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  1. 15 hours ago, IanDavidson said:

    I will be covering the General Election.  However, I find it difficult at both a local and national level.  Despite asking the local political parties to but me on their mailing lists etc. I tend to find that does not happen and I find out campaigning events by chance if at all.  I also have an expectation that the few “public” meetings will be ticket only and not announced until after the event in the interests of "security" (Despite having a Press card and access to Downing Street). National events tend to have press access only for the likes of PA, Reuters etc; understandable but frustrating.  As a photojournalist I want to give the widest possible coverage to election activities but, as a freelance it is next to impossible; which is a sad reflection of where we are in this democracy...…

    You need to get access to the press diary somehow......there may be other agencies who you can contribute to who get it.

  2. 6 hours ago, Allan Bell said:


    Do You use the LR plugin?


    Also how do you tell legal use images from illegal use images?  The reason I ask is that the search engine will surely return both if found.




    Before I sign up.


    I do use Alamy Lightroom plugin if that’s what you mean. As for legal versus illegal, it depends if I have licensed an image (easier for me since I only license via Alamy). If I have, I check with Alamy whether it is for that use, or they have a ‘relevant download’ or it is a repeated use, and if not let Copytrack chase it.


    i should say that there are a lot of the dud websites that exist simply to copy images or ‘wallpaper’ sites that are unchaseable because there is no way of contacting the owner. Nevertheless, still some uses to be found that are worth going after.


    (i should also add that it was Rich Dyson who pointed me in this direction.)

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  3. 11 hours ago, IanDavidson said:

    This is quite an important issue.  95% of my work is live news.  I am lucky if I identify 10% of the usage using all the methods described above.  Today I have contacted Contributor relations over one of my live news weather photos (and I do very few of these) taken in June used by two national newspapers, neither newspaper have reported the sale.  


    So, how many unreported sales do I have of which I know nothing.....

    I upload low res versions of all of my news images, sold images and zoomed images to Copytrack.  It has found uses that I would have never known about - some of which Alamy can chase (usually one particular newspaper) and others which Copytrack can chase (they take 30%).  I have had one pay out so far from them and a few more in the process.

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  4. Stumbled across a use of my own image in the New Yorker on October 17th (a first for me) of an author appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Interestingly they converted it into black and white. 


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  5. On 26/10/2019 at 09:50, David Pimborough said:

    I'd say they are possibly Lepiota's but as to which specific type I couldn't say.




    Here's a handy site to try and assist in identification




    and specifically Lepiota's


    A friend and fungi buff has also suggested that the first are Lepiota so that will do.


    He says the second image looks like The Clouded Agaric, Clitocybe nebularis.

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  6. On 25/10/2019 at 16:47, Allan Bell said:


    Similar to Earthstar fungus but I am fairly sure it is not that as it does not have the collar.


    The brown bit in the middle appears to be the spore sac. Witness what looks like a hole in one of them where the spores were released.


    Sorry can't be more definitive.





    10 hours ago, David Pimborough said:

    I'd say they are possibly Lepiota's but as to which specific type I couldn't say.




    Here's a handy site to try and assist in identification




    and specifically Lepiota's


    Thanks both,  not easy to identify these, but I will do some more research. 

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  7. 17 hours ago, Bryan said:

    Times online 26th

    Sally Anderson wildlife  Close up of Allium Sphaerocephalon round headed leek or round headed garlic, ball head onion at RHS show, Hampton Court, London, England, UK - Image ID: JGN5FY


    Cheers Brian. I would never have known about this otherwise as I can’t see it online without a subscription.  A rare plant use for me. I look forward to 50% of $4.78

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  8. Missed this if it was reported last week. 


    A crop of WC5B8G 

    Edinburgh International Book Festival 2019, Scotland Kathleen Jamie, Scottish poet, essayist & Professor of Creative Writing at University of Stirling
    Contributor: Sally Anderson News / Alamy Stock Photo



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  9. 9 hours ago, meanderingemu said:



    Based on rest of work of contributor, work seems to be submitted as Reportage more than News (since images from the 22nd are already into collection), so i wonder if this bypasses all reviews


    not sure if discussing someone else's work unrequested is allowed in Forum TOS, but the captioning appears in line with their work, ie, General captioning for a whole series of image, and nothing particular on each one. 

    Yes Reportage bypasses QC. 

    I came across this by searching for one word: 'fungi' on Alamy. 

  10. 5 hours ago, Avpics said:

    I'm guessing that was the aspect of Sally's question, rather than over the authenticity of the original photograph. Would it come under similar guidelines for artworks? Seems a little risky to me.

    Indeed it was. Taking a photo of someone else’s highly acclaimed photo in an exhibition (not to mention all the other images from the same exhibition) seems highly dubious to me and I would have thought would open the contributor up to an infringement action. I am surprised that this is acceptable to Alamy.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Marb said:

    No. I have exclusive shots of behind the scenes of the upcoming bbc War Of The Worlds tv series due to be aired very soon worldwide, some good ones nobody else has and yet non have sold here except 1 small personal sale  (which I have since stopped and made all editorial) So considering its a major story, first time ever on tv being aired worldwide, its a very very poor return here. 

    Doesn’t matter really if they are photos that no one else has. For something like this, what matters is whether the producers make photos available freely to editorial outlets, which is highly likely since they want to promote the programme. The papers are unlikely to pay for something that they can get free.

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  12. On 03/10/2019 at 10:29, CAROL SAUNDERS said:

    Made me giggle, so easy to get into a routine in the morning......get up have breakfast....check measures or  vice versa 😄



    It’s down again this morning. I, too, don’t like to get going before I have checked it, usually while drinking a homemade latte.

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