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  1. Just had exaactly the same problem and a message to re-submit, which I did. Then some from the corrupted batch passed so I have had to search and remove some duplicates. Member services said they had a server problem and the engineers were working on it. Apart from that issue, all seemed to be well Regards John
  2. Apologies for stating the obvious but sometimes it's just a case of ejecting the card and trying again +/- rebooting. I've found this from time to time using a lexar reader. Perhaps you've already done this Regards john
  3. I got to the beach and the light looks good. I arrive at the beach. Surf has died down. Folk sleeping in the dunes waiting for the tide. Big black clouds appear. I wait, take a few pics [later deleted] and the clouds stay so I eventually leave. Then sun reappears as I drive away. Been happening like this most days
  4. I've recently divorced a Nex-7 in favour of a Fuji X-E1. We are very happy. The Fuji is much more intuitibve to use. I had to read the manual a couple of times. The image quslity from the Fuji is as good as "they" say but the Nex is not bad at all. I much prefer the contols on the Fujis being much more like the manual cameras I grew up with. Smart move Fuji. Canon Eos M might make more sense to you but try and handle these CSCs before you make your decision like I didn't. I don't think there are any bad CSCs although I understand some of the E mount lenses are not well regarded. Micro
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