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  1. Indeed, that is the case. I was also advised by a colleague not to go at the weekend as it is so much more busy. Plus the Monday and Tuesday are geared more towards professionals with relevant masterclasses available. I signed up for one.
  2. OK, so there is 1 definite and two other possibles apart from me. Just to get this back on track......
  3. This will be the first time I am visiting the show. Free entry, so why not? I’ll be there on Monday 16th. Anyone else likely to be around for a meet up?
  4. Wonderful images. I might try to have a go at one of those.
  5. One has a registration number so you can try looking it up on DVLA. Edit: just tried it myself and it’s not there. Sorry.
  6. 2018: 123 sales for $5,488 (gross) 2019: 223 for $7,046 (gross) So nearly twice as many sales but less than 50% more revenue
  7. I can’t comment on the key kernel of this as I am relatively new to stock, but it seems to me that Alamy has been doing much better of late get invoices cleared.
  8. Totally agree. I don’t bother with the weather shots as much as I used to unless I happen to be somewhere for another reason.
  9. Ditto plus a couple of decent print sales. This one is getting to be one of my best sellers.
  10. If it was used within a 2 day period of you uploading it, it qualifies as Live News, but if it was used after this period it is a stock sale. If the former, you have to wait 4 months before reporting it to Alamy (assuming it hasn't been reported by The Mirror before then), and if the latter, then the wait is 3 months. Don't expect a big sale, though, whichever it is.
  11. No I can see the majority of it. One of mine, one of Iain Masterton’s, Steven Scott Taylor, Craig Brown and Gerard Ferry.
  12. A very good sale for one of my Dad’s archive taken in the 1960s. $$$ Presumably this license means that it only lasts for 3 months! Country: New York ; Usage: Indoor display ; Media: Shop/restaurant decoration ; Industry Sector: OTHER - Hospitality ; Print run: 1 ; Start: 21-December-2019 ; End: 21-March-2020
  13. A nice $89 editorial use, though it pretty much sounds like a RF licence for a RM image. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: iQ sale: Single company - multiple use editorial only ; Industry Sector: Education ; Start: 11-December-2019 ; Duration: Unlimited
  14. Or set up a keyword hierarchy in Lightroom. There is also a plugin for keywords and you get 30 free credits if you use Alamy Lightroom Bridge. Its here https://www.lightroom-keywords.com/ I haven't used it except once just to test it so cannot vouch for it. I have spent a long time creating and revising a hierarchy. It's worth knowing the basics of how this works before you start doing it, but it is a definite time saver in the long run.
  15. It’s on the Copytrack website https://www.copytrack.com/questions-and-answers/
  16. There is no charge for using Copytrack. I had this problem as I rarely sell images directly. There are two options to calculate the possible fee and if you do not sell directly and therefore cannot prove value of past direct sales, then simply choose the mfm rather than the manual fee calculation.
  17. Thank you indeed. It was actually on open grassy ground on the top of Lamb Island out in the Firth of Forth. It seemed an unlikely place for fungi.
  18. Nice to start the month with a sale, thing only PU. Somewhat marred by also having a refund (I think accidentally invoiced twice) and another refunded but invoiced again for a few cents less.
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