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  1. The Scottish Sun is dragging out the old Beast from the East photos again. One of mine and I’m pretty sure that the other is by Chris Strickland but I can’t see it on Alamy


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  2. On 10/09/2019 at 00:24, gvallee said:

    A first for me regarding usage:


    Country: United Kingdom
    Usage: Corporate client. Wall Décor. Any size. Any placement. Single Design only.
    Start: 09 September 2019
    Duration: In perpetuity




    I got one of those earlier this week, too. Not sure what kind of wall decor you can get for low $$. It wasn’t an image I would have thought particularly great for such use (front of a shop wording).

  3. 15 hours ago, Niels Quist said:

    Country: Worldwide, Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial only, Industry sector: Media, design & publishing, Start: 09 September 2019, Duration: Unlimited.

    I found it online used as a guide book cover, etc. Late licensed or probably licensed due to my finding and reporting. Just over mid $$




    Copenhagen, Denmark, 25th May 2016. The Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines MS Braemar leaves the harbour of Copenhagen and is seen out by the Little Mermaid on a warm

    and sunny afternoon after a summer’s day in Copenhagen and is now heading for the medieval city Visby on the Swedish island Gotland in the Baltic Sea on a 15 days’

    round-trip cruising the waterways of Scandinavia. Credit: Niels Quist/Alamy Live News


    Surprised at this license. Is the embargo on publishing photos of the little mermaid not still around? Or is it OK because the main part of the photo is s cruise ship?


  4. It’s been a busy month so haven’t had time to give this much thought but here are my three:


    Beast from the East snow drift



    Fog during 2018 heatwave



    Burnt trees after a forest fire in Torres Del Paine National Park, Patagonia



  5. 1 hour ago, John Morrison said:


    Almost 15,000 images uploaded in two and a half years: that's good going (and a reminder to those who complain about poor sales that hard work pays off)...


    1 hour ago, losdemas said:


    Absolutely: well deserved, Sally.


    Meanwhile...I should get to 3,000 by about 2021!


    I'll try not to complain too much - but no promises! 😅

    Many thanks, both! Yes, it does feel like a full-time job....not what I set out to do, but having lots of fun in the process!

  6. 3 hours ago, AlanW said:

    The Times - online



    (part 2)



    W69T7Y   Sally Anderson  Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, 31 July 2019. Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Assembly’s Gala celebrates the opening of its 2019 programme which includes over 200 shows. The launch showcases some of the biggest and best productions. Pictured: Cruel Intentions: The 90s Musical



    W9MD2G   Rich Dyson  Edinburgh, UK. 14th Aug 2019. Komische Oper Berlin return to the International Festival for Tchaikovsky's best-loved opera, based on Alexander Pushkin's classic verse novel. Tchaikovsky's heart-breaking love story uses the author's poetry to create lyrical scenes that contrast the austerities of country life with the excesses and opulence of the Russian imperial court. Playful, radical and perceptive, Kosky is one of the most renowned directors working in opera today. Credit: Rich Dyson/Alamy Live News



    ECXK0J   Findlay  Street beggar sitting on the pavement in Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UK



    W6XFM7   Steven Scott Taylor   Edinburgh August 03 2019; Thousands of people crowd the Royal Mile during Edinburgh's Festival Season . credit steven scott taylor / alamy live news


    Thanks, Alan. Something for almost everyone there!

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  7. I had a Tweet used as an embedded Tweet by Huffington Post France. That’s legal. But then a French journalist (who ought to know better) cropped the photo from the Tweet and used it in a Tweet of her own. Not legal. I emailed her. She was very sniffy (I ought to be grateful for the promotion, etc) and simply deleted the Tweet. I do have a screenshot of it though. I sent her an invoice (very small amount) and not surprisingly it wasn’t paid. I completed the form for the European simple procedure but there isn’t an online way to submit this, unlike in the U.K., and you have to find an email address for the appropriate court eg in Paris and it’s almost impossible to know which one to send it to. I picked one in the district of her office and sent it off, but never got any kind of reply or acknowledgement. So unless this happens in the UK it seems very difficult to pursue.

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