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  1. 5 hours ago, RedSnapper said:


    Question: Why dont you add the metadata before uploading the images to Alamy? Or is there something i've not undertood about this workflow?


    I FTP from LR to Alamy with the captions/tags already in place



    I do actually do the captions first, especially for news images. I don't always do all of the keywording and setting the optional information first.  No particular reason, but sometimes if I haven't ticked the right boxes, it can get wiped by the fetch data step.

  2. RAW images straight into Lightroom; all processing done in Lightroom (for non Alamy images I sometimes use the free Nik software via Lightroom for some finishing touches like borders), upload direct to Alamy from Lightroom using the plugin Alamy Lightroom Bridge, fetch Alamy reference using the plugin, keyword in Lightroom using my now completely reorganised personal hierarchy, adjust the optional Alamy settings in the plugin, then finally upload all the metadata to Alamy. If those last steps sound complicated, it’s really not and each operation takes seconds. Images are on my hard drive, backed up to an external hard drive, and also to a portable drive. 


    I have the perpetual version of Lightroom, but anticipate that I will probably want to upgrade to the monthly subscription at some point now that it is not being supported. However the initial £100 or so over a couple of years will have been worth it. I also use Lightroom on my MacBook when away from home, and can import all the work into my main catalog once I’m back. 


  3. 18 hours ago, spacecadet said:

    I don't think getting too close to 50 is a good idea if you might ever need to add a new set of tags, because bulk deletion is all but impossible in the new AIM, and you can't tell which of a batch of images is the one causing the "too many tags" message.

    But optimisation certainly has no impact on rank or sales.

    Rmleving keywords is easy if you use Alamy-Lightroom Bridge, since you can see all photos with a keyword, then remove it and add others in Lightroom, then set the new metadata in Alamy using Bridge.

  4. I am afraid that Alamy may not be able to do anything about this since the website appears to be registered in Tonga, of all places.  At least it only focusses on the USA.

    I am tired of finding my photos on websites, culled from Alamy , that are registered in places like Indonesia, Panama etc etc, but not much can be done about it seems.  

  5. 23 minutes ago, lorenza said:

    Thanks Carlo, since March 2017 I'm on alamy and I currently have 11 zoom and 6 decent sales. A zoom can translate into sales or is not it always? I have read that from the sale to the customer to the notification on your profile by alamuy can spend a lot of time, is this true?

    Less than half of my zooms resulted in a sale. Most zooms seem to be for pictures that then end up copied without permission onto junk websites. Sales are reported quickly usually, unless they are for a newspaper, as I understand it. I noticed that you are just using American spellings eg color, so I would suggest you add the British spellings too. See this thread


  6. It’s so annoying to do a Google search for a zoomed image only to find it appearing on a website with dozens of other Alamy watermarked images. I alerted Alamy to a couple of these, only to be told that they can’t do anything as the website is located in Indonesia, or some other far flung place. This is despite checking the web ID, which tells me that the host is a US company called cloudfare. Just came across all of my leopard photos (as well as other Alamy photos) on another website, ad offering them for download. Again, it’s hosted by Cloudfare. How can I find out where it is actually located? It’s made to look like Pinterest. It does give the Alamy references, so I suppose the only possible good thing is that it might lead someone to the actual photo.



  7. 2 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

    Wow. Bobbie Burns, Sally? Or just a note to the Scot milkman? We have a statue of BB here in Central Park, you know. 



    No, just Scots gibberish.  And... we would never call him Bobby,  but he would be called Rabbie. There are hundreds of statues of him all over the world. Must be the most famous Scot, ever. Only one for sure to have his own holiday.

  8. 2 minutes ago, fotoDogue said:



    Sorry but I don't think it would be appropriate to name affiliates, on this forum, with whom Alamy is currently doing business.


    Let's just say that when Alamy opened the New York Office I oped out of English Language agencies in North America presuming those clients could go straight to Alamy - not that I had had any North American affiliate sales anyway. Other ones I opted out were the ones that have consistently low rates. Once you've had a few affiliate sales you'll know who they are.

    Yes, understand, and thought that might be the case. I look forward to such sales :)

  9. On 07/03/2018 at 15:56, DJ72 said:

    Yes thanks Robert. That pretty much confirms it for me, your comment regarding the sensor. I have pondered the mirrorless option, but then I am still not 100% I really want to go down the multiple lens avenue (I know a lot of people think this is a great advantage and I'm sure it is, but I am not a pro (I'm not even bothered if I sell anything in Alamy) and I dont feel like I am missing much with the modest zoom of my RX100, or that I would be at a great disadvantage with a fixed lens such as that which comes with the x100f / t.


    But you have all pretty much put me off even thinking any more about medium format so for that I thank you for giving me that clarity.


    I put a bid on  Fuji x100t yesterday in ebay but was outbit (I think it went for around £550 in the end). So for  £850 I can get a brand new x100f...


    Thank you again to everyone for their valued insights.



    I use a mirrorless Panasonic LUMIX G7. I have three Panasonic lenses (but not the kit lens) (12-35, 35-100, 100-300). Lightweight, cheaper than a full frame. I know very little about cameras but these have served me well so far. If you don’t want to carry a load of heavy equipment around, take a look at mirrorless options.

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  10. It was worth being snowed in for four days due to the Beast from the East. So far, I have found three news images I took in newspapers.

    This one in the Irish Sun, using a picture of a snow covered road in Scotland ;)


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  11. 5 hours ago, Cryptoprocta said:

    What's Alamy Bridge?

    You can't mean Adobe Bridge, as it doesn't choose supertags IME, so is this some Alamy 'thing' I've missed?

    Or have I missed something on Adobe Bridge?

    No I don’t mean Adobe Bridge. I mean Alamy Bridge.



    It is a Lightroom plug-in that interfaces between Lightroom and Alamy. Indispensable IMHO


    https://www.lightroom-plugins.com/downloads/Alamy Uploader Manual.pdf


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