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  1. I've recently purchased a Fuji XT 1 and i'm surprised how quickly the batteries get exhausted. The battery lasts for only about 50-100 shots, and that's without constant reviews, zooming at images etc. I haven't got the camera set on High Performance Mode either. 


    I am using expro batteries.


    How long does everyone else's batteries last for and what make are they.


    Cheers, John.

    My impression is that there is a fault here. i seem to get about 300+ shots and often forget a spare battery

  2. Hello.


    I'm looking at getting myself a film scanner. I want the best at the lowest price, but realise that I'll have to compromise.


    Already have a decent flatbed scanner, but it's not suitable for stock library work.


    I'll need it to scan both 35mm and 120 roll film.


    Batch scanning is not required.


    The scans are for personal work (old and new), some of which may end up here (or elsewhere).


    I'll be using Windows 10.2 and Photoshop CS3.


    Previously, I had used a couple of professional scanning services, but may consider the self-scanning option for those rainy days.


    Any help or advice appreciated.



    Here's another vite for the Minolta Dimage 5400 [although it is 35mm only] running Vuescan from Hamrick Software

    i have used it off and on since 2004 and wore it out- I found the results to be pretty good.

    A German company serviced it and my impression is that it is set up better than new:


    Electronic Repair Center


    28219 Bremen


    Tel.:  0421-52628-0

    Fax:  0421-52628-111

    E-Mail: repairinfo@rtc-solutions.de


    The price of these scanners seem to be holding their own

    Good luck



  3. i won't go into great detail but I use two 4 bay Drobos backing up the working Drobo to the second. I had a self inflicted problem with the backup Drobo and had to re-set it and copy the working drive back [this takes days]. Then a drive on the main drive failed....This left very little working space.


    I had spare drives including a 4tb internal.

    I bought one of these from Amazon :

    ""iDsonix™ SuperSpeed USB 3.0/2.0 to SATA Hard Drive Docking Station For 2.5 or 3.5in HDD/SSD Tool Free Design - Supports 4TB+ Hard Drives Premium 12V2.5A Power Adapter&3.3 Ft USB3.0 Cable included""


    I cautiously backed up the working Drobo to a 4tb drive in this device. This is now my off site back up. I managed to re-set the back up Drobo and repeated the process and then replaced the faield drive on the main Drobo. I can recommend these iDsonic devices. They are £19.99 each and take SATA laptop drives too.

    i have been very lucky. I now have additional backups and have learned my lesson and keep at least one off site....


  4. The Nikon D5500 will be touch screen,flip out screen and is small.You already have your Nikon lenses you can use with it.


    I ventured over to various Sony cameras for awhile and still prefer the IQ and lens selection from Nikon or Canon on smaller body cameras.


    With Sony,I wasn't crazy about the use of adapters. I had the A7/A7R/A6000...


    The Fuji XT1 was quite nice but the good lenses are a pricey investment.



    Fair comment Linda

    Different flavour sensors do give a different feel to the images I think


  5. HI

    I have tried Sony [nex7] Panasonic [GF-1 to GX-7] and Olympus EPL5 for the same reasons. Panasonic pretty good but the menu structures drove me wild at times in the Sony and Olympus.


    I now use the Fuji X-M1 for a lot of the time but with the 18-55, because i had one and it suits me just fine. Nikon FF reserved for wildlife and other stuff where only it will do.


    You probably have little need for jackets in Sydney but the X-M1 fits in a pocket [just] The tilting screen is what makes it so useful and the image quality is v g. I have no experience with the 16-50 but fit a 27mm and move about a bit and it's no bigger than the other cameras mentioned X-M1 is cheap now ! The Fuji kit goes everywhere with me now. That's my personal recommendation for what it is worth

    Best Wishes



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    I use Hahnel too in Fuji and Nikon. I recall Nikon warn specifically against third party batteries becuase lesser makes get hot as they lose charge and may cause damage. I have not had any problems with Hahnel



    I  recall my father having several Nikon Coolpix overheat and melt - using Nikon batterties. So perhaps they are a bit paranoid; and they would say that anyway!


    Well quite !

    Could have been a bad batch. Apple had a problem with their laptop batteries a few years ago too

    I think that's why they [Nikon] started putting a little hologram logo on their approved batteries.

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