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  1. Thanks for spotting these Bryan on Mail website EXC3DG Brighton, UK. 11th July, 2015. Perfect flying weather with warm sun and a breeze as a giant Batman kite flies above the Downs this morning on the first day of the annual Brighton Kite Festival which takes place in Stanmer Park this weekend © Simon Dack/Alamy Live News EW76T4 Simon Dack A Cantaloupe Melon grown in Spain and sold by Marks & Spencer
  2. Thanks for spotting this one Bryan . I even had a copy of The Sunday Times and still managed to miss it !! P3 CB600X Simon Dack Exterior of Dakota Building in Central Park West Manhattan New York NYC USA Photograph taken November 2011
  3. Thanks for spotting those Bryan ER1THT Brighton UK 25th May 2015 - Heavy traffic congestion heading into Brighton on the A23 as thousands of visitors head for the coast this Bank Holiday Monday with good weather forecast for the day © Simon Dack/Alamy Live News
  4. 10/05/2015, UK, Observer, p43, Peroni lager, CY6WYM, Edward Simons Thanks for spotting that one SShep
  5. Thanks for spotting this one Bryan Times 13th P21 EKM46A Brighton, UK. 12th April, 2015. A runner dressed in a Rhino costume passes by the Royal Pavilion in the Brighton Marathon today
  6. E53B96 Simon Dack A view from Flatford Mill towards Willy Lott's cottage which appears in Constable's painting masterpiece 'The Hay Wain' And again thanks for the spot Bryan
  7. Well done David Half way there myself 550 sales since 2008 but most images uploaded in last 3 years Graph shows a steady rise each year so progress and most images shot within 10 miles of home
  8. 03/08/2014, UK, Observer, p2, Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, DA3W54, Davide Petilli 03/08/2014, UK, Observer, p6, Brighton Pride parade, E5J8MD, Simon Dack [via Live News] 03/08/2014, UK, Observer, p19, clifftop at Etretat in Normandy, CP7CEJ, travellinglight [Alamy credit only] 03/08/2014, UK, Observer, p21, harvesting olives in grove Puglia, A0RX3M, Oliviero Olivieri [Alamy credit only] 03/08/2014, UK, Observer, p29, children clinging to Mexican goods train, DPMR1X, ZUMA [Alamy credit only] 03/08/2014, UK, Observer, p37, Malaga, BE5C61, Dr. Wilfried Bahnmüller [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 03/
  9. Thanks for spotting that one Lisa Biro at work at home in Bosham, West Sussex, 2002, and Mr Oldcastle at the wheel of Gumdrop Photograph: Simon Dack Archive/Alamy The Guardian | 2 Aug 2014 | UK | English | Page: 50
  10. Paulstw, on 30 May 2014 - 08:48 AM, said: not yet km Here here KM still live and kicking too
  11. Mail Online 17th BH2384 Geoffrey Robinson AVERAGE SPEED CAMERAS ON THE A14 IN CAMBRIDGESHIRE BKM3C0 David Pick Sandy Lane Bay, West coast, Barbados, Caribbean West Indies BJ9X83 Denise Hager Woman silhouette, worried face, anonymous lady contemplating in front of window frame at home, head and shoulders AR89BB Alex Segre High Court of Justice, London, England, UK CNBNFJ Justin Kase Greater Anglia train service at station platform with cycle storage racks for commuters AJBW63 P Royer family building sand castle on beach A2KT8M Angela Hampton portrait of sad looking old lad
  12. Guardian Online, Jan 16 Scales, B3EE2E, Image Source/Alamy Keyboard cable in shape of heart, B2T840, OJO Images Ltd/Alamy Jogger, B4P93T, LEDPIX/Alamy Rig in BP oil-field near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, AJ2HXD, Worldfoto/Alamy Mother & daughter, AN185R, David J. Green/Alamy Woman using iPad, DK46ED, Simon Dack (Alamy credit only) Keyboard & padlock, A64DHP, mediacolor's (Alamy credit only) Argos store, B64KEN, Mark Richardson (Alamy credit only) Cloud, Lauren R. Lynch/Alamy Sark, Look Die Bildagentur Der Fotogra/Alamy Tower block, CPDF8T, Peripheral Vision/Alamy Thanks for spotting
  13. DNG30N Hove Brighton Sussex UK 27 December 2013 - Walkers pass the wreckage of beach huts destroyed by the Christmas storms along Hove seafront Further bad weather is forecast for the South East later in the day © Simon Dack/Alamy Live News A4F7M3 JTB Photo Nusa Dua Beach Grand Hyatt Bali Hotel Bali Island Indonesia Seashore Sandy beach Wave Beach flag BN46G8 foodfolio WOMAN EATING PIZZA BN3BF4 Graham Toney Royal Derby Hospital, Uttoxeter Road, Derby, Derbyshire, East Midlands, England DD3WEY Ken Welsh Cibeles Palace In Plaza De Cibeles Headquarters Of Madrid Town Hall; Madrid, Sp
  14. Mail Online 27th DGXMD4 Newhaven, UK. 27th Oct, 2013. Lifeboat at Newhaven. Full story not known at time of picture but believe body was washed into sea from beach The storm, called St Jude, brought the windiest weather to hit the UK since 1987. © David Burr/Alamy Live News DGXN2K Newhaven, UK. 27th Oct, 2013. Emergency services and lifeboat at Newhaven West beach The storm, called St Jude, brought the windiest weather to hit the UK since 1987. © David Burr/Alamy Live News DGWBFC Brighton, Sussex, UK. 26th October 2013 - People watch the waves crashing in by Brighton Pier this morning a
  15. Below average with only 9 sales this month but the general trend year on year has been a gradual increase in sales although prices are not as good Have spent a lot of time editing keywords as well recently so hopefully that should improve things
  16. Reasonable month with 15 sales Mixed prices lowest at $8 and highest of $440 Alamy Live producing a few sales as well
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