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  1. No I don’t mean Adobe Bridge. I mean Alamy Bridge. https://www.lightroom-plugins.com/AlamyIndex.php It is a Lightroom plug-in that interfaces between Lightroom and Alamy. Indispensable IMHO https://www.lightroom-plugins.com/downloads/Alamy Uploader Manual.pdf
  2. Yes, if you use Alamy Bridge to set metadata for images, it will automatically choose supertags, though it's always worth checking that it has chosen the ones you think are best
  3. Found one of my snow pictures leading an article in The Sun newspaper https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/2313955/beast-from-the-east-cost-scotland-500million/
  4. Congratulations on your win. Great idea, but I have too many to choose from! That either makes me a lazy or opportunist photographer From the window And, again Christmas time
  5. It’s tempting to focus on increasing your portfolio, rather than revise and learn how to keyword. But I suggest you take the advice and also search the forums for other advice about tagging and revise what you have already, so that you don’t end up like me having to go back over thousands of images!? Good idea to start a proper keyword hierarchy in Lightroom to do this, too, before you end up with thousands of words. There is a ton of good advice and information on the forum, which I wish I had known when I started. I didn’t even realise that there was a forum until I had been a contributor for over 4 months.
  6. Interesting. One thing - lens flare seems to pass QC, here at any rate, and seems to be accepted as part of an image if pointing into the sun. Maybe it’s different elsewhere. I used to edit it out, now I tend not to.
  7. I suspect that if that option was offered, it would encourage people to submit things to news that aren’t really news. However, I agree with others’ suggestions about having a choice, once an image has been in news, about whether it then goes into stock, as I think it takes 3 months to disappear if deleted at that point.
  8. Sally

    Avoid Tag Duplication

    Ok, thanks for advice about one of my photos. However, I think it misses the point that it shouldn’t be too hard for the system to be set to avoid duplication, and for those cases where a lot of tags are important it would be a valuable improvement.
  9. Sally

    Avoid Tag Duplication

    With respect, I think I do tag relevantly, but there are some groups of images that there are a lot of tags that are relevant, and I do use them up. And, sometimes, new ones become relevant and it’s annoying to have to go back and chop some out to include them.
  10. Sally

    Avoid Tag Duplication

    As yes, sorry for any misunderstanding. I didn't mean customer search, but my own in order to find duplicates, as Paulette suggests.
  11. Sally

    Avoid Tag Duplication

    Yes, that's fine for an individual image. But I cant easily do that for thousands of images.
  12. Please can you see if it is possible not to have a both a supertag and ordinary tag duplicated. It's impossible to search images where this has happened, and uses up tag limits unnecessarily. So, it should not be possible to add a normal tag when there is already an exact supertag duplicate.
  13. My first sale was in the Guardian. It was about two months before it appeared in my account.
  14. How long is overdue? I have one outstanding uncleared sale from 17th November.
  15. And my serge came in today too for a couple of weather news images in December and January (after Storm Caroline)- both IMHO not very good or well processed. But very decent amounts. February sales are almost equal to January so I am happy.
  16. Lots of useful information. I’m glad I asked the question. i don’t think I can (yet anyway) justify the cost of Photomechanic, but I will keep it in mind and maybe try out the trial version. i will pay more attention to being specific about the images in captions I think.
  17. Yes, that’s what I was concerned about. I suppose it depends on whether time is of the essence, as Red Snapper has suggested.
  18. Would like some advice. Is it best for a batch of Live News photos to have the same caption, even if there are different views, not all of which may have the same objects. I used to make the captions specific to each image, but lately have just been keeping them the same, then editing once they go into stock. What’s best, or doesn’t it matter much?
  19. Ha! Pantiles, on the other hand, I think are magic.
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