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  1. I'd wait until you get your answer. I'm a 2 star QC bloke and mine is usually 24 hours. Just make sure you ensure you send in sharp, bright images.
  2. Thanks. Agreed that I might need a hardware fix. I just thought they were way off for some reason. Thanks for your help.
  3. I'll bump this old thread as I also have a similar question. I'm just not sure if everything is calibrated correctly on my monitor....I've done the calibration step via Window etc, but would like your opinions... Do these 2 look ok to you? They were taken with high overhead clouds FYI and edited from RAW in Lightroom CC.
  4. I'd say the server hasn't updated yet. I keyworded these yesterday? I think. I had them sitting there for a good 9 or so years unpublished and only recently kicked things back to life with Alamy. Thanks for the info regarding the optional stuff. Pretty much all my images are RM, so I'd leave those as is if that's the case.
  5. It's been an age since I uploaded my last images on Alamy...11 years!!! So I'm probably asking a question that has been answered many times. How important is filling out the extra optional details in each image... examples being date taken, number of people etc? Have you noticed increased sales with increased detail? Or does the buyer tend to be more specific by searching keywords to find "their" image. I'm just mindful of the many many images I need to upload and was wondering if I need to go back through existing images to add information. Any help appreciated. Grant
  6. My G7X Mark ii is getting approved and a bunch of older Canon 40D images got pass QC today also.
  7. From past experience and comments made on these forums it would appear that if you keep uploading your port seems to be looked at by the buyers more often. Allan Oh. I like the sound of that. I need to dive into my HDD and start cataloging 8 years of shots!
  8. Canon EOS 300 - kept due to sentimental value Canon EOS 300D (sold) Canon EOS 40D (sold) Canon G7X Mark ii
  9. I'm sure it's not a coincidence, or is it? After starting to log-in and upgrade a few keywords on a few images, I seem to start getting increased sale numbers! Last year I had only 5 sales total from 1700 images, in the last 2 months I have had 6. Anyway, I'm not complaining, and have a heap of images to upload from my last travel adventure to upload. Onwards and upwards!
  10. I posted my first images on Alamy in 2004...and during the next couple of years built up a number of travel images from scans of my EOS 300 and after that my new EOS 300D. Man times have changed since these early digital cameras, and submitting images via writable CD via mail to Alamy UK (when I was on my OE trip). I recently sold my L lenses and Canon EOS 40D (which was gathering dust) and purchased a Canon G7X Mark ii to kick start my passion again. Looking forward to more submissions and more sales....and unless it's an early April Fools joke, I got 4 sales today! Cheers Grant
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