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  1. Ahh okay thanks. I was wondering why the leaves in the pictures I found were jagged And just once again thanking everyone else too, just searching up the Latin name of the plant with “bee” next to it brings up my image as the 2nd result! I now have a lot more enthusiasm to continue now I’ve found where I messed up.
  2. On the topic of identifying plants, is the green leaf in my odd one out picture that of a beech tree?
  3. Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to update my captions and tags
  4. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I think I mostly underestimated how popular stock images were and didn’t even realise how little I had uploaded. I have heaps of photographs that I haven’t done anything with so I’ll try and upload more. While on the topic, can anyone help me identify the plant? and excuse my stupidity for mistaking the bumble bee for a honey bee (I captioned it about 11 o clock at night). Also, my initial thoughts were that people didn’t really care much about specifics and would search very generic things, so thanks again for the advice.
  5. Hello! So I have had several photos on Alamy for around a year now and even though all of them are on sale and optimised, I still don’t get much exposure at all and no sales. Does anyone have any tips for people like me or could help my photography get noticed? Thanks, -Dylan
  6. 80,000 pictures are submitted to Alamy daily. A day has 86,400 seconds. Calculate for yourself how long a picture would stay close to the top of such a "recently posted" tab.... True, but if it only refreshed when you clicked refresh then some pictures will be frozen there which could be an interest to the buyer. Just a thought, but reading how important keywords are, I'll stick in a bit more effort. Thanks everyone for your replies. Dylan
  7. Hello, After recently signing up to Alamy, I had a thought to help recently posted pictures get noticed quicker. This may even improve the ease-of-use of the website to some buyers. My idea was to create a "Recently Posted" tab which will be on the front page as soon as you click "Alamy.com". This could speed up the process of buying for some users and help bring income quicker to new media. A long term effect of this could be attracting new creators and buyers to your wonderful website. Alamy is the best stock media website I have found and I would love it if you could consider this update a
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