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  1. Had a payment through today, under 'other income' - had no idea what it was until I looked in the forums so thanks for the info guys :) nice surprise.
  2. Loving the springtime colours and feel.
  3. Pegged these scarves to the washing line, and my OH held them up in the breeze Baked the cake, ate the cake, sold the photos. Is there any better combo?! Surely that's the very definition of 'having your cake and eating it'?!
  4. First sale on Alamy, after about 9 months. I have a few editorial on here so i'm surprised it was this that sold. Magazine usage/ One time digital.
  5. Thanks Ed! That's nice of you to say.
  6. Thanks Allan. And thanks Joseph. For both the kind words and advice. I understand what you're saying, and there are merits to what you say. However, I can think of a couple of reasons why to be on a few sites. Some customers are tied into particular sites and don't search the others, so it's beneficial to be as many places as I can. There may be customers who only buy from Alamy, so they'll buy it here. People love what they know. Some customers who are registered with a few sites may well see my work here and head on over to another site to buy it, but the way I see it is they
  7. Hi all, I'm new to Alamy, been approved and had a first batch of 100+ successfully get through QC, so just waiting for them to show in my portfolio. (Hadn't realised about the 'if one fails they all fail' rule, so I uploaded loooooads, and then read that, and had a rather nervous wait! But they all came through. It's a steep learning curve!) My focus is mainly light painting, long exposure photography, but stock photography has really opened my eyes and made me see the world differently, so I look forward to trying lots of new techniques to improve my photos. This forum seems like
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