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  1. A nice $89 editorial use, though it pretty much sounds like a RF licence for a RM image. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: iQ sale: Single company - multiple use editorial only ; Industry Sector: Education ; Start: 11-December-2019 ; Duration: Unlimited
  2. Or set up a keyword hierarchy in Lightroom. There is also a plugin for keywords and you get 30 free credits if you use Alamy Lightroom Bridge. Its here https://www.lightroom-keywords.com/ I haven't used it except once just to test it so cannot vouch for it. I have spent a long time creating and revising a hierarchy. It's worth knowing the basics of how this works before you start doing it, but it is a definite time saver in the long run.
  3. It’s on the Copytrack website https://www.copytrack.com/questions-and-answers/
  4. There is no charge for using Copytrack. I had this problem as I rarely sell images directly. There are two options to calculate the possible fee and if you do not sell directly and therefore cannot prove value of past direct sales, then simply choose the mfm rather than the manual fee calculation.
  5. Thank you indeed. It was actually on open grassy ground on the top of Lamb Island out in the Firth of Forth. It seemed an unlikely place for fungi.
  6. Nice to start the month with a sale, thing only PU. Somewhat marred by also having a refund (I think accidentally invoiced twice) and another refunded but invoiced again for a few cents less.
  7. Pleased to report I am now on 5 stars too. All images uploaded over the weekend still in QC though.
  8. 28 for $895, but reduce by one and $50 as stats report refunds which is a bit annoying,
  9. From some of the stunning food images on Alamy, I think food photography involves a particular set of skills, which I have not mastered. My husband is a fantastic cook and I cannot resist photographing him cooking or the food he produces, but I don’t think I have sold any food pictures yet. A few examples
  10. Except if you use ftp to upload, of course. You can continue to edit greyed out ‘pending deletion’ images if you use Alamy Lightroom Bridge, which is very useful.
  11. I don’t think this added benefit to contributors has been well managed. No announcement or indication of the criteria for Alamy. Surely something as momentous as this deserves an announcement? The rest of us still with 3 stars and a good track record will just have to be patient. ”It’s a staggered roll out, we want to make sure the system works before releasing to everyone eligible. If you’ve got a good QC record just continue to do what you’re doing and your rating will be increased shortly.”
  12. More help with fungi. I think these may be wood blewit. Can anyone confirmed suggest alternative please? Thanks
  13. I asked Alamy. Here is the reply. Note the use of the word “may”. I have had 1,307 submissions since end of February 2017, though admittedly some of those are news, especially in the last year. Just did a quick count since January 2019 and I made 170 photo submissions versus 207 news submissions. Maybe that’s my problem. “QC time is based on your QC history, the more frequently you pass QC the less time you have to wait. If you keep passing QC then your QC rank may increase to 5 stars.“
  14. It would be nice if Alamy told us about this and why it is happening. I upload almost daily and always pass. I did have a fail a few months after I started nearly three years ago while I was still getting used to things. Maybe that’s against me.
  15. A lowish $$ “advertorial”:(is there such a word?) popped in.
  16. I have another question about affiliate commissions. I’ve had two this month but with widely varying percentages. Does it depend on the country? (One was to US and the other EU) 12 November 2019 alamy Commission 43.50% 12 November 2019 Affiliate Commission 13% 13 November 2019 Alamy Distribution Commission 30% 13 November 2019 Distributor Commission 40% Distributor Commission
  17. It’s been a great month so far. Another one today for $$ Joseph Coelho was a great subject to photograph.
  18. I did reply on October 13th saying as below. I guess you missed it. This isn’t anything to do with the efficacy of Alamy.
  19. I got my first this week. Since the total sale was $$$ i was quite happy with the amount I got.
  20. Agree with all of the above. Take M602BA for example. Where is it? You have tons of keywords for it but I suggest that most are irrelevant to the image. When your images turn up in searches for particular keywords but are not zoomed, your CTR will drop and will affect your overall rank, resulting in your images being further and further down. Words like coherent, business-like, ship, lug, methodical, ferry do not fit this image. it looks like you are using a dictionary or similar to add keywords eg synonyms for ‘speed’ like swiftness. Check AoA to see if the less common words for a simple term are being used by clients to search. In my experience someone is much more likely to search for ‘speed’ than ‘swiftness’. Think about what words you would use if you were searching for a particular type of image. I have considerably reduced the keywords I use as time has gone on, with better results I think.
  21. $$ Presentation Use. First sale from my trip to Egypt.
  22. Small $ editorial use in Finland for this one. Also had a decent $$ calendar sale reported.
  23. Just got a lovely $$$ US affiliate marketing sale for this one. Thanks Alamy
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