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  1. Thanks for all the very helpful advice.  I will take it to heart and try to tailor my content to what is more suitable for Alamy.  I should be expanding my horizons to shoot more editorial and this looks like the best place to upload that content exclusively with Alamy.  Most of my landscape work is of a very popular travel destination here in Canada but I understand that they won't be great sellers here.  And thanks for pointing out, I did get my terminology wrong!  I should have been asking about the number of zooms per download not click through's.

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  2. I'm just a Newbie to Alamy so still learning about this site.  I have been getting a few click through's but of course it's too early to expect any downloads yet.  But I was wondering how many click through's you get compared to the number of downloads you get?  (That would be the number of click through's per download.)  I would think this number is probably quite variable depending on the type of portfolio you have.  Anybody willing to share that info?

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