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  1. Thanks for spotting this one Bryan and yes we did enjoy a few drinks in there! http://www.dailymail...-hot-heels.html EBM693 Simon Dack Manhattan New York USA November 2014 - The famous Dead Rabbit bar in Financial District of New York
  2. 35 sales for me this month and well done to KM for getting over 100
  3. I recently bought a Fuji X100T which is small light and discreet . Great for street photography etc
  4. Thanks for spotting this one SHep 31/07/2016, UK, Observer, p14, Deliveroo courier, FK34Y8, Simon Dack [Cropped. Alamy credit only] SD
  5. Thanks for spotting this one Clare Guardian online 28.07.2016 https://www.theguard...s-country-diary F13A2T Simon Dack Small White butterfly pieris rapae landing on lavender plant Summer UK Simon
  6. 31 sales which is about average but a bit lower in revenue terms
  7. Thanks for spotting this one Lisa much appreciated ‘The grey vote is critical. It decided the last election and looks likely to swing the referendum’ Photograph: Simon Dack/Alamy The Guardian | 22 Jun 2016 | UK | English | Page: 33
  8. Thanks for spotting this one Bryan Simon P19 G38Y0G Ardingly, Sussex, Uk. 10th June, 2016. Young winners in the Champion Sheep section at the South of England Show held at the Ardingly Showground in Sussex today . This year's theme is 'Year of Sheep' and thousands of visitors are expected over the three days Photograph taken by Simon Dack/Alamy Live News/Alamy Live News
  9. They blow hot and cold but weather is probably my best selling news shots
  10. Not so good on volume of sales with 20 but better prices this month
  11. The shot of the woman with the 2 dogs in Havana is a nice candid shot - Perhaps add hair and rollers to the keywording Good luck
  12. Villagers push for charity Junior competitors in the West Sussex village of Bolney’s annual pram race for charity get under way Photograph: Simon Dack/Alamy Live News The Guardian | 29 Mar 2016 | UK | English | Page: 8 Thanks for spotting that one Lisa - Simon
  13. I tend to stick to standard setting and adjust in photoshop . Occasionally use the b/w settings for fun but again find it better to adjust in photoshop
  14. Sunday Times Travel 14th P15 D6E2F2 Simon Dack Fat Rascal cakes on display at Bettys Cafe Tea Rooms at York Yorkshire UK Thanks for spotting that one Bryan . Will have to invest in a copy of the ST now Cheers
  15. Thanks for spotting this one Clare D5RB56 Simon Dack A runner speeds past one of the new 20mph limit road marking signs
  16. 26 sales in October Just surpassed last years figures in sales and revenue
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