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  1. Thank you, Mr. Clemson. Also just marked car race, as well as airshow. A lot to learn.
  2. LawrensonPhoto, thank you for your answer. Everything is clear to me with this Sun image. But 3 men... I had no idea the wetsuit might be the point of attention regarding property problem. I marked that image "Sell for editorial only", but left it as RF. I did it with all the images containing recognizable people. Hope it is good enough for anyone concerned. Edit: I don't know when and how it will be displayed (editorial) in my portfolio, maybe it needs some time after marking.
  3. Hellonearth, Alamy didn't do it for me so after few days I have ticked the Editorial box on my own on some images. I don't know if I made the right choice. For some images I still have no idea if I need property release, so I left them as commercial RF.
  4. spacecadet, I have read first six or seven posts in that topic following your link (too long topic for this morning). Yes, I understand and agree in general. But maybe Orfeas just has no clue about that 17MB thing... I only expect some words like "thank you" or "you solved my problem", just to know he is not some bot wasting our time. Times are changing, so Alamy does, I guess... Adorable portfolio you have anyway!
  5. Thank you, Allan! Great piece of software, very simple!
  6. No, you don't need to uncompress them. And no, the maximum file size is not 17 MB. I will try to explain you in a simple practical way. Pick any JPEG image from your computer and open it in Photoshop. In the menu choose Image > Image Size. There you will see Pixel Dimensions: x.xxM (for example 4.82M - insufficient or 18.43 - sufficient). And that's it! Even better, you can set your Photoshop to display uncompressed size immediately after opening the image with it. It is down there in the bar left positioned value with arrow. Click the arrow and choose the item Document Sizes. It will d
  7. Claudio, did you make any promotion step for your Alamy images before those two sales (blog, social networks, etc)?
  8. Ciao Claudio! I am very glad to hear you had sales in early stage of your Alamy career - that is promising. Also, I took a look at your portfolio. Bella Italia - always my favourite piece of this planet (I have few images from the south, more will come later). You have clever selection of images regarding stock philosophy. Best luck!
  9. Welcome, Liz! Keep uploading and I wish you great sales!
  10. 0 replies, 0 views for two weeks? Is this post invisible to other members of forum? edit: sorry, but after this reply I can see about 150 views - before that it stated 0 views (probably some bug). Anyway, moderator can feel free to delete this reply as there is no reason for it anymore...
  11. Johannes, welcome to Alamy. I am also new here and an image from lovely Schwetzingen (your neighborhood, near Heidelberg) was in my test submission. Fantastic animal photos in your portfolio!
  12. Hello everyone! It is honour for me to be here on Alamy and I hope my images will continue to meet Alamy standards... and make sales. Currently, most of my images are from my Europe travels with a few from homeland Serbia (Canada images I have in analog form and I need good film scanner to digitize them). I am still looking for the right niche to adopt as the most suitable for me. Could anyone give me advice for promotion of my Alamy portfolio?
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