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  1. Click on the Account Balance tab and you’ll see which sales have cleared and which haven’t. The only crucial figure in your image is the Current Cleared Balance $24 which is not yet above $50. Hopefully now your question has been answered several times you’ll be able to work out what’s going on. And it isn’t anything to do with stealing.
  2. I think it is more relevant if you have gained access to a particular place or people that isn’t necessarily open to the public. Eg if I go in and ask a shop owner if I can take photos and agree it’s only for editorial use, or as I was advised to do so when taking photos of authors at a book festival.
  3. What a great selection of images. It was harder to choose than it usually is.
  4. Membership of a public librariy may give you access to Press Reader and you can check out a lot of publications there including almost all of the daily newspapers apart from The Times and The Sun. That’s in the U.K., of course. I don’t know where you are.
  5. You can't. Alamy doesn't do videos I'm afraid.I think that's clear in the information they provide to new contributors.
  6. Hi Alex, i don’t have my whole website set up for prints, though I could if I wanted to, I have done this when I have taken photos of a particular event, eg a vintage car rally when those participating might want a print. So you can’t really see how this works from my website at the moment. www.sallyanderson.co.uk You can set up galleries to sell any kind of print eg greeting cards, photo gifts and straight prints. In the U.K. the printing company is One. Vision Imaging. You can set your own prices.
  7. I don’t think that’s the answer if you want more sales. Perhaps upload more, change what you photograph, or try a different style. Or revisit tags. My results aren’t very comparative to others since I haven’t been here that long, but have exceeded revenue of 2018 already and on 80% of revenue compared to the whole of 2019 (66% of number of images).
  8. If you use Lightroom and the Alamy Lightroom plug-in, and keyword in Lightroom, you can define the tags and supertags in Lightroom before uploading.
  9. What Alamy says: Different versions of the same image Similar versions of the same image that are available on other licencing platforms can’t be marked as exclusive (i.e. B&W, different crop, or slight adjustments). However, images that are from the same shoot, but shot from a different angle or the model is posing differently, is considered a different image and can be marked as exclusive if that particular shot is not available elsewhere.
  10. There is actually a Plants and Gardens category.
  11. The only reason QC will reject them is if there is a problem with quality. And then, unfortunately, if the one(s) randomly inspected fail, then they all fail. if you use Lightroom and you’re just starting out with Alamy, I can highly recommend Alamy Lightroom Bridge plug-in. https://www.lightroom-plugins.com/AlamyIndex.php
  12. I have sold prints through my website hosted on Zenfolio. It seems to work pretty well and there are a number of options. A referral code for you if you wish https://www.zenfolio.com/?refcode=H5B-YB8-S6X
  13. Yes, the archival route will be the way to go. You will need to put a selection of images somewhere on the web for the Alamy team to look at to see if they suit. Assuming they are fine, they will then grant you access. I have a similar collection taken by my great-grandfather. They have sold pretty well. Often used in books. Example
  14. My three: The Scottish Greens leader Patrick Harvie A green cabbage A Scottish village green (we don’t have these in Scotland except in East Lothian - the historical legacy of being en route between England and Scotland).
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