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  1. There are some fabulous photos here already. I’m not a sports photographer but I enjoy having a go. My three: Canoe slalom at Grandtully Horse racing at Musselburgh The Royal Company of Archers
  2. A relatively poor month compared to the last six or so. And started badly with two refunds. 11 sales for $287 More worryingly, the average for news sales was not much higher than for stock at $33 versus $22. I did a rough calculation for 3 months last Summer (July/Aug/Sept) with the following figures for average prices: News Stock 105 35 120 44 78 33 Making a 3 month average of $101 for news and $33 for stock. Make of that what you will.
  3. That’s my point. I have had dozens of licenses for same use, same newspaper: $49-50. Now $14. A “variation”.
  4. It seems a bit of a coincidence that these lower prices have occurred just after the ‘culling’ of live news contributors, and I can’t help wondering if a whole new model of live news is upon us. When I queried the price I was told that there had not been a change of fee rates, just that live news rate can vary. Yes, they can, but similar uses over more than a year have never varied more than a few dollars, so a reduction of almost 75% doesn’t constitute a variation in my book.
  5. This is very worrying. If live news prices have fallen so much then it simply makes it not worth the effort. I got two invoices today for which I would normally expect to get around $50 at only $14. That’s a massive reduction and makes them about the same as stock images.
  6. That’s just not going to work. The average person, who has no aspirations to be a professional photographer will be more than happy to simply get a credit with their name in the paper.
  7. Spot the three Alamy contributors in an Outlander film location.
  8. If you upload your sold images to a copyright site like Copytrack (it’s free) or Pixsy, you should be able to spot online uses.
  9. In a nutshell. You’re not going to stop local/regional papers from getting all the photos they need for free. My local paper won’t pay for anything at all.
  10. Is Instagram worth it? I am generally averse to social media, abhor FB, but I did resurrect a dormant Twitter account and have been promoting my photography through that, which has been very useful, and which sends folk to my website. Would instagram add anything?
  11. Thanks for including one of mine in your shortlist. Great competition topic.
  12. No more bikinis and beaches, now it’s hair blowing in the Scottish Sun Cernan Elias RXDGWX https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4158919/uk-weather-forecast-brits-brace-for-thunderstorms-heavy-showers-and-even-hail-after-easter-heatwave/
  13. East Lothian Spring colour Beamish Great North Fair Steam Day Complete with Steampunks
  14. Scottish Sun https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4140047/scottish-weather-easter-holiday-sizzler-mercury-temperature-22c-gran-canaria/ Just past the two days live news period Eilean Donan Castle - expired Live news so cant find it Edit: Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland, UK. 14th Apr, 2019. Eileen Donan Castle bathed in light looking along Loch Alsh. Gorse bushes are lit up by the sun, framing the castle with summery colours Credit: Rich Dyson/Alamy Live News - Image ID: T45AA1 North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom, 15th April 2019. UK Weather: a very cold windy day in the seaside town, but with a promise of warmer weather to come later this week. The boats are returned to the harbour and the harbour side Lobster shack reopens. Credit: Sally Anderson/Alamy Live News Contributor: Sally Anderson (me!) Image ID: T4A2H2
  15. Can we have a way to filter images which do not have the full 10 supertags please?
  16. It is also of huge benefit if you send to more than one agency as you can have a basic template set up with what each requires, and then adapt to the specific shoot. For anything with lots of names or identifiers that you know beforehand, the code replacement facility - as Ian stated, is a very big time saver.
  17. The basic Zenfoilio plan is £5 per month for unlimited storage. You may not want a website as such but you can have a basic gallery/galleries. And you have the option of using more features in the future if you want.
  18. More in the Scottish Sun https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4129269/uk-weather-forecast-easter-warm-spell-may-last-weeks-after-24c-good-friday-scorcher/ St James's Park, London, UK 15 April 2019 - People and sunbather makes the most of the warm weather in St James's Park. The weather forecast is set to be warmer for the rest of the week and the Easter weekend. Credit: Dinendra Haria/Alamy Live News Contributor: Dinendra Haria T4A3EY North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom, 15th April 2019. UK Weather: a very cold windy day in the seaside town, but with a promise of warmer weather to come later this week. Despite the cold, a few families enjoy the Easter holiday and brave the wind on the beach at Milsey Bay with the Bass Rock in the distance. Credit: Sally Anderson/Alamy Live News Contributor: Sally Anderson T4A2E5
  19. My archive images are doing well. Thanks to my Dad. Editorial use, middish $$
  20. Andy Gibson T45E99 Scottish Sun https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4128657/uk-weather-forecast-rain-and-winds-to-batter-britain-with-temperatures-peaking-at-14c/
  21. I use Zenfoilo to set up my website galleries. It has everything I need and more. I can give you a referral discount code if you want which gets you 10% off.
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