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  1. Lots of tiddler editorial sales in the last few days. The Edinburgh Book Festival has resulted in six more sales this month including one of Salman Rushdie.
  2. I can confirm (being in Irkutsk at the moment) that you cannot access Alamy, Alamy Live News, or the Alamy forum in Russia, as they are all blocked. However, there is a workaround if you use a VPN, hence how I am able to make this post.
  3. I got one of those earlier this week, too. Not sure what kind of wall decor you can get for low $$. It wasn’t an image I would have thought particularly great for such use (front of a shop wording).
  4. Surprised at this license. Is the embargo on publishing photos of the little mermaid not still around? Or is it OK because the main part of the photo is s cruise ship? https://petapixel.com/2014/08/20/try-publish-picture-statue-denmark-youd-better-ready-pay/
  5. Nice editorial sale of an image of George Alagiah taken only a couple of weeks ago at the Book Festival in Edinburgh. Haven’t seen it used anywhere....yet. $28 and a few cents.
  6. 12 for $370. Ok. A couple of decent stock prices, but many tiddlers. Helped by one $$$ live news image.
  7. It’s been a busy month so haven’t had time to give this much thought but here are my three: Beast from the East snow drift Fog during 2018 heatwave Burnt trees after a forest fire in Torres Del Paine National Park, Patagonia
  8. There’s a lot going on in and around Edinburgh for news. I also do a lot of traveling. Thanks for the comment.
  9. Many thanks, both! Yes, it does feel like a full-time job....not what I set out to do, but having lots of fun in the process!
  10. A milestone for me today with my total (gross) sales topping $10,000 since I started in March 2017 with 262 images sold. Just under half of that is for this year only (122 images). Not counting today's editorial sales which have just popped in.
  11. I thought I had mostly deleted abstract background type images from very early uploads, before I really knew what was likely to sell, but just sold this one. Only $5 of course.
  12. I had a Tweet used as an embedded Tweet by Huffington Post France. That’s legal. But then a French journalist (who ought to know better) cropped the photo from the Tweet and used it in a Tweet of her own. Not legal. I emailed her. She was very sniffy (I ought to be grateful for the promotion, etc) and simply deleted the Tweet. I do have a screenshot of it though. I sent her an invoice (very small amount) and not surprisingly it wasn’t paid. I completed the form for the European simple procedure but there isn’t an online way to submit this, unlike in the U.K., and you have to find an email address for the appropriate court eg in Paris and it’s almost impossible to know which one to send it to. I picked one in the district of her office and sent it off, but never got any kind of reply or acknowledgement. So unless this happens in the UK it seems very difficult to pursue.
  13. Thank you for including one of mine, too. And I didn’t vote for my own.
  14. I decided to branch out and sign up with another news agency that gives me 70%. That seems like what photographers ought to get paid. Maybe they don’t have the reach of Alamy Live News but I’ve had some sales.
  15. We flew in a three seater plane to Canaima from Southern Venezuela with a pilot who wore an eyepatch over one eye. I didn’t think it boded well, but we did arrive safely.
  16. Aha, thanks. Looks pretty much the same article so presumably only one use.
  17. A couple of Live News photos here by Keith Morris and Simon Dack. The heatwave is even news in Australia. https://www.cairnspost.com.au/lifestyle/health/british-womans-crazy-way-to-beat-the-heat-is-peak-insanity/news-story/bf4ddaf1a7a84e96ffa2137828279319 and some more by me, Carolyn Jenkins and Paul Lawrenson here https://www.cairnspost.com.au/technology/uk-tipped-for-more-hotter-days-as-global-emissions-rise/news-story/c545e0a7c7ec6433b4854654aebfb73d
  18. Nice mid $$ magazine sale. License doesn’t start until September 1st. Not see a date in the future before.
  19. Looks like a rhubarb crumble. PS don’t forget they’re called puddings 😉
  20. The Times Scotland (print) July 19th Sally Anderson W3Y88K Longniddry Bents, East Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom, 18th July 2019. UK Weather: the very blustery sunny day is ideal for kite surfers who are out in force as the tide comes in in the Firth of Forth. Credit: Sally Anderson/Alamy Live News
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