due to having spent many many hours over the last week editing old images. If so, then the time will have been well spent.
  16. Well, having started this thread, I am not sure that I am any the wiser. However, my CTR just shot up over the weekend. Whether that is due to an change in the algorithm ( see other thread) or the fact that I had about 800 views and 8 zooms - the most ever over a weekend, I'm not sure.
  17. A couple of Alamy Live News photos here, but I can’t trace their owners. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/2060429/scotland-weather-chaos-25-road-crashes/
  18. You just need to write yourself a note, then remember to look at the reminder and where you left it
  19. It depends on events, which can often be unpredictable. Keeping an eye on the local or national news is probably your best bet. Or spend your efforts on older images and make sure your captions and keywords are up to scratch. I’ve been working my way through a years worth of uploads. I’m currently on July 2017, so still some way to go, as it’s very time consuming. But it’s a good way to spend cold wet days in Scotland in Winter.
  20. Typical sign of stress, or older age. Not too much to worry about I suspect, but annoying.
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