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  1. I am wondering if anyone has ever taken a stock photo of public displayed artwork piece (to be used for educational purposes only), then had someone request that the image be removed? How did you respond? Thanks ...
  2. Hi Community ... I am trying to find a photo editing software that is easy to use, produces high quality images, and does not require a monthly user fee (like the newest versions of Photoshop & Lightbox). I know Adobe Photoshop and Lightbox are the industry standard and produce exceptional results, I find them difficult and timely to use, and I do not always get the results I want. I like how easy Microsoft Photo Editor works, even though it is limited, but it compacts the image too much. I am also using an older version of Lightbox 5.7.1 64 bit, but it no longer imports RAW files for newer camera models and I am using a Canon T6s and the new Canon D5 Mark IV. I am very reluctant to buy the online version of Photoshop because I don't believe the $10 a month fee will stay that low for long and once enough people are purchasing the online version the cost will go up significantly. So, here is my discussion topic. What stand-alone software would you recommend for post production, that produces high quality images, does not compact the file size too much, and is easy to use (like MIcrosoft Photo Editor or Google Picasa)? I also would like to find a software that allows me to import one image at a time, instead of batching photos; and preserves the original image without overwriting edits. It would be nice if it also imported Canon RAW files for editing (right now I import in Canon's Digital Photo Professional, then edit in either Lightbox or for non-stock images Microsoft Photo Editor). Let the discussion begin ... Thanks. Kristi Kisler
  3. Wow ... This was really great. I am still learning so much. Thank-you for all the great feedback. I recently purchased a new Canon 5D Mark IV. My goal is to spend less time in post processing, which is not my favorite thing to do; and more time out and about shooting great images. Thanks all ... Kristi
  4. Also ... any suggestions on how to improve the image would be great too.
  5. Hi Fellow Photographers ... I saw that another patron posted a photo that was rejected and he received lots of great input on how to improve his own QC process. I recently uploaded a photograph I took from a trip to Pompeii. It was one of the Pompeii dogs. I felt the image had excellent quality. The picture was taken with a Canon T6s; ISO 250; 1/200 sec. f/5.6 135mm; file size of 16.3 MB; with a resolution of 6000 x 4000 uncropped or enhanced. The image of the dog and surrounding grass is so clear you can see the individual hairs on the dog, the red stitching on the collar, and the grass seed heads at the feet of the dog, which are crisp and clear. The background of the road and surrounding grass are blurred on purpose. Any feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated. This was the only image I uploaded and I am at a total loss as to how to evaluate my own images at this point. It was rejected as "soft or lacking detail."
  6. Hi All ... As someone who is just getting started on Alamy, I am excited to invite my friends to check out the site. I also want to be able to help potential clients find my images, so I can begin to develop a customer base. The only way I can find my personal image page, is to type my last name into the Advanced Search box. When I copy and paste the link with my images into a Facebook post, the link does not work and my friends get an error message that says they cannot access my images (it basically takes them back to the standard search box). Is there an easy way to copy a direct link to my images? How do others advertise their Alamy images to friends and potential clients? Thanks for your help ... Smiles, Kristi
  7. Hi John ... I will look into that ... I have been trying to shoot in RAW, but the post production takes me a long time and the image quality is very poor. I am wondering if I am limited by the constraints of my camera, but my jpeg images are coming out great, crystal clear. The problem is they are not 10 MB or larger. They hit the limit of the camera at 4000x6000, but the size averages about 7 to 8 MB. I still have so much to learn. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. Smiles, Kristi
  8. Hi Betty ... Thank-you for all the great advice. I was finding it difficult to find 50 tags and it would not approve my photos for sale unless I had them all. I am getting better at tagging since I started, but I still need to go back and change a few of my tags. Right now I am trying to figure out how to find an address link to my photo page, so I can advertise my images here in Alamy. Do you know how to do that? Smiles, Kristi
  9. You are right, Picasa is definitely a very low level editor, but when you have a really good quality image and you just want a small tweak, it is extremely fast and easy to use. What does it mean when it says "Reputation 1197" under your name? Thanks for supporting my questions. I know I tend to ask a lot of them. Smiles, Kristi
  10. Hi Joseph ... Thank-you for this invaluable information. I am guessing I have now been suspended for 9 days (my upload link says upload in 9 days), lesson learned. I found it interesting that of the 9 images I uploaded, the photo they choose to QC was my weakest image. Do they select the image they QC at random or do they look at the uploads and find the image they feel might not hit the mark? Is there a relation between the fact that I uploaded 9 images and I am now suspended for 9 days? I will definitely be using these nine days to up my game, review my images more carefully, and start organizing my files accordingly. I do appreciate the functionality of teaching contributors the importance of self reflection and quality control. I can see why it might take several years to build a quality portfolio. Nine days is a pretty stiff penalty. Picasa is a very simple photo editing tool and Google (the creator) no longer supports it. I am currently researching softwares that can accommodate RAW editing, but I really try hard to make my images need as little editing as possible, so I would like a good software that is easy to learn and use. Do you have any recommendations? Just out of curiosity ... I had updated the information on my three approved images before I uploaded my new images. Is my account suspended on posting these three images for sale too? I already have friends that would like to see my work here on Alamy. When everything is back up and running, will I have a link I can advertise that will draw customers to my work here? Thank-you for all your great information and advise. It is greatly appreciated. Smiles, Kristi
  11. I am excited to report I have had my most recent submission accepted. Thank-you for your support and help. Jill: I usually shoot in JPEG, but have started to experiment with RAW. I try hard not to edit my photos too much, but when I want to make minor corrections I use Google's old software Picasa. It is so simple and does not over correct things. It also has some really fun setting for creating my other passion, abstract art photos. Alan: Thank-you for your suggestion. I don't currently have a webpage (working on it). but I have posted my three accepted images on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kris.kisler. I believe FB compacts images, but they still look very clear. Robert: Thanks for the information. I will keep this in mind when I am taking my picture. Great advice. Finally, one other question ... I have now tagged my three photos, added all my details, and it shows the photos are for sale. How do I see how much Alamy has listed the photos for? I tried to do a search after I finished tagging them, but I couldn't find them. Is there a delay as to when you can actually see your photos for sale? Thanks ... Smiles, Kristi
  12. Over the last couple of years I have been asked time and time again to help family, friends, and work to be the photographer at all kinds of events. As an amateur photographer I have volunteered my time and talents as a gift of love to those around me. Recently I purchased a new Canon T6s and have been traveling overseas with my students. After one of my trips, several of my co-workers recommended that I try to sell some of my photographs. That is how I discovered Alamy. I have been reading all the blog posts, but I still have a few questions. I am currently on my 5th submission (although the first three shouldn't count because I did not completely understand the QC process) and I really thought I had the requirements down. When I look at my images at full size (10+MB size, with 6000 x 4000 resolution) they look crystal clear. Unfortunately, I am still being rejected because my images are soft or lacking definition. I have read that images need to be at least 10MB or larger. My new T6s has a APS-C 22.3mm x 14.9mm sensor size, with 24 megapixel and gives great images. Is it possible my camera is not on the approved list (I have not been able to find a specific list, just lots of talk that there is or was a list)? What is the average number of submissions one makes before being accepted? Do you go through the same submission process for every picture you want to sell? I see many contributors have thousands of images, at 48 to 72 hours for each approval it could take a long time to get a large enough inventory to sell. Is there a faster way to submit once your initial photos pass inspection? I look forward to meeting some of you and seeing your work. Smiles ... Kristi
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