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  1. Great Idea! However, I have just tried that and it only lists 3 of my 9 imges even though the last submissions have been accepted 2 days ago (and all are under the POTR Pseudonym). Not sure how long the delay is between upload and the servers actually registering new photographs. Equally, on my profile here it states I have only 3 images.
  2. Perhaps this has been posted before, in which case I apologise. I have just done a search for 'Snail in the rain' and found a stunning photograph. It was quite unique in it's style, compared to others that appeared in the same search result. Being intrigued, I found the contributors name in the listing and clicked on it, wondering if he might have some more great shots. As many here, he too had thousands of photographs. However, the sheer amount of photographs was simply overwhelming. What I would have liked was a feature such as being able to filter his photographs by category
  3. Yes but the problem with that is (and perhaps I am missing something in which case forgive my ignorance): I then have to place that piece of coding somewhere into some HTML code (I.e. another site such as a blog etc). But if I just directly want to use the link supplied by Alamy? Lets say I want to use the link in a tweet for example. The obvious thing to do would be to click on 'My alamy homepage' directly from 'My Alamy', copy paste it to BITLY to have a shortened version and that's it. I have a feeling I have to ask if Alamy could change the registered name perhaps.
  4. Hello all, When viewing 'My Alamy Homepage', the title says 'Stock Photography by (my name)'. Is there a way to change this to 'Stock Photography by Pixels On The Rocks'? POTR is my Pseudonym and 'trademark' name. I don't wish my personal name to be all over the place and prefer it to be associated with 'Pixels On The Rocks', like in all other online places (instagram, blog, twitter etc). It's not about me or my photography really, it is about nature. Should anyone happen to search for the photographs, they will certainly not search by my real name but more likely via 'Pixels On T
  5. Thank you all .... it took me a while to figure out how to find my post! By the time the post was published, all the above mentioned happened / was worked out. There will be more questions I am sure.
  6. Greetings all, Today my first set of photos has passed QC. I am getting used to working with the image manager and it all makes sense, slowly. However, I do have 3 questions (for now): 1) How can I view my my own portfolio on Alamy? 2) Although in the 'Image manager' it says that I have 3 images on sale, when I view my profile here on the forum, it says '0'. 3) Because I wanted to see how my images look if a potetial buyer is viewing it, I tried to search by contributor but apparently I don't exist (yet?). Is there a delay before ones' images are listed? Any pointers woul
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