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  1. 25 for just under $900. A decent month. Zooms holding up well, too.
  2. No idea what these purple flowers are photographed this week at the edge of a crop field in Scotland. I expect it’s something common but my plant know,Eve is practically zero. Any help appreciated.
  3. The month isn’t over until it’s over. Two more good sales in today. This must be my best selling image in terms of number of sales. Good $$ sale.
  4. A bunch of sales in today, mostly editorial. This one was a surprise. Middling $$ editorial print + digital use unlimited (😏)
  5. Well, thank you. The wind was so strong that day that it was easy for the birds to hover. Another sale today for lowish $$. Newsletter or presentation use
  6. Continuing the good trend this week, three sales today. A rainbow in a window, some deer and this one. All magazine uses mid to low $$
  7. Two sales yesterday, two more today... both $$ editorial uses. Here is hoping this pattern continues for the rest of the week.
  8. Nice start to this week with 2 lowish $$ sales. Here is one. Hopefully the run I had last week will continue.......
  9. It only seems to show up for my images that are RF, not RM (which is the vast majority).
  10. This $$ sale completes a 5 day in a row run of sales, though I don’t seem to get much of it so I guess it must be distribution; for a French newspaper. Sunset over the Pacific on Easter Island.
  11. Another wildlife sale today, but only $ this time. Published in Culture Trip
  12. Interesting photo. I had to look it up to see what they were.
  13. Good topic, though I’ve nearly 800 images with the tag ‘sign’ to choose from! An unusual signpost. Torres Del Paine National Park, Patagonia And, on the other side of the world, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
  14. A lovely $$$ US magazine sale just arrived. One of the first photos I took after taking up photography with a ‘proper’ camera.
  15. Thanks Bryan! Thats 2BJ48W6 Camptoun, East Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom. 28th Apr, 2020. A community in lockdown: residents in a small rural community are using WhatsApp to share knowledge (eg about local deliveries) and resources by lending each other things they need. Residents show what life in lockdown is like for them. Pictured (L to R): Imogen, Eva and Louisa. Imogen and Louisa are twins aged 11 years in P7. They may miss the normal transition to high school. Eva is in S2 and 13 years old. They are home schooling
  16. Which is why I always try to edit the captions of Live News images to be only relevant to what a particular image shows.
  17. Yes, my CTR is stubbornly low despite a lot of work culling tags to make them as specific as possible. But I have noticed my images appearing relatively high up on search terms. I think the kernel must be in Alamys’ comment that CTR is only a part of the overall ranking. And my CTR has since dropped below 0.60 anyway. I’ve long since given up worrying about it.
  18. My CTR has risen above 0.6 for the first time ever. 😁
  19. First sale of the month. Mind you, this is one I’ve been chasing for some time. $$
  20. Best ever month for number of sales and third best month ever for revenue, so I am happy. Zooms generally increasing all the time too.
  21. Think that’s Edinburgh cityscape from Calton Hill, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland Contributor: robertharding / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: CXE6Y1
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