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  1. Don't take your credit cards with you.....
  2. I've used both Mac and Pcs. I too built my own PCs. It's a matter of personal preference and I prefer Macs. They just work and you can get on with the job. I currently use a 27" 2009 iMac. The hard disk failed a few months ago but I restored from back up and lost nothing of importance. Just after I replaced the hd I had an email from Apple saying I had one of a bad batch of hard discs and they would replace foc. Just a few weeks too late for me. I understand the current iMacs are a lot faster than mine but it copes with D800 raw files just fine [ although I don't use Photoshop...] I don't th
  3. I can heartily recommend the Fuji XE-1 as I have one but the XE-2 has just been announced with om worthwhile improvements : See Thom Hogan's sansmirror web site for a balanced view [ to all current mirrorless actually ] Regards John
  4. V pleased you have found an answer. Don't ignore Vuescan by Hamrick software - I find it excellent with wide support for many scanners. It is not expensive and regularly updated Good luck John
  5. Scanning is a "black art" - what software are you using ? Also there is usually a setting for different colour negatives which all have different "masks" I have scanned thousands of negatives but would not regard my self as expert but more inof is needed ! Regards John
  6. I've always liked the looks of Optics Pro, and I'm thinking of downloading a trial version. Is it a good alternative to Lightroom in terms of features? Hi John DxO Optics Pro has rather a different approach as it is automated and not a complete substitue for LR or [in my case ] Aperture by any means. I have used it only for a few weeks and while it adds an extra layer to my workflow at the moment I think it's worth it. It must have access to original raw files and the camera exif data. There are extensive customisation options but it is designed to be automatic and a batch processeor of ho
  7. I can heartily recommend the Lumix 20mm f1.7 [ i have the "old" one ] I bought a GF-1 in 2009 and the 20 mm was on the camera most of the time. Focus was a bit noisy on my version, GX-1 was not a lot better than the GF-1 in my view but I am looking forward to playing with a GX7. Best wishes John
  8. I found exactly the same both on the Video window and the main volume slider - both set to max on a Macbook Pro Will listen again Regards John
  9. I endorse Parm's statement : discretion !
  10. Same has happend to me : Passed QC and zero not ready so I gues it is a glitch and I'll just have to wait. Also an image listed as sold vanished when I checked a second time.......
  11. We're looking for submissions of .eps vector files. Sorry for not making that clear in my initial post. James A Many thanks James
  12. The National Trust manages these heritage sites, bequeathed to them and bought by them with donations from the public I find their policy extremely irritating, perhaps even outrageous. I started looking into the matter some time ago as a I have a a lot of images taken in parkland. I looked to using them "for commercial gain" and after enquiries thought life is too short for this. This thread is making me re think John
  13. There is not a huge difference between the GF-1 and GX1 and I have images accepted from both. I assume the GF6 is the same. It remains to be seen if the GX7 is a major step change although the ergonomonics seem on paper what should have been there in the first place. Great choice of lenses. Watch out for chromatic aberration particularly in the Panasonic14 mm but easily correctable in DxO Optics Pro [Aperture did not cope and I rarely use Lightroom] I really like the system and the choice it provides. Personally I could not get on with Olympus menu systems but the cameras seem pretty good
  14. May I assume you're referring to vector images as opposed to bitmapped? or have I missed the point?
  15. I had forgotten about Iridient Developer and will have another look thanks. My workflow has centred around Aperture for many reasons. Apple hasn't upgraded it's RAW support for a little while. The X-E1 seems fine but the X-M1 RAW files are not recognised which is interesting considering I at least thought they had the same sensor, processor etc Thanks John Apologies : starting to wander off topic
  16. I think Calumet may well do it and they are competetive. They stock Fuji and Nikon 1 I know - not sure about Nex [ I have absolutely no links with them ! ] Regards John
  17. I wouldn't hesitate to consider a CSC. I decided to buy a Panasonic GF1 plus a two or three lenses after spending some time trying to cover the main subjects I wanted to photograph while on holiday and determining the weight for carry on luggage for the flight. [ Did squeeze in a D700 and 50mm 1.4 as I was a bit nervous about relying on micro four thirds. I needn't have worried and have examples of both accepted here. Since 2009 MFT have improved apace and the forthcoming GX7 looks excellent. MFT has a v large selection of lenses, a particular favourite of mine being the 20mm f 1.7 Except for
  18. I would describe the first as a skif and the seond as a scull. I cannot see in these smallish imaages but they are likely to be clinker built Regards John
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