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  1. Yes I am using Safari (MacOS and iOS). I will try Firefox but this function should work with all popular browsers. This is especially the case as many photographers use Apple.
  2. I have tried repeatedly tried to set up a banner image for the new Alamy Portfolio page. After selecting the image from those available, all I get is 3 oscillating squares but no image. Is this a known problem?
  3. I have entered a series of Tags but when I click on the star to make them supertags I find that I have a Tag and a Supertag which are identical. It is AIM which is doing the duplication. This may be happening when I am working with several similar images selected together. To answer other posters, I am not referring to duplicate composite and single word tags (great Britain and Britain). I was referring to identical duplicate Tags /supertags (*Venice and Venice). I do believe this is only happening when I have a Batch of images selected together. In such cases I would expect the one tag acro
  4. This question may have been answered elsewhere. I have found that after adding a number of Tags to my images in the new Image Manager and picking those that I want as Supertags, I end up with duplicate Tags - one of each category. This appears to be an anomaly of the new tagging procedure. Should I be deleting the duplicate Tags so that I don't waste the same tag/keyword as a Supertag and as a Tag? If it is an software fault the when is Alamy going to fix it?
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