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  1. Many of them do, but not for newspaper groups. That’s partly why we have a monthly thread spotting used images so that contributors can be sure to chase them up if they don’t come through as purchases.
  2. A nice birthday present. Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: Direct mail and brochures ; Media: Promotional brochures/ leaflets/inserts ; Industry Sector: General business services ; Print run: up to 1,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 08-February-2018 ; End: 08-February-2019 ;
  3. No zooms might suggest you need to rework tags. For example M1XY5D is tagged sandwiches, but doesn’t have any, while M1XY56 is tagged water bottles and soft drinks but doesn’t have any. If the images are different, you need to be more specific with tags and captions I think. Not impossible to have a sale with less than 1,000 images, but it’s due to a number of factors eg content of your portfolio, what clients are looking for, good tagging and captions etc, so don’t assume it’s the quality of your images. Persistence, determination and constant review are, IMHO based on only a year’s worth of experience, key factors.
  4. My three entries: Walking and taking photos of an Icelandic waterfall A glacier walk Enjoying the ice rink in St Andrews Square, Edinburgh (I love the envious expression on the other child's face)
  5. True, but some are already at their limit so it's not quite that easy. If I were to add all those alternatives for 'man', I'd be over the limit for quite a few photos.
  6. Yes I had an image of a puffin in The Guardian, which then appeared all over the place. I’m really talking about websites set up with the sole purpose of copying from the Alamy website (and other stock images) rather than the sharing of individual published photos. But yes you’re right, it may not always be worth the effort., especially if you’ve sold hundreds of photos. I’m not lucky enough to be in that position (yet anyway )
  7. Might be worth trying to find a contact email and getting in touch yourself, and send them an invoice for it’s use. I found a similar site just before Xmas with loads of Alamy watermarked images, including one of mine. Alamy did contact them (and never got a reply and so said they couldn’t do anything else), but I also did. The image was removed immediately after it was reported, and when I tried to pursue it later on I found the whole website had disappeared. Perhaps it’s just moved to another url, but I can’t find anything related to it anyway. Better this stuff gets taken down if people make a fuss.
  8. I always add plurals if there is more than one of an object in the image, but plurals of those particular words does not seem an obvious thing to do. Of course if you are searching and you want to find examples of landscapes, you may well type in the plural. I don’t think I’ll be going over all my images to add those though.
  9. Congratulations. It’s s great feeling isn’t it? And a lovely photo to start your Alamy career. Next objective: to see an image of your own in a newspaper, and after that to see it in the Alamy Live News Twitter feed. So lots more excitement to come.
  10. Happens sometimes if they are murals, without context. Alamy has provided information about this.
  11. A very windy day in Pennan, Northeast Scotland. Famous for being the film location for Local Hero. The iconic phone box was a film prop.
  12. Just found it yesterday in the Independent and it’s been reported as a sale today. That was quick. First sale for February.
  13. Just found one of my photos on Burns night http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/burns-night-robert-burns-scotland-scottish-identity-nan-shepherd-living-mountain-a8177311.html
  14. Three Alamy photos here, none of which I could find in a short search https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/1956768/how-cold-is-it-today-whats-the-coldest-recorded-temperature-in-the-uk-and-wheres-the-coldest-place-on-earth/
  15. My best ever month, but that’s nothing to do with January, rather down to starting to upload Live News images, increasing my portfolio in its first year, and hopefully hard work revising tags. Six sales for a total of $217. I presume everyone is quoting gross than what we get in our hands.
  16. Yippee, the other Live News weather photo from December has shown up too. Of course I have just realised that the sales haven’t cleared so won’t affect my available income for this month. The Sun does appear to be a prompt reporter of images. And decent money too.
  17. Live News Image from December. My current balance owed is $49, but this is only showing up in the invoice statement so far, though the date is 31st January, so hopefully it will take me over the $50 minimum.
  18. Also don’t forget to put location information into both captions and keywords. For example, where is the flamingo?
  19. I asked Alamy about a similar issue with the date and they told me that it just means that the system didn’t register the exact date, or that the client submitted a monthly date in their record, not that it was used before it was available ! Therefore likely still to have been a news sale.
  20. One of these images also in the Scottish Sun, as well as two others. Cant find them in Alamy Live News https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/2152536/scotland-weather-rain-wind-uk-heat-14c-cold-conditions/
  21. The interface is just that. You still keyword in Lightroom, but the plugin enables Lightroom to ‘talk to’ Alamy, retrieve data from the website, and send data to it. It means you can download all your keywords and check them for misspellings etc, you can work out which images don’t have super tags and a whole host of other things. I’m still working out all that it can do.
  22. You can keyword in Lightroom if you want, then use the plugin Alamy Bridge to set the metadata. This can even be done before the images have passed QC.
  23. Not sure I understand what’s happened to you. As far as I remember the initial process, when your first three photos pass, that is effectively the same thing as having passed QC. Adding keywords and caption doesn’t then put the photo into another approval process. So whichever three initial photos were approved and started your career on Alamy, they will go on sale as soon as you have added the appropriate information (and the system updates itself), and you didn’t need to upload them again.
  24. Not sure if this size checker still works, but I used it regularly before I started uploading via Alamy Bridge plugin for Lightroom (which has an automatic file size checker) http://www.braeside.plus.com/photography/alamy/alamy.html
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