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  1. I think you are probably right Paul However, unless I have not read the spec correctly, the recent Nikon Df has no video but neither has it hit the "sweet spot" being rather too expensive and downgraded in other respects
  2. As indicated if you have physical connection I am sure Vuescan will do it - it's constantly supported too Good luck john
  3. i know exactly where you are coming from with this one..... [and we are only a few miles away from Bolton]
  4. Thanks for that Number 6 [we are not a number..] I really must steal myself to shooting jpeg more - it will save me a lot of time in post regards john
  5. I confess I hadn't checked recently Pearl but I too find it surprising given recent developments in file sizes, use of camera phones etc. I too have made a major shift to Fuji X for almost all but wildlife/events and about to lash out on an X-T1. Best Wishes John
  6. I'm sure that is is the correct way to handle it. I am very pleased with the 18-55 and it spends a lot of time on my X-E1 or [wait for it...] the underrated X-M1 with its tilting screen. Shooting raw and without hesitation to iso 1600. Conversion with Irridient Developer. CA not been a big issue in spite of best attempts to conjure it up in a Victorian covered market with glass and wrought iron roof Good Luck John
  7. I have tried Silkypix a few times and couldn't get on with it. Now Nikon have lost Nik to Google I understand Caputre NXD uses the Silkypix enine [or parts thereof] and NX2 has come to the end of the line. For Fuji Raw use Irridient Developer and [because it is a little slow am trialing Capture One. Actually APerture is not bad either but id to be dropped in its present form so...Most of my stuff is now Fuji.
  8. Apologies - another attempt - Altrincham Elders.....
  9. 5 minutes walk away: http://c8.alamy.com/comp/DC19BB/Scenes_around_Altrincham_Market_town_since_1290_town_councilors_after-DC19BB.jpg
  10. As you will be aware ther is already a an X-30 which may make it on the suitable list at some point. I may be wrong but the unsuitable list doesn't mean you absolutely can't submit [ i am tempted with some decent and unrepeatable Canon G9 images for instance] In the end I suppose it depends on "how tempting" a price and if you want to take the risk. They are giving Panasonic GF-1s away and it is on the list and i had lots of images accepted using this in the old 20 mm f/1.7. I would move on Best Wishes John PS I am a firm Fuji fan for the majority of my stuff
  11. I think you'll find Linda, this version Capture One Express is the last one unless it has morphed into bundled software. They want you to use the rpo version Regards John
  12. I agree Ed but it looks good if you don't have an X100 series . it's another incremental upgrade. Fuji seem to be doing a lot with firmware upgrades. If I understand it correctly the X-T1 for instance will be upgraded via firmware to the "new" X-T1 Graphite later this year. The graphite being mainly a cosmetic exercise.
  13. Interesting Martin AF speed does seem to be an issue for some subjects & conditions with Fuji. I am hovering on a decision regarding an X-T1 partly because of this. I have a high opinion of the 18-55 and it lives on one of my x-bodies but although sharp have found the 55-200 very slow and was thinking of selling it. I return to my Nikon gear for "longer" and AF speed. Fuji will get there I'm sure but they are not there yet.I have the 27mm pancake but find I hardly ever use it...... Best Wishes John
  14. If you don't mind the lack of VF but with a tilting screen the Fuji X-M1 is often overlooked and cheap. Same IQ as the E-E1 and X Pro 1. 18-55 "kit" is excellent and reasonably fast. There is a smaller & lighter 16-50 which I have never used. The X-M1 is overlooked and can still be bought new or cheap cheap on ebay. It's with me all the time. I would add a link to some images on Alamy but have never made this work yet.... Good luck John
  15. May I add my congratulations too David This is a useful thread. It has helped me get my meagre sales in perspective and even shed a ray of hope and to determination to press on regardless ! Best Wishes John
  16. You are a brave man Geoff, Mr Fuji and his faithful followers here will not be pleased, i can think of a few cameras that would make excellent book ends and boat anchors. I sometimes have a day out with my Sony RX100, however like Martin P Wilson, i love my DSLR's, fast and accurate in most cases getting what i want, yep! i enjoy working with the DSLR system. 3 DSLR bodies, 16mm to 600mm L lenses, hard to beat! Paul. I was in danger of becoming a Fuji fan boy until I got my DSLR out at the weekend and realised I get in the zone when shooting sport - it is as close to a pass
  17. Aperture shows the pattern and active point too but, of course, the future of Aperture or its descendant is unclear
  18. http://www.julieedwa...ithout-a-mirror Thanks very much for sharing this Julie - very enjoyable. I too use Fuji for all my day to day stuff and am really pleased with the results but haven't had the courage to shoot jpegs. This will change. I have also used my X-E1 with a Novoflex adaptor and my Nikon 200-400. Some of these are on Alamy somehwere.. Portmerion is right in my back yard and I didn't know about the festival..... Thanks for that info too ! Best Wishes John
  19. I use Dropbox for transfer and non personal stuff and have moved sensitive data back to backed up hard drives. It's difficult not to use iCloud as a Mac user but just fro non-sensitive stuff and not for images.
  20. If my Nikon SLR film cameras are anything to go by not for a very long time [under "normal" use] They just keep going Regards John
  21. First one doesn't link for me Second one I like and would submit after cropping out some of that dead space - [ but that's my taste not yours !] John
  22. Hi I use a Novoflex adaptor which will adjust the aperture with Nikon G lenses. It's works although there is trial and error as to which aperture you are using except at the extremes regards John
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