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  1. Oops.https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/national-museum-of-scotland-unveils-80m-makeover-0rf5c5sdg Edit: Oops. The image changed overnight but at least I have a screenshot of the Tweet.
  2. And they keep on coming. Another one of mine, one from Pawel Pietraszewski, one from Skully and one from Ann McKelvie.
  3. Congratulations on your win. Great topic for this month. My three: Guillemot Love A bronze plaque A mass of love locks (on the Forth Road Bridge - the old one)
  4. Alamy put all but one used in January into the log for this month, including some November uses.
  5. This has appeared in several Scottish Sun stories eg https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/3842611/scotland-weather-forecast-rain-cloud-wind-cikd/ Andrew O’Brien N010C9 Around the time this was taken, or not long after, I was taking photos like the one below 15 miles away, with fog bank only out in the Firth of Forth
  6. Rather than copy and paste, would it not be easier to type them once, save the stationary pad as a .xmp file, and then just apply it to whichever images you want in one go. i have to say that using keywords in Lightroom is far easier once you get the hang of it. You can add a hierarchy of words and synonyms in one click. With the Alamy Lightroom plugin (I know I keep banging on about it but I really couldn’t imagine my workflow without it), you can fetch and set keywords/tags/supertags between the Lightroom database and Alamy, so OP may wish to consider using/buying LR.
  7. Right click and do a Google search. If they are online that should throw them up. Or keep your eye on the 'Alamy Images found ' thread. Your second link is the same as the first BTW.
  8. All true. Just for clarity, if you use the plugin to upload to Alamy, it automatically creates submission collections.
  9. Of course, you can also do all this using the Alamy Lightroom plugin. It creates smart collections such as all images missing tags, supertags, and other optional information. Individual image Alamy references and submission numbers are also shown.
  10. Aha, that's useful to know, thanks. I'm fairly recent to Twitter.
  11. I wondered about this but the link still works even when the images move into stock - or at least using the Google shortener, it does, so no need for a Lightbox. I know it will be phased out soon and I will have to find another way to do it.
  12. No way - hard enough for gulls to slip around on but doubt it would hold a human You never know - curling may be possible again the way things are going
  13. No snow in Edinburgh but - very unusually - the Water of Leith and the whole of Albert Dock basin is frozen over this morning.
  14. It’s finally showing up for me in AIM. I found 4 images not ticked that should have been. Worth checking, certainly.
  15. Just found one of my images in The Mirror which was published on Nov 1st. Part of a Live News set from the Beast from the East in March. The Mirror used another image at the time. As anticipated they are being resurrected for stories about No Deal Brexit. Typically, not yet reported. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/councils-warned-no-deal-brexit-13513238
  16. Just The Times so far, it appears. Still waiting on a pile from The Sun.
  17. Funny cos I got a reply very quickly yesterday. Apart from the most recent one in January, they’ve all now been added to their log. Worth knowing that a typical news sale also covers social media use,; luckily that only applies to one of the ones I reported.
  18. No, ‘cos you can’t uload to Alamy. Only to Stockimo, and this forum is only for the former.
  19. Do you mean that you put all of "boat ship wreck shoreline fort William Scotland uk" in one supertag? I think that Alamy's advice is to stick to one idea per tag eg "ship wreck" "fort william" etc. Others may know more but that's how I do it.
  20. This usually works for me. I just copy the url of the live news image page and then use Google shortener, but you need a Google account to do so.
  21. Yes, it took me three goes to find them all. A number of them had 2-4 images. It looks like the paper adopted a new approach of using Alamy/Alamy Live News/PA from around Spring/early Summer, and it would seem that none have been reported - I have images used from August onwards, none of which are reported.
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