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  1. Thanks also to Betty LaRue and TeeCee for your comments. Without funds, no, I won't be trying again and you won't see pictures from me on Alamy, unfortunately. Might as well hand the thing off to my aging mother and just stick to my day job, to be perfectly honest. I've never heard of color fringing and I certainly can't afford Photoshop, so... Thank you all for your help.
  2. If Alamy does have some approved camera list or at least specifications a camera must have in order to be 'good enough' that SURE would be helpful to those outsiders trying to get qualified to be a contributor. Because I've been stupidly wasting MONTHS of time trying to do something I'm too poor to do, basically. I don't have hundreds of dollars to spend. I thought that a focused picture was a focused picture. Shows what I know! Thank you to all who spent precious time answering my ignorant question. I don't understand "4/3 rds" or "one inch camera sensors" or "fixed long zoom" or
  3. I've tried seven different times to upload images to try and be approved as a contributor. I am rejected every time. I keep getting the "Soft or lacking definition Marked difference in definition between low-res comp & when viewed at 100%" term. I literally have no idea what that means and have no technical understanding even when I'm looking at their .pdf on rejection terms. The example is a girl with pink hair standing beside a blue wall. Should I not take pictures with pink and blue next to each other in the shot? I'm not trying to be obtuse here - I honestly don't get what I'm
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