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  1. 1 minute ago, AlexG said:

    Did you come across one of your images having been stolen and then try to declare its value in your claim? I think using Alamy pricing is not necessarily it's value as the same image could sell much cheaper or much higher elsewhere, depending on the licensing method.


    But it seems like if they won't pursue what you are paying them for, then it doesn't make sense to continue paying for no service.

    There is no charge for using Copytrack.


    I had this problem as I rarely sell images directly. There are two options to calculate the possible fee and if you do not sell directly and therefore cannot prove value of past direct sales, then simply choose the mfm rather than the manual fee calculation. 




  2. On 30/11/2019 at 22:19, DJ Myford said:

    Wood Blewit (Lepista nuda) would be my guess also, especially if they were in woodland. Lepista sordida is similar but smaller, forms clusters, and is usually in more open areas such as roadsides. Cortinarius camphoratus is a possibility, but the cap and cap/stem proportions don't look right. It also has an unpleasant smell, while the Lepista smell sweet. I'd rule out the Russulas as they usually have white stems: the closest would be Russula sardonia, but again it doesn't look right and isn't really dark enough. That's all I can come up with.

    Thank you indeed.  It was actually on open grassy ground on the top of Lamb Island out in the Firth of Forth. It seemed an unlikely place for fungi.

  3. I don’t think this added benefit to contributors has been well managed. No announcement or indication of the criteria for Alamy. Surely something as momentous as this deserves an announcement? 

    The rest of us still with 3 stars and a good track record will just have to be patient.

    It’s a staggered roll out, we want to make sure the system works before releasing to everyone eligible. If you’ve got a good QC record just continue to do what you’re doing and your rating will be increased shortly.”

  4. 3 hours ago, Harry Harrison said:


    There's absolutely no reason why I would get this and you not if I'm right in assuming that you are still on 3 stars, it must surely be just a matter of the system getting round to it. Like you I had a few fails early on until I learnt to look at my skies a bit more closely (!) but I've only been here for 18 months or so.

    I asked Alamy. Here is the reply. Note the use of the word “may”. I have had 1,307 submissions since end of February 2017, though admittedly some of those are news, especially in the last year. Just did a quick count since January 2019 and I made 170 photo submissions versus 207 news submissions. Maybe that’s my problem.  

    “QC time is based on your QC history, the more frequently you pass QC the less time you have to wait. If you keep passing QC then your QC rank may increase to 5 stars.“

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  5. 13 hours ago, DJ Myford said:

    One is a distributor sale, the other is an affiliate sale: two different schemes.


    A distributor is a subcontractor, selling on behalf of Alamy and taking a cut for making the sale. As I understand the affiliate scheme, an affiliate promotes Alamy: if a customer clicks through to Alamy from an affiliate site and then buys an image, the affiliate gets a (smaller) cut for sending the customer to Alamy.

    Aha. Yes, thanks for that.

  6. I have another question about affiliate commissions. I’ve had two this month but with widely varying percentages. Does it depend on the country? (One was to US and the other EU)


    12 November 2019 alamy Commission   43.50%        
    12 November 2019 Affiliate Commission   13%        
    13 November 2019 Alamy Distribution Commission   30%         
    13 November 2019 Distributor Commission   40% Distributor Commission

  7. 14 hours ago, Marb said:

    Yes but a lot of my shots are not covered by the press, publicity etc. Some of mine are a bit more niche. sfx Shots of the dead bodies for instance, and other stuff.


    16 hours ago, Marb said:

    I have a lot of exclusive behind the scenes shots of the making of War of the worlds taken when filming in April 2018. A lot nobody else has coveted. The series is at long last being aired currently. And I haven't sold anything. Its unbelievable considering the high profile the series is getting worldwide, fan interest, sci fi, movie mags etc etc. Just goes to show if you put all your eggs in the Alamy basket it doesn't pay off. Now I will have to resort to conceding in making them available for personal use, or sell them on microstock sites. Very sad. 

    I did reply on October 13th saying as below. I guess you missed it. This isn’t anything to do with the efficacy of Alamy.


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  8. On 14/11/2019 at 09:18, Karl said:


    I recently uploaded some images of Brighton Pavilion, and when I did a search, I found them on page 22. How do increase my chances of getting them onto page one, where I assume they have a better chance of being spotted and purchased?




    Agree with all of the above. Take M602BA for example. Where is it? You have tons of keywords for it but I suggest that most are irrelevant to the image. When your images turn up in searches for particular keywords but are not zoomed, your CTR will drop and will affect your overall rank, resulting in your images being further and further down. 

    Words like coherent,  business-like, ship, lug, methodical, ferry do not fit this image.


    it looks like you are using a dictionary or similar to add keywords eg synonyms for ‘speed’ like swiftness. Check AoA to see if the less common words for a simple term are being used by clients to search. In my experience someone is much more likely to search for ‘speed’ than ‘swiftness’. Think about what words you would use if you were searching for a particular type of image.  

    I have considerably reduced the keywords I use as time has gone on, with better results I think.

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  9. 9 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

    ,US,USA,U.S.,U.S.A.,United States,North America

    Disclaimer: it all depends on how tired I am. Sometimes the tags flow and other times there’s a cork in the bottle. 😁


    Correct me if I’m wrong but since the search engine ignores punctuation I think US/U.S. and USA/U.S.A. would be the same so not worth distinguishing.

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  10. Congratulations on your win with a great photo (which I voted for).

    An interesting challenge this month. Here are my three:

    An empty road 


    An empty beach



    Empty train carriage (the only time I’ve ever experienced it)


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