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  1. @Alamy Twitter feed on April 2 https://twitter.com/alamy?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  2. Of course you didn’t. I just happened upon the last quote, Sorry.
  3. Look, to clarify: the photographer who took the picture has a press card and can travel to take news photos. The person photographed lives locally and was out on his permitted walk. End of story.
  4. I noticed a 25% discount being given to customers during this period. I presume that means the gross sales and consequently our share will be lower than normal?
  5. Cheeky wipes. More environmentally friendly anyway.
  6. Nice to get an early sale in the month even if it is relative low editorial one. Those were the days when you could go out and mingle with others....
  7. A last minute $$$ live news use from February that I didn’t know about just turned up today giving me a healthy total for the month. A mass wash up of starfish.
  8. Nice to see a few more smallish sales trickling in today after the deluge yesterday.
  9. I had a pile of news and editorial sales yesterday all of which I was expecting so no surprises. Then a couple of sneaky ones appeared later on, one for good $$ and this one only $ but I’m actually pleased anyway since it must be one of the most photographed buildings, I only uploaded it a few weeks ago and it was pretty dull weather when we were there.
  10. Rare weekend sale but just for presentation use. And still only my second stock sale for this month.
  11. Just found one of my pics in The Telegraph in Pictures of the Day from yesterday. A first time in this publication for me. One from Chris Strickland too https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/03/20/pictures-day-20th-march-2020/sunny-spring-day-people-enjoying-seaside-maintaining-social/
  12. Searching for my name I found two uses in books and there are other Alamy contributors mentioned on the credit pages: Search 'How STEM built the Incan Empire' and 'Robert S Duncanson: landscape painter' on Google books
  13. Having to visit a local hospital with my husband for some investigative tests, I was turfed out for half an hour. So what better to do than try and find the Coronavirus testing unit. Not an easy task in a maze of buildings and corridors. But worth it in the end as these images help to illustrate what is going on. And got used in the Scottish Sun.
  14. I got one of those yesterday, too. A completely different subject though so I can image what the book is about! The first sale of the month, finally.
  15. Good. It means more up-to-date images should be used and not relying on old licenses.
  16. I understand your pain. I’d probably have done the same, for the principle if nothing else. I think that, in general, the more that creative artists pursue such claims, the better to counteract the “if it’s on the internet it’s free” myth.
  17. Great topic. My three offerings: Bass Rock Silhouettes in the Firth of Forth looking towards Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh during a heatwave View from an aeroplane window taking off from Santiago, Chile
  18. Decent zooms, $130ish due payment but zilch sales this month so far, which is very unusual.
  19. A low res image from my own catalogue.There is a copytrack plugin for Lightroom but I haven't managed to get it to work yet.
  20. I’ve been using Copytrack from a year or so. I upload all my sold images, news images and zoomed images. So far just one layout fof around £30, with others in the pipeline. The process for them to pursue a claim can take a long time. They won’t pursue anything on social media platforms eg Twitter. However their searches have turned up uses by UK newspapers that weren’t invoiced by Alamy so I have been able to alert Alamy to them. More importantly they have turned up some uses In the U.K. that I have been able to successfully pursue myself without any difficulty. Whether the time involved is worth it is debatable.
  21. Me too. Accommodation and train travel non-refundable. 😒 TBH I was expecting it.
  22. Another sort of whack over the weekend of the name of a hotel I stayed in. Only 3 images on Alamy and all mine and two zoomed. I'm still waiting for either of these to turn up in sales though....
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