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  1. 12 hours ago, Sally said:

    I don’t know how much of an impact this ha

    I don’t know how much of an impact this has but it appears that Live News images go into a black hole for a period until the system updates. I have images uploaded to Live News on Thursday January 6th which ought to be in stock today but are invisible such as 2HDEPW6


    It's worse than I thought. Live News images uploaded on Wednesday last week are still not searchable.

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  2. I don’t know how much of an impact this ha

    34 minutes ago, Ognyan Yosifov said:

    I can confirm that my live news images from today are live under the "New" tab, but my sales from Friday don't appear on the dashboard.

    I don’t know how much of an impact this has but it appears that Live News images go into a black hole for a period until the system updates. I have images uploaded to Live News on Thursday January 6th which ought to be in stock today but are invisible such as 2HDEPW6


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  3. 5 hours ago, meanderingemu said:

    is today still a holiday?

    It is in Scotland. We get two days at New Year. It's not that long ago Christmas wasn't even a holiday here as Hogmanay was the big holiday. Then people were allowed a half day on Christmas day itself. Now Christmas is just as big a holiday as Hogmanay, perhaps more so. But I realise that the question was related to the English holidays and Alamy's office opening hours. I've had some emails from them today.

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  4. 10 hours ago, SvetlanaSF said:

    What I was hoping for was that these services provided some sort of a license checking mechanism. As a contributor, I don't get the details of where a specific photo sold by, say, Shutterstock or Adobe Stock is approved to be used. While I do track my sales and know how many times each image has been sold and for how much, I don't have a way of cross referencing that with the destination those sales went to.

    The best I've been able to do is mark the matches on the legitimate stock agencies I'm contributing to directly as Approved. But that's about all I'm finding I'm able to do...

    If you submit a case to Copytrack , for example, and it turns out that the user has a legitimate license, neither the user or Copytrack will be happy. So the only way is for you to do the legwork and be confident about uses which are infringements. As others have said, if you spend some time on this, you get better at working it out, but it is very time consuming even when using one main agency and having only RM licenses. I fail to see how you could do it if your licenses are RF except those few cases perhaps where the credit has been given - as others have said articles and photos from newspapers uses get copied - but the vast majority are on obscure scraper websites with no contact details or in Asia and other countries which will not be chased. 

    Alamy has been very helpful confirming or not whether a particular use relates to a particular license and I thank them for the time that they have spent on this from my frequent queries. i think the moral of the story is for anyone starting out in stock to give this some thought right from the beginning. 

    Like Panthera, I find a tracking site very useful for picking up unreported uses which I alert Alamy to. Certain newspapers often use an image multiple times once it’s in their ‘library’ and don’t necessarily report every use. Other publications seem to ‘forget’ to report what they have downloaded. You can also set up an alert on Google to pick up on your name. And I do my own Google search from time to time using my name. Lots of ways to find your images online. You can get PressReader for free through libraries so I check a range of newspapers daily and quite often pick up on print uses that way.

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  5. 1 hour ago, SvetlanaSF said:

    Gotcha, that makes sense, thank you. I don't have any RM images myself, so I'm finding it to be much trickier


    If you don’t have a good record of sales and legitimate uses, I think this would be incredibly time consuming and probably not worth it. As I have all my eggs mostly in one basket ie Alamy and almost all images are RM it’s relatively easy to keep track of things. I have a system within Lightroom to record which photos I have sent to a couple of other agencies. I imagine that, unless you start out with some kind of system to track which photos you have sent where, it would be nigh on impossible to use Pixsy or Copytrack. I do use the latter and have had a number of decent payouts from them.

  6. The beauty of using Alamy Lightroom Bridge is that you can spend endless time working out what sells from your portfolio. I’ve found that one particular annual event is my most profitable, with one photo within that clocking up 153 sales and over $1300, but even without it it is still the best thing for me to go to as much as I can. And one of the farms in East Lothian that I frequent is also a good earner. Edinburgh festivals get a lot of sales, but generally for pretty low amounts and a lot of time attending photocalls etc. Helps to know what to focus on.

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  7. A decent year, with December bringing in the highest monthly total revenue since I started with Alamy in 2017.


    I added over 6,000 images in 2021. I've seen a 43% increase in total sale numbers with a corresponding 38% increase in total revenue. The increase in net revenue is however only 26% and because I was getting 50% for just over half the year whereas now the contributor's percentage is 40%, I expect to see that drop next year. Nevertheless, the sales bring in a decent income (largely due to live news uses), though I do spend a huge amount of time on it. 


    Edited to add: not much change in average sale price. 2020: $28.86  2021: $27.96

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  8. 28 minutes ago, Avpics said:

    I have three, with the report stating 'Affiliate charge for [invoice number] Image ref [image number]'. It seems quite common for affiliate sales to be billed incorrectly.

    Ah yes, I didn’t think to look at the full report. Mine is an “affiliate charge” for an image sold in November.

  9. 6 hours ago, MDM said:


    Have you any particular preference? There are probably as many different Irish accents as there are British accents. A Kerry accent is as different from a Belfast accent as a Devon accent is from Glaswegian. 

    The Glaswegian accent is noticeably different from the Edinburgh accent even though the two cities are only 40 miles apart. You have to live here a while to pick it up. The Aberdeenshire accent is different again, and as for the Western Isles…..totally different. We are only  a short distance away from Berwick-upon-Tweed, but as soon as you cross the border into Northumberland, the accent changes. It astounds me.

  10. 12 hours ago, GrandSlam said:

    Can anybody tell me what the criteria is in what order pictures appear when searching for a particular topic? I happened to look for a certain image whennoticing that my photos  were right at the end, the end was page13 :-(((   , despite a lot of them having  been taken at a more recent date than most of the images on the previous 12 pages.


    The algorithm is a closely guarded secret. We can only suppose that a number of factors contribute. Even with a relatively low CTR I usually have images fairly high up. There is, I think, also a mechanism which stops clusters of an individual photographer’s images appearing together. All you can do is make sure that you caption and keyword as accurately as possible (and of course produce high quality images).

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