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  1. There is a list of suitable cameras in the support secion - it's not necesarily the Brand but some entry level cameras won't make it Good luck John
  2. I have used Vuescan since 2004 - it's excellent, much cheaper than Scansoft, supports a massive number of scanners and is kept up to date by the author Ed Hamrick http://www.hamrick.com/ I have no financial interest ! I've scneed about 6000 negs using nothing else Good Luck John
  3. My impression is that there is a fault here. i seem to get about 300+ shots and often forget a spare battery
  4. Here's another vite for the Minolta Dimage 5400 [although it is 35mm only] running Vuescan from Hamrick Software i have used it off and on since 2004 and wore it out- I found the results to be pretty good. A German company serviced it and my impression is that it is set up better than new: Electronic Repair Center Rosenheimerstr.10 28219 Bremen Tel.: 0421-52628-0 Fax: 0421-52628-111 E-Mail: repairinfo@rtc-solutions.de The price of these scanners seem to be holding their own Good luck John
  5. Looks like a smooth haired Jack Russel to me - they are quite variable in colour and hairiness as far as I can tell. If there were any furry vermin around you would soon find out.....
  6. i won't go into great detail but I use two 4 bay Drobos backing up the working Drobo to the second. I had a self inflicted problem with the backup Drobo and had to re-set it and copy the working drive back [this takes days]. Then a drive on the main drive failed....This left very little working space. I had spare drives including a 4tb internal. I bought one of these from Amazon : ""iDsonix™ SuperSpeed USB 3.0/2.0 to SATA Hard Drive Docking Station For 2.5 or 3.5in HDD/SSD Tool Free Design - Supports 4TB+ Hard Drives Premium 12V2.5A Power Adapter&3.3 Ft USB3.0 Cable included"" I
  7. Water Colour Effect: I am aware of this but but not noticed it. I still use still Aperture and preprocess with Irridient Developer for Fuji X It seems to work for me Regards John
  8. I didn't look at the exif data but i've had plenty of images pass QC with the D200 but "pro" zooms or primes were used I agree that I probably wouldn't have submitted these particular images Good luck John
  9. Fair comment Linda Different flavour sensors do give a different feel to the images I think J
  10. HI I have tried Sony [nex7] Panasonic [GF-1 to GX-7] and Olympus EPL5 for the same reasons. Panasonic pretty good but the menu structures drove me wild at times in the Sony and Olympus. I now use the Fuji X-M1 for a lot of the time but with the 18-55, because i had one and it suits me just fine. Nikon FF reserved for wildlife and other stuff where only it will do. You probably have little need for jackets in Sydney but the X-M1 fits in a pocket [just] The tilting screen is what makes it so useful and the image quality is v g. I have no experience with the 16-50 but fit a 27mm and move
  11. For what it's worth I have run some D70 files through Alamy SizeCheck and they fail. However, since then the minimum file size has been lowered [ as previously mentioned ] The D70 is not on either the approved or "not suitable camera lists as I recall.
  12. Good Afternoon Sheila [ I replied to your Oldham query ] http://www.jmw.co.uk/services-for-business/intellectual-property/ This firm "covers" Oldham and Media City is in their patch. I have to declare an interest in that my wife is a partner but they well be able to advise. John
  13. I have friends in Oldham Sheila - it's not far from where I live. One of them is originally from Brisbane. I may be able to assist Regards John
  14. I recall my father having several Nikon Coolpix overheat and melt - using Nikon batterties. So perhaps they are a bit paranoid; and they would say that anyway! Well quite ! Could have been a bad batch. Apple had a problem with their laptop batteries a few years ago too I think that's why they [Nikon] started putting a little hologram logo on their approved batteries.
  15. I use Hahnel too in Fuji and Nikon. I recall Nikon warn specifically against third party batteries becuase lesser makes get hot as they lose charge and may cause damage. I have not had any problems with Hahnel J
  16. i would not be at all surprised if Sony quietly phases A-mount camera bodies out in time and concentrates in mirrorless bodies. They seem to iterate mirrorless bodies every time you look the other way. They phased out the "Nex" name and range although the current models are pretty similar but with incremental improvements it would seem
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