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  1. Interesting. I know nothing at all about MS, but I have never been tempted to sell my photos for pennies, and don’t think I’ll be changing my mind about that.
  2. My dashboard tells me I’ve had 86 sales this year. This increases year on year, as does my portfolio admittedly,. but I think you’ll have to consider other reasons why you are not selling anything, as suggested by others.
  3. For all the time you’ve been concerned about poor sales you’ve had around 2,000 images. OK now it’s 2,200. The difference is insignificant in the scheme of things and cannot give you any definitive statistics.
  4. Alan that’s wonderful. My email contact is through my website and I can send you my address. Thanks so much. https://www.sallyanderson.co.uk/contact.html
  5. Wow. Must be a busy holiday. You’ll have to have a separate one to cover Scotland 😉
  6. An interesting challenge. My three: Scottish government building lit up red for Poppy Scotland Memorial to the Cove fishing disaster in 1881 in which 189 fishermen lost their lives Remembrance Day crocheted poppies
  7. Whoah!! Just seen this and it’s too late to go out an buy a copy. If anyone has one and could send me tearsheets, I’d be most grateful (the Alamy news team doesn’t get the Scottish edition). Thanks very much Alan. Sets a new milestone for me getting two in one day in a newspaper. 😊
  8. Try searching on this forum as there are lots of useful threads and advice. A very cursory look and I suggest removing any year dates eg 2017 unless the image is an archive one, as well as keywords relating to your camera. Also repeat All of the information in your caption in your keywords, eg for one of your bird pictures you haven’t got Australia in the keywords, and for Roadhouse you haven’t got that name in keywords. It’s as much about what NOT to put in as well as what you should put in, IMHO. As time has gone on I have used fewer and fewer keywords.
  9. Congratulations AV PIcs. That's what I voted for 😄.
  10. Found one of mine which was zoomed yesterday in The Independent. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/austerity-government-cuts-disability-children-funding-care-a8942151.html?utm_source=reddit.com
  11. Thanks for including one of mine! Such a great collection of images altogether.
  12. Also, they pay a lot less now. My best ever month since starting here just over two years ago with 25 sales gross over $1300. A number of $$$ sales both news and stock. Zooms are hugely increased too so hoping it will be repeated!
  13. A very nice $$$ USA editorial sale popped in this morning. It’s been a great month. This is in Patagonia.
  14. My best ever month so far, with over $1000 worth of sales. Mostly down to one day and live news print prices. It will be a while before I can repeat that, I think.
  15. I used to get around $50 for an online news use in The Sun. Now I’m getting $12-14. Presumably it depends on the volume of total sales, but while Alamy may get more sales overall, individual photographers will generally be getting less. Print prices, on the other hand, are healthy.
  16. I’m afraid the lower prices may well be live news rates. I think Alamy will be getting a few emails querying them!
  17. A few sales in today. Two I knew about already, but not this one. Editorial one time use. $24 Edit: 16 sales showed up today.
  18. No I don’t think it is. Better to go and do something else that actually pays what it should.
  19. Did you select Date of Invoice rather than Date Paid?
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