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  1. What Happened?Is everybody having a same problem?? Sorry, there's a problem with MyAlamy. Please try again later. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to have it working as soon as we can.
  2. thankyou everyone i bought this Sony RX100Miii i bought it as new but the box is not sealed.So i asked the best buy seller why is no sealed they said its new but i think its open box but i have no discount then now i am using it its amazing
  3. Anyone using PowerShot G7 X Mark II Wi-Fi 20.1MP 4.2x Optical Zoom Digital Camera - Black? To all photographer can u vote which one is better? PowerShot G7 X Mark II Wi-Fi 20.1MP 4.2x Optical Zoom Digital Camera - Black Or Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III 20.1MP 2.9x Optical Zoom Digital Camera - Black??? I need help making decision to which camera I need for upgrading having Nikon90 is pretty heavy for me....As I am have back injury...I just need a better camera small and light but a camera that suitable at Alamy.....
  4. Hello! I have old Nikon D90 and not regularly taking photograph...I read a topic about upgrading there camera to Sony RX100 II or Sony RX100 III and or anyone using PowerShot G7 X Mark II Wi-Fi 20.1MP 4.2x Optical Zoom Digital Camera - Black because I am planning to upgrade mine as well for the better....anyone suggestion or maybe tell me your experience with this Camera? I want small camera but better to Nikon d90 please help me
  5. http://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid={BA4E7BFA-57A3-4D88-8A9E-46FD395BA533}
  6. Hello!Fellow Photographer I am just so happy to see my First sale For $15 for the first time in my life hehehe I will need to put more and more effort.
  7. Hello fellow Alamy members and photographer. Is anyone know if samsung galaxy s8+ is acceptable in Alamy submission? I remember that i submit 2 of my photos from my phone and got accepted, the second time around got rejected. Should I upload photos from my phone or should I use Nikon D90 because for me it's more easier to use the phone. What do you think? Is anybody here using Phone or just DSLR?
  8. Thank you everyone for the comment and advice.
  9. Hello I am new! I am not sure if i'm doing just fine no income yet since i started in here. I am using Nikon D90 any advice how can i do better?
  10. I uploaded 4 Session of photos on July 6 but 1 in my Alamy ID got failed so my photos got stuck. so where to contact somebody to restore my account?
  11. great thanks Goodmorning everyone I have Photography course online long time ago I thought that i know photography now very well, but when im reading other photographer advice and comment to my portfolio i decided to continue studying thankyou
  12. thanks aterra well my QA just finished frozen yeterday an then i upload 60 photos again and got frozen to 10 days again well so stressful it say my photo got soft and lacking i dont know but its a pretty photo its just a blurry background
  13. Thank you everyone but well i guess it's almost summer there's a lot of festival going on first i can go playland and PNE,nght market,aquarium, festivals my kid is my model i will shoot everything on sunny days,i have 8 years Nikon D90 which i would like to Upgrade i can't decide which camera im going to buy,what do u think is the best upgrade
  14. thanks Joe for the advice and ahhhh this mice here are so smart u cannot just catch them lol
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