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  1. Yes I'd seen that review. I tend to use fully electronic shutter on my G5. (The mechanical shutter makes an awful clatter). However using the electronic shutter can create geometric distortion. Although each pixel is only "exposed" for the designated time, I believe it takes something like 1/10th sec to read out the complete image. So if the camera or subject aren't still there can be some geometric distortion introduced. Not usually noticeable, but if I compare a burst of successive handheld shots, I can spot the variation. I've been keen on Panasonic MFT for travel since 2009 and worke
  2. I promise I won't.... I too have images taken on NT property, mainly wildlife, but also other stuff. Subject isolation is good. I would challenge anyone to recognise where they were taken but remeber to disable your GPS if you are so endowed. I had a rather surrealistic conversation with one of their media liason officers. Life is far too short. I thought the NT was "The People's Trust " but there again....
  3. i had the same combo and completely agree. I have several images on Alamy with this combo but couldn't cope with the Nex7 interface so sold it. I still have those Sigmas tho, just in case. not only are they pretty good but cheap [ ie inexpensive ] Inexpensive can be good too....
  4. Well, don't laugh but the Nikon 1 V1 [the V2 may become heavily discounted soon but there is not a huge difference in IQ ] is really worth considering. One inch sensors have now become "de rigeur" after the laughter died down when Nikon introduced the "1" system. They punch above their weight, have some v good lenses, have really good autofocus, well built and small and are "good for photo and video". The V1 is on Alamy's acceptable camera list. You can buy a Nikon V1 with kit lens for about £250-£300 new which leaves some money to spare......
  5. I couldn't agree more Martin. Although I did flirt with a Nex 7 for a while i couldn't live with all the little wheels even tho the IQ was OK. Settled on Fuji X and about to have a cull of my Nikon gear the X lenses have made effectively redundant John
  6. A very useful topic. I have a few thousand images, shot in raw with my G9. Some of them may be suitable for submission but i haven't taken the risk. Perhaps I will now.....
  7. Thanks Bill Great picture :I think the Nikon 1 system is underrated [and over priced..] but I think the AW1 could be very be very useful. You've given me some ideas Best Wishes John
  8. Betty I don't think the focus peaking in the Fuji is very clear compared with the Sony Nex implementation. Don't worry about it ! They may be able to improve it in the next firmware update. I don't [yet] have the XT-1 but use an XE-1 and the rather underrated XM-1. I am very pleased with them and the Fuji lenses and, like Martin am about to rationalise years of Nikon stuff, Best wishes John
  9. Rather late reply I fear having only just seen your post. If it's not too late Thom Hogan reviews it and clearly AW1s were very popular in his recent Galapagos workshop. It seems they are in short supply in North America. There are example images on his site as well as a review http://www.bythom.com/photographic-travel/south-america/galapagos/galapagos-workshop-2014/ You've probably bought one by now ! regards John
  10. Very enjoyable and quietly informative program. I wondered if the thumb grip was a "Thumbs UP" originally for a Leica ? http://www.dpreview.com/news/2011/8/1/thumbsupgrip
  11. The tilting screen is very good. Has a nice solid feel to it when adjusting it. If you have ordered an X-T1, you will find there are minimal Screen Protectors at the moment. I bought some high quality iPad Mini screen protectors, reduced from £20 to about £4. Each screen protector makes 4 X-T1 protectors so it is real good value for money. I made a card template first and used this when cutting the iPad Mini protectors on a flat sliding guillotine cutter to get a nice straight edge. Worked a treat! Good tip, thank you Duncan
  12. Thank you Peter. THe only official secret in this case is how the council manage to arrive at their scale of charges
  13. Thank you both for taking the trouble to reply. Member services view is a property release for "everything" too. My view inclines to Robert's view. This was on private property in the sense it was Council owned but the council work on behalf of the public. I think I better mark the images as " property Release required but "No Release" and move on- life is too short.. The National Trust is altogether another matter having seen other threads on this forum Thanks again JAJ
  14. I'm sure this must have been covered but I can't find anything relevant in the forum. I have a property release for a classic yacht but not for anything else in the scene. ie Marina is council owned and there are lot of other vessels around. I would upload a jpg but.... how? I would welcome a consensus . Thanks in advance John
  15. Looking forwarded to getting my hands on one so thanks for the mini review Duncan. A tilting screen is becoming a "must have" for me. Not surprisingly the market is flooding with X-E1s at the moment so I intend to hang on to mine for a while yet Regards john
  16. Nik Software plugins [ now owned by Google btw ] form part of my workflow on most of my images. In particular Color Effex Pro 4 but sometimes Define and Viveza. I think it's really useful software Regards John
  17. I tend to use Iridient and found it particularly good for correcting a slight cast often seen in blue skies. I'm trying Capture One Pro at the moment. Dxo Optics Pro : I enquired and they have no plans to support the X-trans sensor as it would mean too much work on their algorithms already optimised for Bayer sensors [it's on their web site - I think I've seen this in another thread on the Forum] Kind Regards John
  18. I cannot find a fault. I had one image failed for interpolation artefact some time ago and could find the problem then either. If shot in raw I would re-export as jpeg and re-submit with another batch. I wouldn't fret over it Kind Regards John
  19. Sure is for moving / rustling subjects. I felt a real fool thinking (or not so really) otherwise the first time I took out a VR back in 2004 ! But VR is great for static interiors etc. (Especially in places with tripod bans !) But on the plus side Nikon VR can deal with panning so you get the benefits if you pan right on a moving subject. As for lenses I use a Nikon 20mm f2.8 and I remember researching quite a bit before I bought this on EBay. Suits me fine for when I need some width. But again I am now using Autopano Pro to stitch together two shots quite a lot these days...
  20. Quite and they prefer "soft" targets. [you are not in the banking or financial spheres I assume......]
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