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  1. On 14/11/2019 at 09:18, Karl said:


    I recently uploaded some images of Brighton Pavilion, and when I did a search, I found them on page 22. How do increase my chances of getting them onto page one, where I assume they have a better chance of being spotted and purchased?




    Agree with all of the above. Take M602BA for example. Where is it? You have tons of keywords for it but I suggest that most are irrelevant to the image. When your images turn up in searches for particular keywords but are not zoomed, your CTR will drop and will affect your overall rank, resulting in your images being further and further down. 

    Words like coherent,  business-like, ship, lug, methodical, ferry do not fit this image.


    it looks like you are using a dictionary or similar to add keywords eg synonyms for ‘speed’ like swiftness. Check AoA to see if the less common words for a simple term are being used by clients to search. In my experience someone is much more likely to search for ‘speed’ than ‘swiftness’. Think about what words you would use if you were searching for a particular type of image.  

    I have considerably reduced the keywords I use as time has gone on, with better results I think.

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  2. The Time News in Pictures November 9th



    Chris Strickland 

    Gretna Green, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, UK. 8th November 2019. Starlings murmurate prior to roosting on the verges of a minor B road and the M6 motorway at Gretna Green near the Anglo Scottish Border. Credit: Chris Strickland / Alamy Live News 2A8EMY4




    Sally Anderson 

    Princes Street Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, 8th November 2019. Edinburgh Remembrance Garden in the run up to Remembrance commemorations. The annual garden next to the Scott monument includes the Field of remembrance where members of the public and organisations can plant a poppy cross & the Garden of Remembrance for the official poppy wreaths. Credit: Sally Anderson/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2A8E2RF



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  3. 1 hour ago, sb photos said:

    Further to my previous comment by searching by my credit I found my image used and credited here:




    My image appears to be used and credited in a Times Instagram post used elsewhere, and the article displaying it was dated 26/7/19. Am I correct in assuming the Times used the image in their Instagram account and they should report their usage by 26/11/19? The last image used by the times was reported relatively quickly.

    Yes, Live News images can be chased with Alamy after 4 months is up.  Usually The times is good at reporting uses the following month.

  4. It's always worth keeping an eye on the Scottish Sun (and presumably other versions of The Sun) for repeated use of Live News images, though I have to say I only found this by using Copytrack. A use several months after Live News upload.






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  5. 1 hour ago, LawrensonPhoto said:

    Found one of mine, yours sally and Carolyn Jenkins here:


    Are these legit and what do i do about it?

    Not sure this is legit. I think its a lifted use of this in the Cairns Post


    Im not sure if this is also a lifted use


    I will be contacting Alamy when the 4 months is up, which it will be soon.

  6. On 31/10/2019 at 11:15, wiskerke said:


    That could work either way 😉

    Many images from Alamy's own other sites or from distributors' sites, but few published images could easily lead to the needle in a haystack feeling. Hence the filtering.

    Contributors with live news pictures will even benefit more of filtering out those own sites.


    For my own images I found that also distributor dijitalimaj.com turns up quite a lot in a search.

    This could well be because my name is still in some of my legacy keywords.

    So (for me) the ideal string for the moment is:

    "your pseudonym" alamy -site:alamy.com -site:alamy.es -site:alamy.de -site:alamyimages.fr -site:alamy.it  -site:dijitalimaj.com

    (Paste all of this in the Google Images search box of course.)




    Brilliant. Just found a photo I took in Liverpool in a credited book use published on May 31st this year. Also one there by Ken Biggs of Albert Dock.





  7. 15 hours ago, IanDavidson said:

    I will be covering the General Election.  However, I find it difficult at both a local and national level.  Despite asking the local political parties to but me on their mailing lists etc. I tend to find that does not happen and I find out campaigning events by chance if at all.  I also have an expectation that the few “public” meetings will be ticket only and not announced until after the event in the interests of "security" (Despite having a Press card and access to Downing Street). National events tend to have press access only for the likes of PA, Reuters etc; understandable but frustrating.  As a photojournalist I want to give the widest possible coverage to election activities but, as a freelance it is next to impossible; which is a sad reflection of where we are in this democracy...…

    You need to get access to the press diary somehow......there may be other agencies who you can contribute to who get it.

  8. 6 hours ago, Allan Bell said:


    Do You use the LR plugin?


    Also how do you tell legal use images from illegal use images?  The reason I ask is that the search engine will surely return both if found.




    Before I sign up.


    I do use Alamy Lightroom plugin if that’s what you mean. As for legal versus illegal, it depends if I have licensed an image (easier for me since I only license via Alamy). If I have, I check with Alamy whether it is for that use, or they have a ‘relevant download’ or it is a repeated use, and if not let Copytrack chase it.


    i should say that there are a lot of the dud websites that exist simply to copy images or ‘wallpaper’ sites that are unchaseable because there is no way of contacting the owner. Nevertheless, still some uses to be found that are worth going after.


    (i should also add that it was Rich Dyson who pointed me in this direction.)

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  9. 11 hours ago, IanDavidson said:

    This is quite an important issue.  95% of my work is live news.  I am lucky if I identify 10% of the usage using all the methods described above.  Today I have contacted Contributor relations over one of my live news weather photos (and I do very few of these) taken in June used by two national newspapers, neither newspaper have reported the sale.  


    So, how many unreported sales do I have of which I know nothing.....

    I upload low res versions of all of my news images, sold images and zoomed images to Copytrack.  It has found uses that I would have never known about - some of which Alamy can chase (usually one particular newspaper) and others which Copytrack can chase (they take 30%).  I have had one pay out so far from them and a few more in the process.

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  10. Stumbled across a use of my own image in the New Yorker on October 17th (a first for me) of an author appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Interestingly they converted it into black and white. 


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