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  1. Alamy provides a url that allows you to link to your images in a website. You can find it on your dashboard. This is my example http://www.alamy.com/stock-photography/6EBC33D2-9F5E-4D87-8FCD-5D93187D1A07/Sally Anderson.html www.sallyanderson.co.uk
  2. I do actually do the captions first, especially for news images. I don't always do all of the keywording and setting the optional information first. No particular reason, but sometimes if I haven't ticked the right boxes, it can get wiped by the fetch data step.
  3. The Panasonic LUMIX mirrorless and Olympus can share lenses, so there are more options. I have the Panasonic LUMIX G7, have had no problems passing QC with high ISOs once processed in Lightroom. Just don’t buy the kit lens.
  4. RAW images straight into Lightroom; all processing done in Lightroom (for non Alamy images I sometimes use the free Nik software via Lightroom for some finishing touches like borders), upload direct to Alamy from Lightroom using the plugin Alamy Lightroom Bridge, fetch Alamy reference using the plugin, keyword in Lightroom using my now completely reorganised personal hierarchy, adjust the optional Alamy settings in the plugin, then finally upload all the metadata to Alamy. If those last steps sound complicated, it’s really not and each operation takes seconds. Images are on my hard drive, backed up to an external hard drive, and also to a portable drive. I have the perpetual version of Lightroom, but anticipate that I will probably want to upgrade to the monthly subscription at some point now that it is not being supported. However the initial £100 or so over a couple of years will have been worth it. I also use Lightroom on my MacBook when away from home, and can import all the work into my main catalog once I’m back.
  5. I always fill this in. Probably just because I am obsessive about details. But it is pretty annoying that the Google map locations don’t by default include Scotland, eg when I type Edinburgh, it just comes up with United Kingdom. Scotland is a country, after all. So I have to type it in manually.
  6. Rmleving keywords is easy if you use Alamy-Lightroom Bridge, since you can see all photos with a keyword, then remove it and add others in Lightroom, then set the new metadata in Alamy using Bridge.
  7. Thanks for that. If they have to do that manually, i imagine this is for a few selected images. Not sure show many I’d like to replace at this stage.
  8. I need to do that with some of my images. Did you just reupload them to QC and copy the tags over, or did you find another way to do that?
  9. That bit is largely unpredictable, though. I have sold images that I didn't think were my best. And, a constant comment on the sold images thread is the surprise that something sold.
  10. I am afraid that Alamy may not be able to do anything about this since the website appears to be registered in Tonga, of all places. At least it only focusses on the USA. I am tired of finding my photos on websites, culled from Alamy , that are registered in places like Indonesia, Panama etc etc, but not much can be done about it seems.
  11. There is a link to a useful ‘translation’ website in that thread I linked to.
  12. Less than half of my zooms resulted in a sale. Most zooms seem to be for pictures that then end up copied without permission onto junk websites. Sales are reported quickly usually, unless they are for a newspaper, as I understand it. I noticed that you are just using American spellings eg color, so I would suggest you add the British spellings too. See this thread http://discussion.alamy.com/topic/9267-spelling-question/
  13. Ok, thanks. Are you able to tell me how you found out? I don't want to bother Alamy with websites that are outside of what they say they will chase up.
  14. It’s so annoying to do a Google search for a zoomed image only to find it appearing on a website with dozens of other Alamy watermarked images. I alerted Alamy to a couple of these, only to be told that they can’t do anything as the website is located in Indonesia, or some other far flung place. This is despite checking the web ID, which tells me that the host is a US company called cloudfare. Just came across all of my leopard photos (as well as other Alamy photos) on another website, ad offering them for download. Again, it’s hosted by Cloudfare. How can I find out where it is actually located? It’s made to look like Pinterest. It does give the Alamy references, so I suppose the only possible good thing is that it might lead someone to the actual photo. http://www.thepinsta.com/bay-leopard-leopard-walking-with-mother_yGWqvypdRkDWxoeKY0lkJqE1q|oeAjwqwvwxNJ|ErIAH8kKQoEOhMDL7OXssZBZk9lnp2zAXls4l81lbj8Jhpw/2
  15. No, just Scots gibberish. And... we would never call him Bobby, but he would be called Rabbie. There are hundreds of statues of him all over the world. Must be the most famous Scot, ever. Only one for sure to have his own holiday.
  16. And on a dreich Hogmanay, the loon who lives over the brae crossed the burn to visit the doocot and then get his messages, but stepped on a puddock and had a blether with a Teuchter. No, maybe that’s going a bit far This may help https://mudcat.org/scots/display_all.cfm
  17. Yes, understand, and thought that might be the case. I look forward to such sales
  18. Not only different spellings but different words need to be considered, courgette=zucchini, pavement=sidewalk etc etc
  19. So, which the best, and which might be best to avoid? I have no experience of distributor sales, despite being opted in.
  20. I use a mirrorless Panasonic LUMIX G7. I have three Panasonic lenses (but not the kit lens) (12-35, 35-100, 100-300). Lightweight, cheaper than a full frame. I know very little about cameras but these have served me well so far. If you don’t want to carry a load of heavy equipment around, take a look at mirrorless options.
  21. It was worth being snowed in for four days due to the Beast from the East. So far, I have found three news images I took in newspapers. This one in the Irish Sun, using a picture of a snow covered road in Scotland https://www.thesun.ie/news/2267869/irish-weather-tuesday-march-6-status-orange-snow-ice-warning-remains-in-place-but-warm-temperatures-set-to-quicken-snow-melt/
  22. A few Alamy photos (including one of mine) of empty supermarket shelves https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/supermarkets-lidl-asda-tesco-morrisons-12124836
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