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  1. It took 1 year and 2 months and over 600 uploads to get my first sale. Keep uploading.
  2. http://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/best-place-to-sell-stock-images-photos/ Alamy does have a lot of information for contributors, as seen above. Harsh? Sometimes. But this is not a camera club or Instagram where people 'like' your pics and so you 'like' theirs. Your images look fine, and you are in Finland? There must be some unique subject matter up there. The only advice I would offer you right now is: don't spam. Keep similars down to no more than three. Good luck Thanks for the advice Ed Jarmo
  3. I think you guys are right too and maybe for the forum veterans it may be more annoying. I'm just a newbie so what do I know Anyway.. that's all I want to say about this issue Good night! Jarmo
  4. I hope I don't burn my fingers for this.. but anyway.. I think some of the answers here in this thread are quite harsh. For me it's been very helpful finding "stupid" newbie questions here so I don't need to ask those myself. Sometimes it requires certain amount of courage to ask as we can see, people may not like that. It's not always so easy for everybody to find answers and maybe there can be some laziness too, but it's doesn't mean that a person is lazy or stupid because he/she ask something even if the information can be found if one search hard enough. And you don't need to answer an
  5. but you don't need property release if photographing city skyline, right? Even it contains identifiable buildings. Jamo
  6. Ok.. thanks for the answers. I was mainly interested if I can sell prints at the same time as having RM sell here as most of my photos most like do better in POD sites, but I still like to see how it goes here.. just for experience Maybe get one sell here or there... Thanks guys, I appreciate your answers!
  7. Hi, New guy here I have couple of questions I couldn't google answers to... I hope you guys could help me here. First just wondering about if it's allowed to have image sold as rights managed licence exclusively and also have the exact same photo selling on print on demand site (Fine Art America) at the same time? As far as I know Fine Art America only sells prints and now licences? Also if I'm having a original photo selling as right managed licence in Alamy but also I have different edit of the same photo for example added light spot with lens flare and reduced size and selling
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