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  1. The interface is just that. You still keyword in Lightroom, but the plugin enables Lightroom to ‘talk to’ Alamy, retrieve data from the website, and send data to it. It means you can download all your keywords and check them for misspellings etc, you can work out which images don’t have super tags and a whole host of other things. I’m still working out all that it can do.
  2. You can keyword in Lightroom if you want, then use the plugin Alamy Bridge to set the metadata. This can even be done before the images have passed QC.
  3. Not sure I understand what’s happened to you. As far as I remember the initial process, when your first three photos pass, that is effectively the same thing as having passed QC. Adding keywords and caption doesn’t then put the photo into another approval process. So whichever three initial photos were approved and started your career on Alamy, they will go on sale as soon as you have added the appropriate information (and the system updates itself), and you didn’t need to upload them again.
  4. Not sure if this size checker still works, but I used it regularly before I started uploading via Alamy Bridge plugin for Lightroom (which has an automatic file size checker) http://www.braeside.plus.com/photography/alamy/alamy.html
  5. I have also been having problems uploading lately. Group of photos ends up being split into 3 or 4 different uploads which is annoying, and that's using Alamy Bridge FTP.
  6. I didn't take it as such and I am sorry if my reply appeared to be curt. it wasn't meant to be so. Just grateful for all of the responses and glad that there is such a clear easy answer to the question. As for experience, I still feel very much a newbie. Less than a year on here....
  7. Thanks. I think that question has been answered and settled!
  8. Quick question, which I can't see answered anywhere by searching the forum. Does anyone ever put a border - white or black - around images? I might for a photography competition, but have no idea whether that is advisable for stock photography.
  9. Even Dumbarton can look nice at sunset
  10. It’s the first image uploaded, and I try to pick the one that I think is best for that, but Alamy staff sometimes change it.
  11. Picture of a wave but I can’t find it on Alamy https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/1992625/alaska-earthquake-tsunami-alert-how-formed-earthquake-worst-disasters/
  12. I've got the same problem and need to get some more RAM for my 27" iMac. An earlier reply seemed to suggest that if there are 2x4GB already, it's best to stick to anther 2x4GB, but other information I have read suggests you can put whatever you like in, as long as they are the same, eg 2 x8GB. Which is best, or does it simply depend on cost/speed needed?
  13. Updated, or so I thought to the second update of High Sierra on my iMac. Closed down my computer as we were away a few days. Fired it up upon return only to discover that it wouldn’t do so, as OSX was “ missing or damaged”. Finally managed to get it going again, but this appears to be a common problem given the number of threads on other forums about it. So it may not be completely bug free.
  14. Little did I realise when I started this thread how morbid it would become and how many photos on Alamy there are of dead animals.
  15. That one is probably a bit beyond me, but it’s useful to understand what the panel does. I’ve now looked at some of the earlier videos that I missed about the Library module, learned a couple of little things I didn’t know. What struck me is whether it’s possible to have a crib sheet for all of the shortcuts mentioned in the videos, as it’s hard to remember them all!
  16. I signed up with Zenfolio just before Xmas. Ive made a start on a website, and so far am impressed with the flexibility of what it can do. I can give you a code for a 10% discount if you decide to go with it.
  17. KYWXG3 Gerard Ferry Scottish Sun https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/2105871/schools-closed-scotland-council-january-snow-weather/
  18. http://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-news-images/how-do-i-upload-to-live-news-feed/
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