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  1. A nice $$$ license for this one. USA editorial use. A Laos cookery class. .
  2. I think the caption plays a heavy role in the searches so if they are good and accurate then all is not lost. However, I have had to go back over a lot of live news images and take stuff out which is throwing up irrelevant searches. So worth editing the captions at least as they go into stock as the captions one writes for live news are not necessarily the same as are good for stock images..
  3. You can use Alamy Lightroom Bridge though to import your keywords into LR and take it from there.
  4. A first for me in National Geographic - spotted though not reported yet. Someone please tell me why they chose this image though when I had others without the cutoff background. I'm not even sure why I uploaded it except it was a nice low angle. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/2020/09/libraries-respond-to-coronavirus-with-book-bikes-and-virtual-festivals/ Edit: I guess this ought to have been in 'Have you found any..." rather than sales since it is not yet reported.
  5. Thanks Bryan. That is 2CNED8W which was Live News until yesterday but is now in stock, however it seems to be taking longer for images to show up in stock than it normally does.
  6. Very sorry indeed to hear the news, Colin. My 3: A boat that has seen better days A broken tricycle in Mongolia The Tsar’s Bell, in the Kremlin, made so big it could never be used as it cracked. A lot of patience required to wait for all of the tourists taking selfies in front of it to remove themselves
  7. Yes, I believe it is. I had two appear in the August Culture selection, so will see if it makes a difference to sales. I suspect not for me individually but may drive customers to Alamy.
  8. BBC Website several Alamy images, including one of mine. Tried to find the other two - sourdough bread and National Trust view but too many to search. Mine was zoomed yesterday. https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20200819-why-we-look-to-nature-in-uncertain-times
  9. Homegrown flowerpot and a blue tit fledging in my garden. It didn’t survive. Homemade dish of crabmeat on pastry with tomato salsa Homemade muffins
  10. What a shame for you. So many things cancelled, and the festivals in Edinburgh are unlikely to return to what they were like before.
  11. A relatively slow month so nice to get a $$$ sale today for.a French book. Mark Haddon, author. Yet another one from the Edinburgh Book Festival. Which I should have been at right now getting more saleable images.......
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