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  1. 3 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

    Julie, my views are often commonly healed and misguided. :wacko:


    And Bridget: Mickey Mouse is a much loved cartoon character here in the States.  As a red-blooded Yank, I would only mention him with a positive voice. (I wonder if I'll get away with that pathetic rationalization?) :ph34r:

    Also well known in the UK.  Not sure when Mickey Mouse became derogatory -cheap, mass produced, pretending to be something it wasn’t ?  So no you don’t get away with it.  Wikipedia will probably know though.  Hey Siri!

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  2. 7 hours ago, ACC said:

    I’ve only got an iPad pro, no pc or laptop. Upload to Alamy is easy just log in.  I use the standard Photos app for cropping, colour/ light adjustment and MetaGear for tagging. I suspect both Photos App and MetaGear are limited so I’m very interested on others’ comments on this thread.

    Thanks for the meta gear info.  I’ll check it out.

  3. 1 hour ago, Julie Edwards said:

    I use a 12.9in iPADPro.

    Edit JPGs and RAWs using Lightroom Mobile (Basic Caption only), can save the RAW’s to your camera roll so then you can use what you list.

    I use PicturePro Apps to caption & upload via FTP but it’s basically unsupported now...


    I wrote this sometimes back, before IOS 11 ... https://jexphotography.wordpress.com/2017/06/09/ipad-pro-workflow/


    (a bug in IOS 11 with importing more than 150 images of an SD card means I have slightly different views now, but I love the platform of the IPADPro, if only apple could solve the bug).


    Thanks Julie.  That’s useful.  Nice to see you were so accurate with you model of iPad!  I have the same. I tend to do smaller uploads so won’t be bothered with that bug.  I must say it’s a beautiful thing and the image quality is tremendous.  I also got the keyboard which I love.  The only thing I haven’t worked out is cataloging uploads but maybe I’ll just use a different album for each. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

    That's the problem with these Mickey Mouse units -- no RAW, no storage, no CC, no nothin' -- small, inexpensive, yes.  But useless, if you're trying to do a pro workflow for stock photography. A MacBook Pro 13" makes a lot more sense. 


    And Bridget, there is no iPad Pro 12.5 -- it's either a 10.5 or 12.9.

    Excuse me for the typo.  RAW is meant to be supported but not tried it yet as only got it on Friday. Don’t see why you should dismiss it as Mickey Mouse. It’s meant to be for on the go and with the 2??gb of storage( sorry I can’t be more accurate on that one but I’d hate to get it wrong again) I’ll be fine till I get home to my iMac. 

  5. Just bought an iPad Pro for use on the go.  Has anyone any suggestion for a good app for collating images after upload.  I want to keep this iPad free of clutter and be organised from the start and won’t have a normal folder system to do this.  Also which app do you find best for simple cropping, levels, cleaning etc. and is there one where you can add file info such as with photoshop. Can I upload from this iPad?  If so is there an app I need for this or will I be able to do it on my Alamy page.  

    Many thanks.  I don’t want to be spending on apps I will later find no good. 

  6. Well I've been with Alamy since October 2001 and today I made my 1,999 sale.   Not all my own photos as I was running a small agency in the beginning and have just added to the collection with my own photos as time goes on.  Since 2011 sales have been dropping, my best sales were in 2006 with 224 sales.  If I sell 6 more images in December the trend will be up, slightly!  However the income from this is very small now especially with the hefty 50% on some images.  When the 50% was brought it we were told it was to help with setting up of the US business.  Surely this is now set up and we can go back to 40%?  Wishful thinking.  

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